107 The Office Trivia Questions and Answers

From the imagination of UK Comedian Ricky Gervais came the hugely successful series, The Office. Play The Office trivia questions quiz to find out how much you have remembered about this iconic show, its characters, cast, and episodes. 

If you’ve ever worked in an American workplace, then chances are you have come across a Dwight, Jim, Toby, and of course, Michael

Did you have a favorite character from the show? 

Play through the dedicated-character sections of our The Office trivia to test your knowledge of each character!

Ready to have some fun?

Let’s play! 

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General The Office Trivia Questions and Answers 

General The Office Trivia Image

Welcome to the start of The Office trivia! This section will look at the mockumentary sitcom and what was involved in the ordinary work lives of the company’s employees. 

With no studio audience and a single-camera setup, The Office was a basic production, yet the show received significant acclaim and is today one of the most-watched sitcoms worldwide. 

Named as one of the greatest television shows of all time, The Office has a huge following and some truly die-hard fans (who are sure to smash this section!)

Were you paying attention, or were you doing a Stanley?!

Let’s find out in our The Office trivia general knowledge section. 

Good luck! 

1: What is the name of the company The Office employees work for?
Dunder Mifflin.
2: What type of company is it?
Paper Company.
3: Where is it located?
Scranton, Pennsylvania.
4: Who adapted the series from its UK format to fit with US television?
Greg Daniels.
5: What was unique about the auditioning process?
Actors didn't read scripts, instead answering questions in the form of the character's role they were being interviewed for.
6: Which fellow Office star did John Krasinki, AKA Jim Halpert, go to high school with?
B. J. Novark AKA Ryan Howard.
7: Angela Kingsley, AKA Angela Martin, was turned down for what Office role due to coming across as 'too feisty'?
Pam Beesley.
8: What was the company's annual award ceremony called?
The Dundies.
9: Who was married to Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration?
Phylis Vance nee Lapin.
10: How many nominations has the show received for a Primetime Emmy Award?
11: Who was the foreman of the warehouse?
Darryl Philbin.
12: What was the name of Pam's first fiance?
Roy Anderson.
13: Who were the 3 main members of the party planning committee?
Pam, Angela, and Phylis.
14: Who has a porcupine named Henrietta?
Dwight Shrute.
15: What was the name of the building's security guard?
16: Which character lives with many cats?
17: What is the name of the unseen serial criminal in Scranton?
The Scranton Strangler.
18: Who will be seen doing crosswords during the many, many meetings?
19: Scrantonicity is a band that which Office character is a part of?
Kevin Malone.
20: In what series does Andy Bernard join The Office?

The Office Seasons and Episodes Trivia Questions and Answers

The Office Seasons and Episodes Trivia Image

Even now, many years after the season finale, The Office is still one of the most loved shows in TV history. 

The ordinary, yet hilarious cast, made every episode a delight to watch, and we all have our favorite scenes over the years. 

In this part of our trivia, you will be questioned on the cringiest, funniest, saddest, and most iconic moments of the show throughout the seasons. 

From the very beginning to the final episode, there’s a lot of trivia involved in this section. 

And, not all of it is about things we saw on screen

Ready to see how much you remember?

Let’s go! 

1: In what season does Erin Hannon take over as receptionist?
2: When are we introduced to temp Office member Ryan Howard?
Pilot episode, 1.
3: In what season does Jim finally propose to Pam?
5; this was apparently the most expensive scene ever filmed for the show.
4: When do we meet David Wallasey?
Season 2, Episode 16.
5: In season 5, who does Michael forcibly take to rehab?
6: Whose daughter had a crush on Ryan during season 5s 'Take your Daughter to Work' day?
7: Phylis married Bob Vance in what season?
8: What season did Steve Carell's real-life wife appear as a short-lived love interest of Michael Scott?
Season 2.
9: In the season 4s' Fun Run' double episode, Michael orchestrated a charity run to raise money for what cause?
10: Who is introduced in season 7 to take care of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin?
Gabe Lewis.
11: Who does Gabe go on to date during the same season?
12: During the hilarious season 5 episode 'Stress Relief,' what song does the cast start to sing (and dance to) while Michael performs CPR on a dummy?
Stayin Alive, by The Beegees.
13: In season 3, who became Jim's love interest after moving to the Stamford branch?
Karen Filippelli.
14: In season 3, who convinces Dwight he is being considered for a top-secret mission by the CIA?
15: In the third season premiere, Oscar is outed as being gay by Michael Scott. What is the name of this episode?
Gay Witch Hunt.
16: In the first season's Basketball' episode, who is revealed to have been a surprisingly good player?
17: Oscar asks Michael to donate to his nephew's walkathon in the 'The Alliance' episode. What is typical Michael about his donation?
He accidentally donates per mile, not a flat amount making his kind gesture a hugely expensive one.
18: When do we welcome the first Office baby, Cece?
Season 6 'The Delivery.'
19: During the 'Diversity Day' episode, Michael treats us to an imitation of which famous comedian stand-up routine?
Chris Rock.
20: Who reveals, in season 6, that their name was changed due to the birth of their sibling; when their parents felt his brother was more deserving of it?
Andy Bernard.
21: Who provides 6-hours of counseling for Michael in season 7, episode 7?
Toby Flenderson.
22: In season 2s episode 'The Carpet,' who left Michael an unidentified bad smell and consequential stain on his office carpet?
Todd Packer.
23: Why does Dwight pepper-spray Roy in 'The Negotiation'?
To stop Roy from attacking Jim for kissing Pam during 'Casino Night.'
24: During what season did English Comedian, Catherine Tate, join The Office as office manager?
25: Which actor filmed some of the opening scenes en route to his audition?
John Krasinki.
26: Which two female employees are best friends in real life?
Pam and Angela.
27: What is Michael's final episode called?
'Goodbye, Michael.'

