83 Sitcom Trivia Questions and Answers

We live in a prime time for sitcoms, with new ones coming out nearly every day across all different channels. But how much do you think you know? Time to put yourself to the test.

Sitcoms can be on air for years and years, and in that time, intricate story lines and character arcs can form, weaving a web of in-jokes, histories, and little asides. And that’s what these sitcom trivia questions will reveal!

So have you been watching those sitcoms carefully? Or have you just put them on in the background? 

See how you get on with these 83 sitcom trivia questions and answers.

Let’s go!

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General Sitcom Trivia Questions & Answers

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Let’s start with a few slightly easier, more general sitcom trivia questions and answers. From Friends to Frasier and everything in between, see how much general trivia knowledge you and your friends have.

Let’s see how you get on with this sitcom trivia quiz!

1. In 2021, which Netflix drama became its biggest ever show?
2. Frasier is actually a spin-off of another show. Can you name this show?
3. How many episodes of Game of Thrones are there in total?
4. On the IMDB Top 250 list, which show is in the number 1 position?
Breaking Bad
5. In which city did the TV show The Wire take place?
6. What are the creators of Stranger Things called?
The Duffer brothers
7. The Goldbergs is set in which decade?
The 1980s
8. Where is the sitcom New Girl set?
Los Angeles
9. In season 3 of My Name is Earl, the location was changed. Where was the show set after the 3rd season?
In prison
10. Which American crime drama takes place in Columbia?
11. Which superhero had a reference or an unwitting cameo in every episode of Seinfield?
12. Where do the Simpsons live?
13. What was the first-ever soap opera, broadcast in 1956 on CBS?
As The World Turns
14. Which show featured the first-ever interracial kiss to feature on TV?
Star Trek
15. How many people did Jack Bauer kill in all the seasons of 24?
16. And how many hours worth of TV did 24 run for?
192 hours
17. What is the stock sound of someone screaming that is often used in sitcoms, often as a joke?
The Wilhelm Scream
18. What is the name of the coffee shop where the characters from Friends hang out?
Central Perk

Classic Sitcom Trivia Questions & Answers

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Any TV fanatic worth their salt will surely know all about the classic sitcoms that have been produced throughout the ages. 

So, why not have a go at this next section in our rundown of sitcom trivia questions, looking at some classic sitcoms? 

1. One of the earliest sitcoms from the 50s featured a whacky red-headed lady who was married to a bandleader. What was it called?
I Love Lucy
2. How did Jed Clampett, the main character from the classic 60s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, make his fortune?
Drilling for oil
3. What is the link between The Munsters, Gilligan’s Island, and The Addams Family?
They were all released in 1964
4. Which sitcom, first released in the late 60s, features a blended family?
The Brady Bunch
5. What was the name of the rather dysfunctional family in Married With Children?
The Bundy’s
6. What iconic sitcom featuring a prehistoric family first debuted in 1960?
The Flintstones
7. True or false - Jason Alexander from Seinfeld also voiced the character of Hugo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
8. How many episodes of Happy Days were made?
9. Which show was originally called Friends of Mine?
10. What award did John Cleese win for his part in Cheers?
An Emmy
11. What is the name of the show that ended up winning 29 Emmys?
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
12. Which sitcom is based on an older sitcom called Love American Style?
Happy Days
13. Can you name the actor who played Thing in The Addams Family?
Ted Cassidy
14. In M*A*S*H, what do the characters call the senior staff members’ tent?
The Swamp
15. What role does the character of Harry the Hat play in the sitcom Cheers?
He is the resident con artist
16. Which hit TV sitcom takes place in and around Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital?
17. Which iconic actor plays the part of Frank Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?
Danny Devito
18. On Gilligan’s Island, how many castaways were there?
19. What is the name of the iconic sci-fi show that debuted in 1987?
Star Trek - The Next Generation
20. Peter Falk played a detective in which long-running show?
21. Which state does the Connor family from the sitcom Roseanne live in?

Sitcom Quotes Trivia Questions & Answers

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Who doesn’t love a one-liner? 

Many sitcoms have absolutely iconic scripts and are often recognizable from just a few quotes. 

See if you can match the show with the quotation in this next section of sitcom trivia questions.

