39 Greys Anatomy Trivia Questions and Answers

Our Greys Anatomy trivia is perfect for die-hard fans of the show and a great trivia to play with friends and family.

The show is the longest-running American primetime medical drama series, so we have a lot to fit into this trivia. 

It isn’t a matter of life or death, but it will allow you to see how much attention you were paying in the hospital corridors! 

Our Greys Anatomy trivia is split into 4 sections, with some questions not for the faint-hearted! 

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General Greys Anatomy Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Greys Anatomy Trivia Image

The first section of our Greys Anatomy Trivia is a general knowledge quiz. Here you will find questions relating to any aspect of the show, from its creation to awards, characters, and more. 

This section is designed to keep your heart rate steady; the adrenaline will come further in the trivia! 

If you’re a huge fan of the show, you should find this part of the trivia as simple as sitting in a waiting room. 

Ready to play?

Let’s go!

1: What is the hospital where the show is based now called?
Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.
2: What is the spin-off series of Greys' Anatomy called?
3: What network owns the show?
4: What is the name of the actress who plays Meredith Grey?
Ellen Pompeo.
5: How many Primetime Emmy Award nominations has the show received?
38; including 2 for Outstanding Drama Series.
6: Can you name the 5 characters introduced in the series premiere as surgical interns? (We'll take any order).
O'Malley, Karev, Stevens, Yang, and Grey.
7: What type of surgeon is Callie Torres?
8: In the season 9 premiere, who dies following a plane crash?
9: Why was the show based in Seattle rather than Rimes' hometown and 1st choice, Chigaco?
To differentiate the drama from the Chicago-based medical series ER.
10: What year did Grey's Anatomy first hit our screens?
11: What average rating does the show have on the American review website, Rotten Tomatoes?
12: In the beginning, what was the hospital called?
Seattle Grace Hospital.
13: How many seasons have there been, to date, of Grey's Anatomy?
14: What did Matthew use to propose to April?
A flashmob.
15: Who is the highest-paid actor on the show?
In 2018, Ellen Pompeo revealed her annual salary for the show to be $20 million, which makes her the highest-paid actor on any drama series.

Greys Anatomy Characters Trivia Questions and Answers

Greys Anatomy Characters Trivia Image

Grey’s Anatomy has had its fair share of characters; some well-loved and in it for the long haul, others we love to hate – and some, we just hate…

Can you remember the names and faces of everyone to walk down the halls? 

Here is where the blood starts pumping!

Ready to start?

Let’s begin!

1: Which character had an ectopic pregnancy?
Cristina Yang.
2: What does Nurse Olivia give to George O'Malley?
3: Who stayed with the character Omar when they were quarantined?
Dr. Bailey.
4: What was the name of the patient who believed they were a superhero? Due to never feeling pain.
Megan Clover.
5: Which 2 characters get married in season 8?
Meredith and Derek.
6: Who is diagnosed with Bipolar?
Andrew Deluca.
7: Which character said that a kiss was worth a thousand words?
Denny Duquette.
8: Who became the face of the hospital?
Derek Shepherd.
9: What did Alex think that George was?
10: Who was kicked out of the OR by Jackson because they were distracting him?
Miranda Bailey.
11: How did George die?
He was hit by a bus.

Greys Anatomy Episodes and Seasons Trivia Questions and Answers

Greys Anatomy Episodes and Seasons Trivia Image

Being America’s longest-running primetime medical series, there are a whole lot of episodes and seasons to cover in this section of our Greys’ Anatomy trivia! 

The most recent seasons gets an average of 15 million views per episode across digital platforms, which makes Greys’ Anatomy the world’s second most popular streamed show (second to The Office).

But, have you taken in all that you’ve watched? 

This section will put that to the test! 

Let’s see how you go.

1: How many episodes are in season 1?
2: In what season do the medical doctors visit the Dermatology department for the first time?
3: American actress and singer Mandy Moore appeared in how many episodes of the show over seasons 6 and 7?
4: Which Dr dies in the season 10 premiere?
Dr. Heather Brooks.
5: In what season did the ferry boat incident happen?
6: How many episodes of the show have there been so far?
7: Season 17 featured an episode called 'Fight the Power'; what was this episode primarily about?
Covid-19 and the death of Miranda Bailey's Mother due to the disease.
8: What was the most-watched episode of the show to date?
Season 2, Episode 16 'It's the End of The World,' with 15.9 million views.

Greys Anatomy Fun Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Greys Anatomy Fun Facts Trivia Image

This super-short section of our Greys Anatomy trivia is where you will learn some really cool facts about the show. 

Ready to learn some answers that’ll really impress your friends?

Here we go! 

1: What casting technique is used to hire actors for the show?
Color-blind casting, which results in a racially diverse cast, no character's race is predetermined, meaning that the show is one of the most naturally diverse out there.
2: Which characters are a real-life couple?
Dr. Lauren Boswell and Denny Duquette.
3: In auditions, what is changed to prevent storylines from being leaked?
Characters' names.
4: What was the show originally going to be called?
5: Which American pop star is such a fan of the show that she's named her pets after characters from it?
Taylor Swift.

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Thank you for playing our Greys’ Anatomy trivia. 

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