39 February Trivia Questions and Answers 

Have a go at our February trivia questions and answers to see how much you know about the calendar’s 2nd month and to learn some truly remarkable facts! 

If February is a month that means something to you, then this trivia challenge should be one you really enjoy. 

In our February trivia, you will be questioned on a variety of different topics that relate to this month. 

It could be facts and figures, history, celebrity culture, or festivals and celebrations. It could also be some hugely monumental moments that occurred during this month. 

In short, we’re testing pretty much every aspect of your knowledge with this trivia challenge! But, we promise, it’ll also be pretty fun too! 

Ready to have a go?

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General February Trivia Questions and Answers 

General February Trivia Image

February is a strange month. It’s the shortest of the year and the one with the least celebrations the world over – save for Valentines’ day, but some people even wish for that to pass as quickly as the month. 

Yet, February is a month that actually has lots of interesting things going for it! 

How many of them do you think you know? 

Well-known facts include it being a leap year (once every 4 years), and of course, everyone knows about National Wear Red Day (on the first day of the month)… don’t they?

Let’s put you through your paces with the first section of our February trivia – the big general knowledge round

Here we go! 

1: In addition to Pisces, what other star sign could you be if you were born in February?
2: What is the traditional birthstone for this month?
3: How many days are there in a typical February?
28 (29 on a leap year).
4: In what language would the month be called 'Februar'?
5: What season is it in February if you live in the southern hemisphere?
6: Which countries' New Year celebrations are held from the start of February until the 15th day?
7: Roughly, how many chicken wings do Americans eat over February's Superbowl weekend?
1.4 million.
9: For how many decades has February been Black History Month?
5. Black History Month began in February 1970.
10: What date in February do we celebrate Valentine's Day?

On This Day in February Trivia Questions and Answers

On This Day in February Trivia Image

Over the years, February has certainly played its part in monumental movements and been the month of great revolutionary changes

Search through the history books, and you’re sure to find something interesting that happened on a date in February. 

Alternatively, you could just play this round of our February trivia! 

Find out how February shaped the future and how important this month has been over time by taking on this round. 

If you were going to learn something about February to impress your History teacher with, then this is the round for you! 

A little guesswork may be needed here, as some of these questions are pretty challenging!

Let’s play!

1: The Royal Canadian Mountain Police were established on February 1 of what year?
2: Which classic Disney movie was released on February 4, 1938?
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
3: What trials began on February 28, 1692?
The Salem Witch Hunts.
4: On February 27, 1827, what was celebrated in New Orleans for the first time?
Mardi Gras.
5: Who conducted their 1st robbery on February 13, 1866?
Jesse James.
6: The Boy Scouts of America was founded on February 8; of what year?
7: What did Ruth Handler invent on February 4, 1949?
The Barbie Doll.
8: On February 7, 1964, what British band arrived in America for the 1st time?
The Beatles.

Famous Birthdays in February Trivia Questions and Answers 

Famous Birthdays in February Trivia Image

If you’re ready for a little break from the really intense stuff, then here’s where you’ll find it! We consider this round to be our easiest one! 

However, there are going to be a couple of more challenging questions too! 

In this part of our February trivia, you will be questioned about celebrities who were born this month

While there may be some guessing needed, we advise you to take this quick-fire round to unwind, as it gets much tougher later on!

Ready to dive into the world of celeb?

Here we go! 

1: Harry Styles was born on February 1, 1994. What band was he a member of?
One Direction.
2: F.R.I.E.N.D.S star Jennifer Anniston was born on February 11; of what year? Was it 1965, 1969, or 1972?
3: Jeffrey Bruce Atkins is the real name of which US rapper, born in February 1976?
Ja Rule.
5: What social media platform made February-Born Bella Poarch a global name?

National Holidays in February Trivia Questions and Answers

National Holidays in February Trivia Image

Did you think there was only Valentine’s Day to celebrate in February? If so, you were very much mistaken. 

February has a wealth of national holidays, although some are a little more popular than others!

Can you guess what the holiday is by the description we provide? 

Or, do you know the dates already?

Some dates have multiple national holidays associated with them; although we’re not confident any of them will become a public holiday any time soon, it’s still nice to be informed!

Get your pen ready to fill your diary with some weird and wonderful February national holidays!

1: On February 5 there is a day to celebrate which sweet, spreadable treat?
2: What should you fly to celebrate February 8 properly?
A kite.
3: To celebrate February 17 correctly, what should you do?
Random acts of kindness.
4: February 27 is the national day of which fruit?
5: If you want to take part in the national holiday taking place on February 20, what should you do?
Eat cherry pie…ah, go on then!
6: Who should you thank on February 4?
A mail carrier.
7: What should you send to a friend to take part in the annual holiday on February 7?
A card.
8: What food do we need to eat on February 2 if we want to be a participant in this national holiday?
Tater Tots.
9: What type of cake do you need to eat on February 3 to take part in the associated holiday?
Carrot cake.

Facts about February Trivia Questions and Answers 

Facts about February Trivia Image

Congratulations on making it this far; however, if you thought the more challenging questions in our February trivia were behind you, we sincerely apologize!

The last round of our February trivia is where things truly get hard! But, you will learn some really awesome facts about the month, so it’s definitely worth giving this round ago. 

As this section of our February trivia involves some statistics, we suggest that the closest answer wins.

Ready to complete our February trivia challenge?

You’re almost there!

1: Women accounted for what percentage of Instagram users in the U.S. as of February 2020?
2: What happens in America more in February than in any other month?
3: February is the only month where it is possible to go the entire time without seeing what?
A full moon.
4: According to folklore, what will there be in May if there's fog in February?
5: What are the odds of being born on February 29?
Around 1 in 1,461.
6: How much do Americans spend on gifts, chocolate, and more for Valentine's Day?
$18 million (and 9 million of us buy Valentine's gifts for our pets!).
7: Why does the word February stand out in the English language?
It is the most misspelled word there is!

More February Trivia – Video

So, that’s the end of our February trivia! We hope you now see just much there is to celebrate! Before you go to stock up for Nutella day, why not try another trivia challenge? Here’s some you may like:

Thank you for taking part in our February trivia challenge. Isn’t it an interesting month? 

We hope we’ve given you some things to look further into. The story of Jesse James, the creation of Black History Month, or even the origins of Thank a Mail Carrier Day are all topics you may want to know more about.

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