57 Fun Fish Trivia Questions and Answers

If you love fish, then our fun fish trivia questions quiz is for you! We have fishy facts from all seven seas, from the minute to the mammoth-sized, and everything else in between. 

Pay special attention to our fishy facts section if you want to learn a thing or two! 

Our record-breaking fish section is super-interesting, and one which is sure to change an opinion of fish being boring, to them being downright awesome

Ready to have some fishy fun?

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General Fish Trivia Questions and Answers

General Fish Trivia Questions and Answers Image

To begin our fish trivia, we will ask you a mixture of fishy questions suitable to players of all ages. If you want to learn more about fish generally, then this is the perfect section for you!

Few fish are similar; they can be see-through, strikingly colorful, toothy, toxic, or tame! There are fish in every ocean, lake, and river worldwide, and they have been here longer than any other living creature on earth. 

The evolution of fish is pretty remarkable, and how they adapt to survive in some of the harshest conditions on earth is incredible. 

Darwin’s theory has fish as our actual ancestors, so if there’s something a bit fishy about a family member of yours, this is nothing new! 

Ready to learn a little more about this amazing creature?

Let’s go! 

1: According to the theory of evolution, how many years ago did our first fish ancestor live?
50 million years ago.
2: What is the only fresh-water fish in the British Isles that can swim backward?
3: Where does caviar come from?
Eggs from the sturgeon family: Acipenseridae.
4: What are fish eggs otherwise known as?
5: How many different types of Goldfish are there?
More than 100.
6: How many teeth can a Shark have over its lifetime?
50,000; each time one is lost, another grows.
7: What color is a live lobster?
8: What wobbly creature has fish in its name but is classified as an invertebrate and not a fish at all?
9: What part of a fish enables it to breathe?
10: What is the term for a group of fish?

Fishy Facts Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fishy Facts Trivia Image

Fish are an astonishingly diverse creature, with no 2 the same. Some need warm water; others thrive in ice. Some eat algae; some eat insects; some eat people

In this section, you will learn some fascinating fishy facts to share with friends and family. 

Ready to play?

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1: How many different species of fish are there?
More than 30,000.
2: How many miles per hour can a tuna fish swim?
47 mph.
3: A shark is the only fish to have what?
4: How many years is it thought we have been fishing with hooks for?
5: What is the most toxic fish in the world?
Stone Fish; its bite can cause paralysis, shock, and death.
6: Hammerhead Sharks live in schools of up to how many?
7: How many taste buds do Catfish have?
More than 27,000 (Around 20,000 more than humans).
8: In millions, roughly how many Americans fish for sport?
40 million; more than the amount of tennis and golf players here combined.
9: What is the lifespan of the American Lobster?
Average 20-years.
10: What is the world's smallest fish?
The Tiny Goby, reaching around half an inch at adulthood.
11: Where does the name Piranha come from?
Brazil, its translation means scissors.

Pet Fish Trivia Questions and Answers 

Pet Fish Trivia Image

Fish are an interesting and easy-to-care-for pet, which makes them such a popular one to have. 

But, how much do you know about owning a pet fish? 

And, what could you expect from fish ownership?

This section of our fish trivia will find out how well you’d do as a fish owner!

Here we go!

1: When did people first start owning fish as indoor pets?
1853, when filtration and aeration was understood.
2: What percentage of American households own at least 1 fish?
3: What is the most popular species of fish to keep as a pet?
4: How often should you change the majority of the water in a freshwater tank?
Once a week.
5: The biOrb fish tank was created to help children living with what condition?
Autism; the shape is more visually appealing to children with Autism who can benefit from fish ownership to reduce stress, anxiety and even help with speech!
6: How long is it thought that the memory of a goldfish lasts?
5 months.
7: What are some pet fish thought to recognize?
Their owners' faces!

Fish Around the World Trivia Questions and Answers

Fish Around the World Trivia Image

Scientists’ best guess is that there are around 3,500,000,000,000 fish in the world’s oceans. 

However, counting the number of fish is a near-impossible task, and the number is constantly changing due to environmental issues, predation, reproduction, and fishing. 

But, there are a few things we do know about fish around the world. 

This part of our fish trivia will reveal just how different life is for fish living in different corners of the world! 

