29 Horse Trivia Questions and Answers

Place your bets! It’s time to compete for 1st place in our horse trivia event! Ready for some horseplay? Let’s see how much you know about horses!

Horses play a role in most childhoods. Were you lucky enough to own a horse, attend a riding school, or watch the races? 

Maybe you settled on simply reading about horses in publications such as Pony Pals and The Saddle Club

However big of a part horses played, or still play, in your life today, you may be surprised to learn some of the interesting facts our horse trivia will reveal. 

If you love horses, riding, polo, or simply admiring the beauty of such a gentle yet majestic creature, then our horse trivia is the trivia game for you! 

Ready to play our horse trivia?

Here we go!

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General Horse Trivia Questions and Answers

General Horse Trivia

The first round of our horse trivia features a mish-mash of questions, from the super-easy to the more challenging

Here you will learn what level of horse expert you are! 

Ready to saddle up and get to the starting line

Let’s see where your horse knowledge lies, and hopefully, you won’t finish the round with a long face!

Good luck! 

1: Which country has the most horses today?
2: What is a baby horse called?
3: How long can a horse live for?
Up to 30 years.
4: Is a horse a herbivore omnivore or carnivore?
5: How many years ago did horses start to work for people?
6: How many breeds of horse are there?
Nobody knows! Estimates are between 150 to 400.
7: What is the name given to a professional horse rider?

History of the Working Horse Trivia Questions and Answers

History of the Working Horse Trivia Questions and Answers

Artifacts show that horses have been working for people for around 5,500 years. 

Today, their work takes on many different roles, from assisting the military to carrying cargo and rounding up cattle. 

A working horse can make the life of many in various occupations much easier. And, the stamina of the horse is unprecedented in the animal world. 

But, how did horses come to work for people? 

And, what various jobs have they had over the years? 

In this round of our horse trivia, we will question you on the history of the horse that has resulted in the animal we know and love today. 

Let’s go! 

1: The invention of what made horses even more in demand for the transportation of cargo and people?
The wheel.
2: In what period did humans start to domesticate horses for working purposes?
4000 BC.
3: To work within the police force, what has a horse always needed to have?
The right temperament.
4: In the UK, during the 1700s, what animal did horse help man to hunt?
5: Symbols have been found to show that horses pulled chariots to help with the build of what civilization?
Ancient Egypt.

Horses in the Media Trivia Questions and Answers 

Horses in the Media Trivia

How many famous horses can you think of right now? It probably isn’t very many, but in truth, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of horses to be worthy of a spotlight over time. 

From TV stars to world record breakers and military heroes to scientific phenomenons, our horses in the media section will reveal some truly remarkable horses. 

If you already thought horses were amazing, this part of our horse trivia will not only cement that notion but provide it with some indisputable backing. 

Let’s learn about some of the most iconic horses to date. 

Let’s see how you go!

1: What is the name of the 'smartest horse in the world'? This horse could read, write, do arithmetic, count money, and even recite Bible passages!
Jim Key.
2: Who famously owned a horse named Bucephalus?
Alexander the Great.
3: Name the horse that George Washington rode during the surrender of the British.
4: Name the children's classic novel, written by Anna Sewell, about a good-looking horse.
Black Beauty.
5: What is the most money ever paid for a draught horse?
$112,500 for a 2-year-old Belgian stallion, McIlrath's Captain Jim, at the Mid-America Draft Horse Sale, Gifford, Illinois, on 20 February 2003.
6: What is the name of the only horse to have won 3 Grand National races?
Red Rum.
7: Disney's Cinderella owned a horse called what?
8: Al Jabal, a purebred Arab, is the oldest horse to have won a horse race. How old was he?

True or False Horse Trivia Questions and Answers

True or False Horse Trivia Image

The last round of our horse trivia is a fun-filled true or false section, suitable for all players to have a try at. 

Here you will discover some fun facts about this stunning animal and hopefully learn things you never knew before! 

Facts are a great way to learn and remember information, so if your horse knowledge is about to be in question any time soon, pay particular attention to this part of our quiz. 

Each question will have a true or false answer. There may be a little guesswork needed for some questions, but remember, the answer will only ever be true or false

Ready for the last round?

Here we go! 

1: Horses cannot see the color blue.
False; horses cannot see the color red.
2: Horses have the largest eyes of all land mammals.
3: Horses' hooves continue to grow as long as they live.
4: Horses are solitary animals.
False; they prefer to live within groups of their own kind.
5: Horses usually sleep standing up.
6: The first instance of a cloned horse was in 2019.
False; this occurred in Italy in 2003.
7: Horses were the first animals to be domesticated.
False; the correct answer is dogs.
8: Horses burp on average 100 times a day.
False; horses can't burp, which causes huge colic issues.
9: The oldest known horse to live died at 62.
True; 'Old Billy' was 62 when he passed.

More Horse Trivia Fun – Video 

How did you find our horse trivia? We hope you had fun! If you want to take on another of our trivia challenges, here’s a small section you may like:

Thank you for playing our horse trivia. What an incredible animal! 

Such a massive part of our history, heritage, and culture. Life would be very different today if it weren’t for the horse (and the wheel!). 

We update our trivia regularly, so if you have played them all, check back soon to find out more about another interesting topic! 

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