The Office Quotes Trivia Questions and Answers 

The Office Quotes Trivia Image

In this part of our trivia, we will take a look back at some of the more memorable phrases over the 9-seasons and quiz you on who said it! 

This part of the trivia may lead you to want to immediately start re-watching the show, but stick with us till the end, as the trivia fun is far from over

From the humorously-idiotic proclaims of Michael to the dry-whit of Jim and the unknowingly funny lines spouted by Dwight, our favorite Office moments are just below!

Ready to give this a go? 

Let’s start! 

2: Who said, ''I talk a lot, so I have learned to tune myself out''?
Kelly Kapoor.
7: Who declared to have been a member of many cults?
Creed Batton.
8: Which character wanted someone to 'call them ASAP, as possible'?
Michael Scott.
9: How many reasons did Jan Levinson say there always is not to do something?
A million.

Michael Scott The Office Trivia Questions and Answers

Michael Scott The Office Trivia Image

Funny, loyal, caring, attention-hogging, selfish, and mean: a few words to describe regional manager Michael Scott.

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ll likely have dealt with a character similar to him; love him, hate him, love to hate him, there’s few without a strong feeling for this Office character. 

With many endearing characteristics, Michael Scott entered the hearts of millions across the globe.

A man who wanted friends and to be liked. A man who had to buy his own Best Boss cup. A man who wanted to find a cure for Rabies. 

And, a man who would make over-the-top, grand gestures for others: as long as they were heavily witnessed, of course. 

If anyone would be proud to have a trivia section dedicated to them, it would be this man. 

Here’s a little look into the mind of Michael Gary Scott

1: What is the HR representative's name with whom we finally see Michael fall deeply in love in season 7?
Holly Flax.
2: Which employee's Mom did Michael briefly date earlier on in the show?
3: What ancestry does Michael claim to have? (There are a few here!)
English, Scottish, Irish, German, and 'two-fifteenths' Native American.
4: What prestigious award did Steve Carell win for his role of Michael?
Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series (Musical or Comedy) in 2006.
5: What was the name of the Kids' TV show that Michael claimed to have been a child star in?
Fundle Bundle.
6: Which actor was wanted for the part of Michael Scott but declined?
Paul Giamatti.
7: Why did Michael say he wanted to become a salesman?
Because he loved to make friends.
8: What appliance did Michael burn his foot on?
George Foreman grill.
9: When Michael leaves to form his own company, what is the name he gives it?
The Michael Scott Paper Company.
10: What does Michael believe an office should be?
'A place where dreams come true.'

Jim Halpert The Office Trivia Questions and Answers 

Jim Halpert The Office Trivia Image

The Office prankster and all-around good guy Jim Halpert was present in many iconic scenes of the show. 

He is one-half of the most recognizable and beloved couples on American television, and fans loved to watch this character develop from a fun-loving bachelor to a responsible married Father. 

Whether he was pranking Dwight or setting Michael up, the greatest thing about his personality was that there was never any malice. And, it is this that warmed him into the hearts of viewers. 

With a fun personality, and a hugely thoughtful side to him (remember the teapot gift!), this part of The Office trivia will take a look at Jim Halpert’s finest on-screen moments

Ready to test your Jim knowledge? 

Let’s begin!

