54 October Trivia Questions and Answers 

It’s the month that means fall is definitely here, and further celebrations are near. But what else does the calendar’s 10th month mean? Find out all you could ever possibly want to know in our October Trivia Questions and Answers quiz.

In this post, you will be questioned on everything and anything to do with the month of October

From facts and figures to history and movies. Our October Trivia has it all. 

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General October Trivia Questions

General October Trivia Questions Image

We will begin our October Trivia with a general knowledge round. 

Discover how much you know or didn’t know about this Autumnal calendar month. 

Are you preparing to host a Halloween party? Why not jot down (or bookmark this page) the following general October trivia questions?

Ready? Let’s go!

1: Opal is a birthstone for October, but what is another birthstone for this month?
2: American Fast-Food giant McDonald's first opened its doors on English soil in October of what year?
3: As well as Libra, what other star sign could you have if you were born in October?
4: In October 1941, Mount Rushmore National Memorial was completed, but how many years had it taken to construct it?
5: What have more presidents done in October than during any other month?
Been born.
6: What company did Google buy during October 2006?
7: What kind of moon can you expect to see in October?
Harvest Moon.
8: The Beatles' first single: 'Love me Do,' was released on October 5. What was the year?
9: The Orange Calendula is a flower associated with October. What other name is it known by?
10: What rose by 0.5% in October 2020?
Consumer spending.
11: What family members have a celebration day during this month?
12: What is on the 1st Friday of October every year?
World Smile Day.
13: The National Geographic Magazine was released in October of what year?
14: What opened in Florida in October 1971?
Disney World.
15: On what date do we celebrate National Astronomy Day?
October 5.

October Birthday Trivia Questions

October Birthday Trivia Questions Image

Test your knowledge in our October Birthday Trivia section. 

This section is perfect for the whole family to showcase their knowledge in different areas, whether it’s regarding historical events that occurred during the month of October or today’s socialites.

Here questions will, in some way, relate to a monumental moment or a notable person born in October. 

1: What global superstar rapper, the third of his name, will celebrate his 50th Birthday in 2022?
Eminem: Marshall Bruce Mathers III.
2: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980. How much is this socialite rumored to be worth?
$1.2 billion.
3: TheOffice star, John Krasinki, was born in October 1979. Who is his famous spouse?
Emily Blunt est. 2010.
4: October-born English actress Kate Winslet has been nominated for 168 awards; how many has she won?
5: How many Oscars has 'America's most popular actress,' October-born Julia Roberts, won?
6: US rapper Cardi B was born October 11, 1992. Where was she born?
The Bronx, NYC.
7: The Beatles, John Lennon, was born in Liverpool, England, on October 9, 1940. How much was his estate estimated to have been worth at the time of his assasination?
$800 million.
8: Born in October 1955, Bill Gates is now one of the world's richest men. But, what did he co-create that earned him global recognition?
9: US Rapper Snoop Dog was born on October 20, but was this 1970, 1971, or 1972?
10: Where was October-born singer-songwriter Bruno Mars born?
11: Katy Perry was born in October 1984; what was her first hit single called?
'I Kissed a Girl.'
12: Bonnie Parker was born October 1910; what is she renowned for?
One half of the infamous bank-robbing American couple, Bonnie and Clyde.

October In History Trivia Questions

October In History Trivia Questions Image

For those who weren’t paying attention in History class, now is the time to hang your heads. 

Maybe slip out of the room, fake amnesia, or pretend to fall asleep. 

For those who loved History class, now is your time to shine! 

This section is all about October trivia throughout history, historical events, people, establishments, and moments that all relate to the month.

Let’s start!

1: What did the Saxons call October, and why?
Wintirfyllith because it had the first full moon of the winter season.
2: What went on sale for the first time on October 1, 1908?
Henry Ford's T Model motor car.
3: King Henry III was born on October 1 of what year?
4: What monumental, unprecedented event took place on October 4, 1965?
Pope Paul VI became the first Pope to visit the US.
5: During October of what year did the first full-length movie with spoken dialogue open in New York?
6: What happened to Roman Emperor Claudius on October 13, 54 AD?
He died after eating mushrooms poisoned by his wife.
7: What happened to Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., on October 14, 1964?
He became the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
8: Yale University was founded on October 16; of what year?
9: In Brooklyn during October 1916, what opened up for the first time in America?
Birth control clinic.
10: What did China do on October 16, 1964?
Detonate its 1st nuclear bomb.
11: On October 19, 1987, stocks plunged on Wall Street to their largest ever one-day drop in stock market history. What did this date become known as?
Black Monday.
12: What was founded on October 24, 1945?
The United Nations.
13: This educational building opened on October 28, 1636.
Harvard University.
14: Prohibition began on October 28, 1919. How long did it last?
14 years.
15: What did Earl Lloyd achieve in October 1950?
Became the first man of color to play in a National Basketball Association game.

October Movies Trivia Questions

October Movies Trivia Questions Image

If you weren’t so hot on the History section, and spend more time facing the TV than with your head in a book, then this section could be your jam! 

Here you will find some fun October movie trivia questions.

October is a notable month for Horror Movie releases and all things scary hitting our screens, but this wasn’t always the case. 

Ready to give these a try?

1: Psychological thriller, The Joker, reached the no.1 position at the Box Office in October 2019. How much did the movie make in gross profit?
$ 335,451,311
2: 'Meet the Parents' was the top-grossing movie during October of what year?
3: Disney's Fantasia was re-released on October 5, 1990. How many theatres was it shown across the US?
4: The biographical, 'First Man,' was released on October 12, 2019. Whose life was this movie about?
Niel Armstrong.
5: October-born Ryan Renolds starred in what American supernatural horror film in 2005?
The Amityville Horror.
6: The Addams Family 2 is set to be released in October 2021. Who will be behind the voice of Morticia Addams?
Charlize Theron.
8: 'Gravity' reached no.1 at the box office in October 2013. Who were the leading male and female actors?
George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.
9: Who was the distributor of the 2005 October release 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning'?
New Line Cinema.
10: Which French actress made her Hollywood debut in The Last Witch Hunter, released October 2015?
Julie Engelbrecht.
11: Hocus Pocus was re-released in October 2020, but what year was it originally released?
12: Paranormal Activity was released October 14, 2007. What was written in white writing underneath the title on the official movie poster?
'What happens when you sleep?.'

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How did you get on with this batch of October trivia questions? It’s certainly an interesting month, and we hope that you learned something you didn’t know before! 

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