41 Michigan Trivia Questions and Answers

If you’re from Michigan or planning to travel there, the chances are you know a thing or 2 about the state with the motto: ‘If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you,’ but we believe everyone can learn something new by playing our Michigan trivia! 

Did you know that Michigan has been predicted to be the best place to live in the US by 2100?

This is truly a unique state, and our Michigan trivia will barely touch the surface of what makes Michigan such a fascinating place, but we’ll certainly try to do it justice! 

In the following 5 trivia rounds, we will look at the history, natural wonders, famous people, and the fantastic diversity that contribute to making Michigan what it is today. 

Our favorite round is the fun-facts section, and this was truly fun to research! 

Think you know your stuff about Michigan? It may be time to think again!

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General Michigan Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Michigan Trivia Image

Michigan has a 3,288-mile coastline, which is the longest freshwater coastline in America. 

90% of the Upper Peninsula is covered in trees

In short, Michigan is a naturally beautiful place where old-time America is alive-and-kicking. 

But, there’s a booming economy and a hugely interesting backstory, some of which we will cover in round 1 of our Michigan trivia! 

Consider this as a taster of things to come in our more specialized rounds! 

And, as always, good luck

1: What is the estimated population of Michigan?
10 million.
2: What is Michigan's capital city?
3: What is the biggest city in Michigan?
4: How many counties are in Michigan?
5: What is the state bird?
6: Which motor company has a highly visited museum here?
Henry Ford.
7: Which recording company was founded here in 1959?
Motown Records.
8: How many inland lakes are there in Michigan?
9: About half of the state is covered with what?
10: Michigan is the only state to consist of two what?
11: How many acres of Michigan are used purely for farming crops?
10,000,000 acres.
12: In what year did Michigan brand Ford begin making motorcars?
13: What was John C. Sheehan (Ph.D., University of Michigan) able to synthesize for global health relief in 1957?
14: True or False: Michigan has the only authentic Dutch windmill operating in the United States.
15: What did Jennifer M. Granhold become the first in Michigan in 2002?
Female Governor.

Famous People from Michigan Trivia Questions and Answers 

Famous People from Michigan Trivia Image

Michigan is a state that many celebrities call their hometown, but who is first to come to your mind?

From actors and singers to presidents, Michigan is the birthplace of a variety of famous faces; and this round will certainly reveal some surprises

There are celebrities who have chosen to call this state home and moved here away from the hustle and bustle of busier places. 

In round 2 of our Michigan trivia, you will find out what kind of celebrity spotting you can expect to find here.

Ready to play?

1: Which white rapper, songwriter, and record producer was born here in 1972?
2: Can you name the only US president who was from Michigan?
President Gerald R. Ford.
3: Which Brooklyn nine-nine star was born and bred in Flint, Michigan?
Terry Crews.
4: Name the Michigan-born actress who had her breakout film role as the title character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?
Kristen Bell.
5: This professional tennis-playing sister was born in Saginaw, Michigan, in 1981.
Serena Williams.
6: Often referred to as the best defensive boxer in history, can you name the undefeated boxer born in Grand Rapids, Michigan?
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
7: Which 'Queen of Pop' was born in Bay City, Michigan, in 1958?
8: Which late 2-foot 8-inches tall Austin Powers star was born in Sturgis, Michigan in 1969?
Verne Troyer.

History of Michigan Trivia Questions and Answers 

History of Michigan Trivia Image

From the earliest residents to the immigrant settlers, people have been calling Michigan home for thousands of years; but this didn’t come without conflict. 

Michigan has seen war, civil unrest, and riots more than many other states. But, it hasn’t always been bloody and violent. 

Much of Michigan’s history is something residents can be entirely proud of; people here have been through a lot and still persevere

So, the weather is testing, the economy can be trying, and there are some places that are pretty infamous, yet the people here are welcoming, friendly, and live by good old-fashioned values. 

Let’s find out more in round 3 of our Michigan trivia! 

1: When did Michigan officially become a state?
January 26, 1837.
2: In 1622, explorers from which country were likely the first white men to see Lake Superior.
3: During the Indian wars, there was a 135-day siege of which city in 1763?
4: What was discovered in the Upper Peninsula at Negaunee in 1844?
Iron Ore.
5: Between 1861 and 1965, how many Michigan men were drafted into service for the Civil War?
Over 90,000.
6: What was the cause of mass riots in 1967?
Racial tensions.
7: In what year did the Flint water crisis begin?
8: How many national and ethnic groups arrived in Michigan during the 19th and early 20th centuries?

Fun Facts About Michigan Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fun Facts About Michigan Trivia Image

In this round, you will discover some of the truly fascinating things that not only set Michigan apart from the rest of the US but also what makes it unique from anywhere else in the world. 

From fun things to know to scientific facts and mathematical stats, we have it all. 

The who, what, when, where, and why

This is a super-cool round, with answers to make your jaw drop and your mind go crazy!

Without further ado, let’s get into it! 

1: Wherever you are in Michigan, you're never more than 85 miles away from what?
A lake.
2: What was invented here by accident in 1898?
3: What is the only Great Lake that is fully in North America?
Lake Michigan.
4: What are there more than 36,000 miles of here?
5: Michigan is home to how many different species of birds?
6: Mackinac Bridge is the world's longest suspension bridge. How many miles long is it?
7: There is an old law in place that forbids pigs from running freely in downtown Michigan unless they have what?
A ring in their nose.
8: What is it illegal to do on a Sunday here?
Buy or sell a car.
9: Michigan is the only place to have what kind of floating service in the entire world?
A post office. 
10: What percentage of Michigan residents are female?

More Michigan Trivia Fun – Video

Well done for making it to the end of our Michigan trivia; we hope you have upgraded your knowledge about this state by now! If you want to try another trivia challenge, here’s some you may like:

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