1: How many brothers does Jim have?
2: What is the nickname given to Jim by Andy Bernard?
Big Tuna.
3: What is the name of the office temp character that Jim dated before Karen and Pam?
4: During one particularly messy prank, what does Jim put Dwight's stationery in?
5: Who is Jim best man for at the end of season 9?
6: Who did Jim co-manager with, on the orders of David Wallace?
7: Where does Jim propose to Pam?
Outside a gas station.
8: Who does Jim clash with immediately and is cited by them as a smartass, underachiever with a 'made-up position.'
Vice president, Charles Miner.
9: What color medal does Jim get in the 'Olympics' episode?
10: What did Jim force Dwight to do after Dwight's gun accidentally went off in the office, or he'd tell Jo?
Jazz hands every time Jim spoke.

Dwight Schrute The Office Trivia Questions and Answers

Dwight Schrute The Office Trivia Image

There is no disputing that the show simply would not be what it was without Dwight Shrute! 

As infuriating as he was funny and as naive as he was wise, this confusing character is one in most American workplaces – and if you don’t know of one, maybe it’s you! 

For every mustard-colored shirt and every beet farmed, let’s take a moment to appreciate the quirkiness of Dwight! 

In this part of The Office trivia, we will do just that! 

Ready to look back on some hilarious moments, thanks to Dwight?

Here we go! 

1: For what role did Dwight's actor, Rainn Wilson, initially audition?
Michael Scott.
2: Who did Dwight take as a partner to Michael and Jan's dinner party?
His old babysitter.
3: What is the name of Dwight's brother who lived with him on the farm?
4: What was Dwight's made-up role in the office?
Assistant to the regional manager.
5: What public service department did Dwight used to volunteer for?
6: What operation did Dwight say he performed on himself as a child?
His own circumcision.
7: In the episode' Casino,' what does Dwight wear?
The tuxedo his Grandfather was buried in.
8: What form of martial arts does Dwight often showcase in the office?
Goju-Ryu karate.
9: What did Dwight wear, belonging to the dummy, in the episode' Stress Relief'?
The dummy's face.
10: What did Dwight do to help Michael prepare for Fatherhood?
Pretend to give birth.

The Office Conference Room Trivia Questions and Answers

The Office Conference Room Trivia Image

The meeting room was the setting for some of the best scenes The Office ever produced. 

There were parties and presentations, demonstrations and disciplinaries, and some of the greatest lines ever said were said here. Did we stutter?!

From Michael’s impressions to Andy’s singing and giant Great Dane dogs, it all went on in The Office meeting room!

In the voice of Michael Scott: ‘Meeting room trivia, 2 seconds!’

Let’s go! 

1: What are the employees desperately wanting to see on the conference room TV screen?
The floating, square box to touch a bottom corner.
2: In the conference room on 'Diversity Day,' Michael orchestrates a game of 'What Race am I,' where each employee has to have a card with a race written on it, stuck to their head. What is written on Stanley's card?
3: Michael transforms into 'Prison Mike' in the conference room before the employees' eyes. What does he wear to complete his transformation?
A purple bandana.
4: During a meeting, Michael held to out Oscar as gay; what did he force Oscar to do to show that Michael is not homophobic?
Kiss him.
5: In 'Koi Pond,' Michael launched a conference to detail what people could not mock about each other. What was stated could not be mocked about Dwight?
His small nose.
6: A conference was held in the episode 'Women's Appreciation' after Phylis was flashed in the car park. Pam sketched this man but made him look like who?
Dwight Schrute.
7: Who was Michael talking to when he said, 'Nobody asked you anything, like ever, so why don't you just take a letter opener and stick it in your skull?' during a conference led by Ryan Howard, who had asked a question.
8: What present did Michael give Ryan that caused embarrassment and awkwardness for pretty much everyone during the 2005 Christmas Party episode?
A $400 iPod, with the price tag still attached.
9: In an attempt to save time and money, Jim merges 4 parties into one. However, only 1 employees party happened; who was this?
Creeds (and he got his much-wanted peach cobbler).
10: What was the full name of Sabres CEO who used the conference room as their personal office?
Jo Bennett.
11: Jim and Dwight plan the Birthday party of Kelly Kapoor on very short notice. They come up with 2 options for the conference room to celebrate. Name one of these options.
1-hour nap, or 1 hour TV.
12: When organizing an immediate conference room meeting, how does Michael finish the following sentence when calling people to the meeting: 'I don't care if you're gay, or straight, or a lesbian, or…'?
13: Who are the 2 stars of Michael's orientation video 'Lazy Scranton,' shown in the conference room?
Michael and Dwight.
14: During a meeting where Michael was 'scaring people straight,' what did 'Prison Mike' do to get incarcerated?
Stole, robbed, and kidnapped the president's son.
15: Can you name 1 of the 3 employees who were conducting interviews, in the conference room, for the new manager's position?
Jim, Toby, Gabe.

The Office Trivia Game – Video 

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