37 Vegetables Trivia Questions and Answers 

As a nation, we have become more health-conscious over recent years and know how important it is to get a balanced diet. Find out how educated you are about vegetables in our super-fun vegetables trivia! 

Now, it may not seem like the most exciting trivia game on the net, but we promise that our vegetable trivia is bursting with fun facts and could quite possibly change your life!

Or, at the very least, it’ll certainly change how you think about vegetables going forward. 

You will find 5 rounds to play; we suggest you take on our entire vegetables trivia, but you can choose to just play 1 or 2 rounds. 

There are more fun trivia games to play at the bottom of the page! 

Good luck!

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General Vegetables Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Vegetables Trivia Image

Welcome to the first round of our vegetables trivia. 

This is the biggest one, and the one where you’ll be tested on the most random things to do with vegetables! 

What is America’s favorite vegetable? How many ways can you cook potatoes

Where do we import the most veg from?

Find out everything you could possibly want to know about vegetables in our general knowledge round

Let’s begin!

1: What is America's favorite vegetable?
2: What percentage of Americans are meeting their recommended daily vegetable intake?
3: What vegetable was responsible for the catastrophic 7-year famine in Ireland?
4: What color of bell pepper has the most vitamin C?
Red pepper.
5: How many ways can you cook potatoes?
An incredible 63!
6: Have carrots always been orange?
No, originally, they were purple.
7: What vegetable did Popeye love to eat?
8: Where do we import the most veg from?
9: In what year did potatoes reach North America?
10: Residents of Alaska are eating the most veg across the nation. What percentage are meeting the recommended daily intake?
11: A cup of kale will fulfill your entire daily requirements for which 3 vitamins?
A, C, and K.
12: For how many years have we been eating beans?!
9,000 years.

American Vegetables Trivia Questions and Answers 

American Vegetables Trivia Image

Americans aren’t at the forefront of vegetable consumption globally, but we are getting better. 

Our agriculture is becoming greener and becoming more focused on the veggies in addition to the meat – and we’re importing vegetables less than ever before. 

In this part of our vegetables trivia, you will learn all about American vegetables – what we grow, how we do it, and how well it’s received. 

If you’re well up on your American vegetables, then this round is really something to get your teeth into!

Let’s go!

1: According to The new Agriculture Census report, how many American farms grow vegetables?
74,000 - this makes up for 4% of US farms.
2: What is the most consumed American vegetable?
3: On how many acres is corn grown in the US?
4: What is the percentage of vegetables imported into the country?
5: What is the most popular American canned vegetable?
Corn (63% of us will have this at home).
6: Americans call it an eggplant, but what do the Brits call it?

Name the Vegetable Trivia Questions and Answers 

Name the Vegetable Trivia Image

In this quick-fire round, we will describe a vegetable for you, and the answer will be its name – it’s that simple!

Resist the temptation to look these veggies up!

All we’re looking for is the name of a vegetable; there are no tricks. 

And it’s a super-fun round that even includes a riddle or 2. 

Let’s play our name the vegetables trivia round…

Let’s start!

1: You can tell when this vegetable is old as its skin will grow eyes!
2: Riddle: This is a popular vegetable, and it can be white, red, or green. When you chop it up, it can make you cry. But it really isn't mean.
3: Riddle: This vegetable is cheap, it won't cost you much money. It's popular in cake and soup, and it's the favorite of Bugs Bunny!
4: This vegetable has an acquired taste, is often eaten with festive meals, and can be responsible for some excessive wind!
Brussel sprouts.

Vegetable Dishes Trivia Questions and Answers 

Vegetable Dishes Trivia Image

Did you know that almost 11% of Americans consider themselves to be vegetarian?

Today, people are much more aware of things like animal welfare and their own personal carbon footprint. 

We have global campaigns to reduce people’s meat intake (such as Meatless Monday), too, so we thought we’d dedicate a section of our vegetable trivia to vegetable-only dishes. 

If you’re considering cooking with more veg, then you may learn about some tasty new dishes here that you want to try in the future. 

Or, this round may be the place to showcase the knowledge you already have on vegetable dishes.

Let’s get stuck in!

1: What can be used in place of ground beef to make a super tasty bolognese?
Cauliflower - trust us!
2: What is the popular vegetarian Indian side dish that is made of potatoes, spices, and tomatoes?
Bombay Aloo (aka Bombay potatoes).
3: What is the main ingredient for a non-meat Moussaka?
4: What is 'bubble and squeak'?
An English dish made of pressed cooked potatoes and cabbage patties that are fried.
5: What vegetable would you use to make a vegetarian alternative to beef stroganoff?
6: What are the main ingredients in a traditional vegetarian cannelloni?
Spinach and ricotta cheese.
7: What is the name given to the Irish favorite vegetable dish of mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale?

Facts about Vegetables Trivia Questions and Answers 

Facts about Vegetables Trivia Image

If you’re not a bit more clued up on vegetables yet, this is the vegetables trivia round to really astound you! 

Here you will learn some fascinating facts about vegetables.

Some questions are a little tricky here, so a bit of guesswork may be needed. 

For fairness, we suggest that if your answer is close, then you should take the win! 

Let’s play the very last round of our vegetables trivia!

Let’s do this!

1: Which vegetable can be used as an eraser to get rid of unwanted ink?
2: What vegetable was the first to be grown in space in 1996?
3: What vegetable was given as a wage to Ancient Egyptian laborers for building the pyramids?
4: What is botanically a fruit but legally a vegetable in the US?
5: What vegetable used to be considered a medicinal herb only?
6: What vegetable acts as a semi-permanent hair dye for those wanting a deep red tint with cool undertones?
7: One of which vegetable makes up for an astounding 438% of your recommended daily vitamin A requirements?
Sweet potato.
8: How many different varieties of cabbage are there?
More than 400!

More Vegetables Trivia Fun – Video 

And that completes our vegetables trivia! If you still have a hunger for more trivia fun, here’s a small selection you may want to try:

Thank you for taking the time to play our vegetables trivia, and well done for making it to the end! We hope you learned a few more things about vegetables! 

See you again soon for more trivia challenges!

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