46 Best 1950s Trivia Questions and Answers 

The war is well over; we don’t yet have The Beatles, but we do have the King of Rock and Roll, and life is pretty good in 1950s America. If you were there the first time around, you’ll love our 1950s trivia; if you weren’t, get ready to learn a thing or two! 

The 1950s is an era famous for fashion, music, large elaborate cars, the baby boom, and the rise of suburban life

The American economy was booming, and the US was seen as the land of opportunity worldwide. 

However, despite the optimism and wealth felt in America during this time, it wasn’t all white picket fences and shiny red lipstick, and our 1950s trivia won’t shy away from the civil rights movements and unrest that spread across the decade. 

For a full-on, jam-packed 1950s trivia challenge, stay till the end, and let’s see how well you remember – or know – this remarkable time in American history

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General 1950s Trivia Questions and Answers

General 1950s Trivia Image

The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, once described America as standing at the summit of the world, and during the 1950s, it was clear to see what he meant. 

Yes, we had conflict, but we also had a booming economy, readily available consumer goods, new cars, and homes, and the standard of living was high for most. 

Life was pretty good; we drove elaborate cars, danced the night away to great music, and the fashion was the best it had been. 

When people talk of vintage today, this is the era they mean! 

In round 1 of our 1950s trivia, we’ll take an overview look at some of the most monumental moments of this decade.

Ready to begin?

Let’s play! 

1: Who was known as The King of Rock and Roll?
Elvis Presley.
2: What kind of movies was heartthrob John Wayne known for?
3: Why did Rosa Parks become famous in 1955?
For refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man.
4: Which fast-food franchise opened its first restaurant in 1952 in Salt Lake City, Utah?
5: On average, how many babies were born per year during the 1950s in America?
4 million!
6: What type of dinners became popular after 1954?
TV dinners.
7: Which major high school musical movie was based in 1950s California?
8: The G.I Bill subsidized low-cost mortgages for what group of people?
Returning soldiers.
9: In 1954, what became illegal in the US?
Segregated schools for black and white children.
10: What famous comic strip featuring a boy and a dog debuted on October 2, 1950?
11: What type of skirt became popular for women?
12: What was in 4.4 million American homes by 1950?
Television sets.
13: What crime-fighting innovation was introduced by the FBI in 1950?
10 Most Wanted Fugitive List.
14: Which recipe did Campbell invent and tin in the 50s that's still going strong today?
Green Bean Casserole.
15: How old was 1950s acting legend James Dean when he passed away in 1955?

1950s Fashion Trivia Questions and Answers

1950s Fashion Trivia Image

Fashion in the 1950s saw an unmistakable gender divide. 

American men were going casual and relaxed, while American women opted for formality, elegance, and perfectly matched accessories

New designers hit the scene, such as Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga

Makeup became bold and bright for the first time, and novel prints and colors added a fun vibe to the plainer designs we were used to. 

With money and freedom to dress as we wished, and TV stars showing us how to do it, the 1950s was a great time for fashion

Let’s see how well you know your fashion history with round 2 of our 1950s trivia! 

1: The 1950s saw the astonishing rise in popularity in which kind of heeled shoe?
2: Women could also wear flats and be considered the height of fashion; what were these shoes called?
3: Would men wear tight or loose-fitting suits?
4: What was the lipstick color of choice?
Bright red.
5: What is the Quiff, Ducktail, Jelly Roll, Rocker, or Greaser hairstyle known as today?
6: Personified by Jane Russell, in the Outlaw movie, what style of bra hit its peak of trendiness in the 50s?
7: What were women starting to wear more during this decade?

1950s Music Trivia Questions and Answers

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Rock and Roll dominated American culture and music throughout the 1950s. 

The beautiful blend of country and western, pop, and rhythm and blues music took the whole world by storm – and it originated right here! 

But can you remember some of the greats?

Let round 3 of our 1950s trivia take you back to a time when music truly was music, when dancing really was dancing and when artists were indeed artists. 

This 1950s trivia round is one to take note of if you want to update that playlist with some legendary songs

Let’s play!

1: What was the name of the global 1951 hit for Nat King Cole? - We hope you haven't forgotten!
2: Who sang Mr. Sandman in 1954?
The Chordettes.
3: In what year did Elvis Presley release 'All Shook Up?
4: On 3 February 1969, American musicians Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson, and Ritchie Valens died in a plane crash. What did this event become known as?
The Day the Music Died.
5: What was Rock and Roll called by American churches?
Satan's music.
6: What was Sam Cooke's first hit, in 1957, that established him as a global superstar?
You Send Me.
7: Who released 'I Walk The Line' in 1956?
Johnny Cash.
8: What was the dance craze that was very fast and involved no touching known as?
The Bop.
9: Which legendary singer called Rock and Roll music 'the most brutal, ugly, degenerate, vicious form of expression?
Frank Sinatra.

Interesting Facts About the 1950s Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting Facts About the 1950s Trivia Image

How well have you done so far with this 1950s trivia?

If you’ve still got some marks to get, then hopefully, you’ll get them here! 

In the final round of this 1950s trivia, we will finish off with a random section of interesting facts about the era. 

Learn some truly amazing things about the 1950s, or showcase the knowledge you already have by completing our last section. 

Here we go! 

1: What was the first TV dinner composed of?
Thanksgiving meal, complete with cornbread stuffing and peas.
2: What opened in Anaheim, California, on 17 July 1955, starting a global empire?
3: What did human do for the first time on 29 May 1953?
Ascent to the summit of Mount Everest.
4: What was broadcast live from the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City for the first time in 1954?
Miss America Pageant.
5: Established in 1958, what is the National Aeronautics and Space Act better known as?
6: America was swept by a craze involving which toy?
Hula Hoop.
7: What is the Southdale Center?
The oldest temperature-controlled indoor mall in the US.
8: What iconic toy, inspired by a German doll, was introduced in March 1959?
9: At the start of the 50s, how much did gas cost per gallon?
18 cents.
10: What did Roger Banister become the first person on record to do?
Run a mile in under 4-minutes.
11: What was the average annual salary in 1950?
12: And, in 1959?
13: What was America's favorite dog breed during this decade?
14: How much did the average car cost in today's money in 1959?
15: What was the most popular name for a baby girl?
Mary. For a boy, it was James.

More 1950s Trivia – Video 

And that brings us to the end of our 1950s trivia – wasn’t it a fantastic decade!? If you enjoyed this trivia challenge, why not take on another? Here’s some you may like:

Thank you for taking the time to play our 1950s trivia; we hope you enjoyed it and possibly even learned a few new facts to share with friends. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon for more trivia fun!

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