1: What country is surrounded by the most fish?
2: How many threatened species of fish are around the USA?
251 - more than any other country.
3: Which country harvests the most fish?
4: How many species of fish live in Antarctica?
Around 200 types of fish live here in freezing or below-freezing temperatures.
5: What is the hottest temperature a species could survive in?
The Pupfish live in water that can reach 114 degrees Fahrenheit (45°C).
6: Which sea is the most overfished?
The Mediterranean Sea has the highest percentage of unsustainably harvested fish populations.
7: What is the most common fish for food in the US?
8: How many fish are toxic?
There are around 1,200 venomous fish in the world's oceans.
9: Fish and Chips is the national dish of which country?
United Kingdom.

Tropical Fish Trivia Questions and Answers 

Tropical Fish Trivia Image

You may have kept tropical fish, or you could have admired them in friends’ homes, restaurants, or waiting rooms. 

Tropical fish are found in waters all over the globe and attract attention with their interesting behavior, spectacular colors, and sheer beauty (well, some of them!). 

With a snorkeler’s skill, let’s dive into some interesting facts about tropical fish in this part of our fish trivia! 

By now you should be warmed up enough to feel comfortable in these more heated waters!

Let’s jump in!

1: What temperature do tropical fish live in?
2: What is unusual about the Ghost Fish?
It is almost transparent.
3: How long can a Clownfish live in captivity?
Average 5 years.
4: What is the most expensive tropical fish to buy as a pet?
The Arowana AKA Dragon Fish.
5: What is the fastest tropical fish?
The Sailfish, which can swim at speeds of 70 mph.

Famous Fish Trivia Questions and Answers

Famous Fish Trivia Image

When we think of famous animals, rarely would a fish spring to mind, but they have been in all forms of media since the very beginning. 

This part of our fish trivia will look at some of the most famous fish to date. 

And it’s not all Finding Nemo!

Sadly, no autographs will be available from the stars of this section.

Ready to give this a try?

Let’s start!

1: What type of fish is Destiny in 'Finding Dory'?
Whale Shark.
2: What was the name of the tropical fish who was Ariel's sidekick in 'The Little Mermaid'?
3: DC Comics created a Great White Shark called what?
King Shark.
4: What species is Wanda in the 1988 movie 'A Fish Called Wanda'?
Black Angelfish.
5: What does Danny Concannon gift to C.J. Cregg in the West Wing?
A Goldfish.
6: 'Blackfish' is a 2013 American documentary film about what species?
Killer Whale (not technically a fish, but it's in the title, so we will give it!)
7: How much did 'Finding Nemo' make at the box office?
$940.4 million.

Record-Breaking Fish Trivia Questions and Answers 

Record-Breaking Fish Trivia Image

Yes, fish can even break records! 

In the last part of our fish trivia, you will learn about some record-breaking fish, their astounding achievements, and just how awesome this creature can be. 

From fish that can perform tricks on demand, to the age of the oldest fish on the planet; this is a trivia section that will reveal some surprising facts. 

If you’re still not convinced about how wonderful fish are, then this section is sure to change your mind! 

1: How old is the oldest known fish in the sea?
400 years old; a 2016 study examined the eyes of a Greenland Shark and determined it to be around 400 years old, which is the oldest creature anywhere on earth!
2: What's the most expensive pet fish ever to be sold?
A Platinum Arowana sold for $400,000
3: How much did the heaviest Atlantic Blue Tuna weigh that has been fished?
1,496 lbs (678.6 kg) caught in Canada in 1979 by a Ken Fraser.
4: What is the longest living pet fish in the world?
Goldie the Goldfish lived for 45 years in the UK after being won at a carnival in Devon.
5: How many tricks can the cleverest fish in the world do?
Guinness World Record Owner, 3-year old Calico Fantail (aptly named Albert Einstein), can perform 6 tricks on demand.
6: How many fishy entries are there in The Guinness World Records?
7: What is the largest fish to have ever been caught?
A Great White Shark that weighed 2,664 lbs (1,208.389 kg).
8: What is the longest a fish has lived in captivity?
An Australian Lungfish named Granddad lived at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for 95 years, making him the longest living captive fish ever. It is estimated more than 104 million people got to meet him!

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Thank you for taking part in our fish trivia. We hope that you left with some new ideas about fish and maybe new-found respect – and know to stay well away from those Stone Fish!

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