43 May Trivia Questions and Answers (2023)

If you love spring, facts, fun, and challenges, then you’re sure to enjoy playing the 5 rounds of our May trivia!

Our May trivia includes some super fun rounds, with questions suitable for everyone and a specialized kids round, before finishing with a link to a super awesome video May trivia game. 

If you want something interesting to do this Spring break or are looking to sharpen your general knowledge, why not try to complete this trivia challenge?

Test yourself, or test your friends to see who knows the most about the month of May. 

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General May Trivia Questions and Answers

General May Trivia Image

May is thought of as one of the most optimistic months of the year, being globally associated with birth and life, but you may need more than a positive attitude to get through round 1 of our May trivia with a clean sheet!

In our general knowledge round, you will find a random selection of questions with varying difficulty levels. 

But, don’t give up when the going gets tough – we have to endure April showers to get May flowers, and you have to get through some tricky questions to find the most interesting facts and fun in this trivia. 

Round 1 consists of 20 May questions, and to consider yourself a champion; we’re looking for a pass of 50% or more! 

Good luck! 

1: As well as Taurus, what other star sign could you have if you were born in the month of May?
2: What is the birthstone for May?
3: Which movie premiered on May 25, 1977?
Star Wars.
4: May sits in what season in the Southern Hemisphere?
5: The Brooklyn Bridge opened to traffic on May 24, 1883. What boroughs did it connect?
Brooklyn and Manhattan.
6: What special day do we celebrate on the second Sunday of May?
Mothers Day.
7: Which member of the British Royal Family was born on May 24, 1819?
Queen Victoria.
8: What is May's birth flower?
Lily of the Valley.
9: In the Northern Hemisphere, May is in which season?
10: May was originally called Maius, after the Greek Goddess of what?
11: May hasn't always been seen as an optimistic month. Can you fill in the gap in this famous poem '....... in May and you'll rue the day.'
12: What are the Eta Aquarids; clue, it happens each year?
A meteor shower that passes Earth between April 19 and May 28.
13: Who married Priscilla Ann Beaulieu on May 1, 1967?
Elvis Presley.
14: What is The Indianapolis 500?
Annual car race.
15: The last Monday of May is a federal holiday in the US to honor and mourn military personnel who have lost their lives. What is this day known as?
Memorial Day.
16: In May of what year was the last ever new episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S aired?
17: May is a month-long appreciation of what type of BBQ-favorite and fast-food regular in the US?
It's National Burger Month.
18: What is May called in Spanish?
19: Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was born on May 14. Was this 1980, 1982, or 1984?
20: How many days are there in May?

Fascinating Facts About May Trivia Questions and Answers

Fascinating Facts About May Trivia Image

Although round 1 of our May trivia revealed some fascinating facts, this round is dedicated entirely to facts about May. 

Find out what it could mean to have a baby born in May, what makes this month special, and which island country was discovered during this month. 

With 8 questions to answer, this round is shorter than our general knowledge section, but there are still some truly interesting finds

Touch up your history and geography and learn some new bits of info to share with friends. 

You never know when this May trivia knowledge could come in handy! 

Let’s play!

1: What did Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis officially invent in Mat, 1873?
Blue Jeans.
2: May is the only month to start and end on what?
The same day of the week.
3: What do May babies tend to be compared to babies born during other months?
4: True or False: Babies born in May are thought to be more successful in later life?
5: In 1856, what type of martial art started its own world championship?
6: In May 2020, what were Americans able to do at home for the first time?
Test for Covid-19.
7: True or False: The median price for a home in 1988 was $77,700?
False. It was $87,700.
8: What prestigious American figure has never died during this month?
American President.
9: Which island country did Christopher Columbus discover on May 3, 1494?

Interesting History of May Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting History of May Trivia Image

We’ve included a few history questions so far, but in this round, we will take a look back on some truly monumental moments and events that occurred in May. 

Find out the occupation of the inventor of the machine gun, which could send chills down your spine! 

Discover who convict 40886 was, and learn about a landmark British event that has yet to happen in the US. 

Some of these questions will require a little guesswork, but we promise the answers are worth it! 

Ready to play round 3 of our May trivia?

Of course, you are! 

1: Who did Marylin Monroe treat to a special rendition of Happy Birthday on May 19, 1962?
President John F. Kennedy.
2: What financial disaster began on May 5, 1893?
The Wall Street Crash.
3: Which store opened its doors on May 1, 1962?
4: Who began life as convict 40886 in Atlanta Federal Penitentiary on May 4, 1932?
Al Capone.
5: The Empire State Building opened on May 1; of what year?
6: During May of what year was the American Red Cross Founded?
7: On May 4, 1979, what happened in Britain for the first time?
Female Primeminister, Margaret Thatcher.
8: Which award ceremony took place for the first time on May 4, 1959?
The Grammy Awards.
9: James Puckle patented the world's first machine gun on May 15, 1718. What was his occupation?
Lawyer in the City of London.

Kids May Trivia Questions and Answers

Kids May Trivia Image

Our penultimate May trivia round is tailored to the kids, with some easy questions designed to test our youngest fans’ knowledge. 

However, there are still a couple of tricky ones here! 

We’ve only included 5 questions, but they’re random and fun, with some interesting reveals.

Let’s see how much you know about the month of May!

Here we go! 

1: May has 31 days. How many other months also have 31 days?
2: What internationally famous Movie series is celebrated each year on May 4th?
Star Wars.
3: On May 1, 1930, which planet was discovered? Clue: It's now considered a Dwarf Planet.
4: Then called Swift Walkers, what type of outdoor toy was first introduced in NYC in May 1819?
5: What product was unveiled by Apple on May 7, 1988?

More May Trivia Questions and Answers – Video

How well did you do with our May trivia? If you think you could take on another trivia challenge, here’s some you may enjoy:

Thank you for taking the time to play our May trivia; we hope you thought it was worth it and that you learned a few new facts to keep in the memory bank for a later date! See you soon for more trivia fun!

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