1. What sitcom features the line ‘we were on a break’, and which character says it?
Ross from Friends
2. Which character in which show says the line ‘there’s always money in the banana stand’?
George Sr. from Arrested Development
3. What is Michael Scott from The Office’s favorite joke/line?
That’s what she said’
4. What show features a character saying ‘can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time’?
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Frank Reynolds)
5. Which famous sitcom doctor often complains about the fact that ‘it’s never lupus’?
Dr House
6. Which character from which show often exclaimed ‘dy-no-mite’?
JJ from Good Times
7. What does the Fonz from Happy Days often say as a comeback?
8. And which character from Happy Days often called people ‘bucko’?
Richie Cunningham
9. What would Florence from Alice ask you to do?
‘Kiss my grits’
10. And what would Mel from Mel’s Diner tell you to do?
‘Stow it!’
11. What would Willis be asked in the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes?
Whatchoo talkin’ bout?’
12. What did Archie Bunker from the sitcom All in the Family call his wife and his son-in-law?
He called his wife a ‘dingbat’ and his son-in-law a ‘meathead’
13. In The Brady Bunch, who often exasperatedly exclaimed ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia’?
14. What iconic line did Columbo say before he broke a case wide open?
‘Just one more thing’
15. Name the character who would tell everyone around him to ‘stifle!’
Archie Bunker from All in the Family
16. What was Danno from Hawaii 5-0 always being told to do?
Book ‘em’
17. Which character from Star Trek often said ‘make it so’?
Captain Picard
18. Which classic sitcom started every episode with the line ‘gentleman, we can rebuild him’?
The Six Million Dollar Man
19. What was Fred Sandford from Sandford and Sons classic line when he tried to get out of anything?
‘I’m coming to join you, Elizabeth’
20. What is Fred Flintstone’s iconic celebratory line?
‘Yabba Dabba Doo!’
21. Which character from which TV show has the catchphrase ‘live long and prosper’?
Spock from Star Trek
22. Joey Tribbiani from Friends an iconic line. What is it?
How YOU doin’
23. Can you name the Seinfeld episode where one of the characters exclaims ‘no soup for you!’?
The Soup Nazi

Characters from Sitcoms Trivia Questions & Answers

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Sitcoms are filled with iconic characters who we remember for years after the shows and continually discuss too. Need we go any further than offer up Ross from Friends as an example? 

Anyway, Friends isn’t the only sitcom out there – see how many characters from sitcoms you can remember in this set of trivia questions and answers.

1. What is the name of the 70s sitcom that features characters called Jack, Janet, and Chrissy?
Three’s Company
2. What is Matthew Perry’s character name in Friends?
Chandler Bing
3. Who is the actress who plays the part of Samantha Jones in Sex and the City?
Kim Catrall
4. What character did Eva Longoria play in Desperate Housewives?
Gabrielle Solis
5. What is the name of the TV show that featured Charlie Sheen, Angus T Jones, and Jon Cryer?
Two and a Half Men
6. Which character from which show had a spinoff show created about his younger years?
Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory
7. What is the name of the beautiful witch in the sitcom Bewitched?
8. In which classic sitcom would you find characters called Jan, Mike, and Greg?
The Brady Bunch
9. And where would you find characters called Elly May, Jed, and Granny?
The Beverly Hillbillies
10. Everybody Loves Raymond features three characters who are closely connected t to the lead. What are their names?
Debra, Marie, and Robert
11. This show featured the main character having cousins called Carlton, Ashley, and Hilary. What’s the show called?
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
12. What is the Canadian character from How I Met Your Mother called?
Robin Scherbatsky
13. True or false - the character George lives in Jerry’s building on Seinfeld?
14. Debra Messing stars as which titular character from which sitcom?
She plays Grace from Will and Grace
15. In which sitcom would you find a troublesome girlfriend called Stella?
How I Met Your Mother
16. Can you name all the Huang’s from the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat?
Jenny, Evan, Emery, Louis, Eddie, and Jessica
17. The hospital-situated comedy sitcom Scrubs had two lead female characters. What were they called?
Elliot and Carla
18. Where would you find characters called Raj, Amy, and Stewart?
The Big Bang Theory
19. What was the name of Tim Taylor’s neighbor in the sitcom Home Improvement?
20. Which character becomes a fugitive at the end of The Office?
21. What is the name of the actor who was nominated for three Emmys for playing the same character in three different sitcoms?
Kelsey Grammar

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We hope you got lots of these fun sitcom trivia questions right – and if you didn’t, you’ll now be a pro when it comes to sitcoms! 

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