51 November Trivia Questions and Answers 

Welcome to our November trivia questions quiz for you to play alone, with friends, or with family on your next game night in. 

November is a month that truly kickstarts the festive celebrations as the year comes to a close. Historically, so much has happened in the calendar’s 11th month, and you will be quizzed on the what’s, whys, and the whos

Our November trivia is suitable for players of all ages and abilities, with some super-easy, fun questions to some real brain teasers that’ll test the knowledge of even the seasoned trivia player. 

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General November Trivia Questions 

General November Trivia Questions Image

In this section, you will be quizzed on all and anything to do with the month of November. 

How much do you think you know about the month of November? 

You may be surprised!

1: November is the last of 4 calendar months to have what?
30 days.
2: What is the birthstone of November?
Radiant Topaz.
3: As well as Sagittarius, what other star sign could you have if you were born in November?
4: What hairy event can men participate in during November?
'Movember' where shaving of the face is done on the first of the month and not repeated for the rest of it.
5: If you were conceived on Valentine's day, would you be born at the start, middle, or end of November?
6: What is the official flower of this month?
7: The Bell Telephone Company introduced the first push-button phone to the public on 18 November of what year?
8: In Indiana during November, what is most likely to be involved in a crash with a vehicle?
A deer.
9: In November 1990, Mary Robinson became the first female to do what in Ireland?
Be President.
10: Featuring the word 'November,' what is the name of the 2001 romantic movie featuring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron?
Sweet November.
11: At the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month, who do we remember?
All those who lost their lives due to war, originally exclusively WW1.
12: What November day has been the busiest shopping day of the year in the US since at least 2005?
Black Friday.

November History Trivia Questions

November History Trivia Questions Image

As with any month, look deeply enough into it, and you’ll discover just how many historical events have taken place over the years. November is certainly no exception. 

From monumental moments to revolutionary changes, November has had its fair share of extraordinary goings-on. 

But, how many of them are you aware of?

Test your November history knowledge in this section of our trivia. 

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1: Michelangelo painted 'The Ceiling of Sistine Chapel' in November of what year?
2: On 5 November 1935, what hugely popular game was presented to the world by The Parker Brothers?
3: President Reagan established what public holiday (to be held in January) on 2 November 1983?
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
4: What vegetable started to be frozen by Clarence Birdseye in November 1952?
5: The first Congressman of Color, Republican John Willis Menard, was elected in November of what year?
5: CBS showed what movie, featuring a yellow-brick road, in November 1956 for the first time on TV?
The Wizard of Oz.
7: The first Godzilla movie was released in November of what year?
8: Which iconic British Prime Minister was born on 30 November 1874?
Sir Winston Churchill.
9: On 4 November 2008, who was elected as President of the United States?
Barack Obama.
10: What year did we start to celebrate Thanksgiving?

November Celebrity Trivia Questions

November Celebrity Trivia Questions Image

If you love celebrity culture, then this section of our November trivia should be your jam! 

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1: What 2 members of the Jenner family have November birthdays?
Kris and Kendall.
2: What State was F.R.I.E.N.D.S star, David Schwimmer born in on 2 November 1966?
New York.
3: Hollywood Legend Leonardo Dicaprio was born on 11 November; was this 1974, 1975, or 1976?
4: Born on 13 November 1955, what is Caryn Elaine Johnson better known as?
Whoopie Goldberg.
5: How many movies has November-born Owen Wilson written?
3; The Royal Tenenbaums, Bottle Rocket, and Rushmore.
6: Who is the famous daughter of November-born actress Goldie Hawn?
Kate Hudson.
7: Who is the famous country-singing God Daughter of Dolly Parton that was born in November 1992?
Miley Cyrus.
8: Which Modern Family star was born in Manhattan on 24 November 1990?
Sarah Hyland AKA Haley Dumphy.
9: What annual award ceremony was held on 22 November 2020?
48th Annual American Music Awards.
10: Who was the perpetrator of John F. Kennedy's assassination on 22 November 1963?
Lee Harvey Oswald.
11: Sofia Vergara married Joe Manganiello in Palm Beach, Florida, in November of what year?
12: Which one iconic Hollywood couple reportedly had a Scientology ceremony wedding in November 2006, only to divorce in 2012?
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

November Around the World Trivia Questions 

November Around the World Trivia Questions Image

We know how the US celebrates November, but do you know what goes on around the world during the 11th month? 

If you didn’t, then you will after this section of our November trivia! 

1: On 5 November, the UK celebrates 'Bonfire Night,' what are the origins of this?
Failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605; (Irish-born Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully tried to blow up the houses of parliament).
2: Originating in India, the Diwali festival is an annual event each November. How long does it last?
5 days.
3: What day was introduced in 1998 that is observed internationally by all kind of people?
World Kindness Day.
4: 180 countries participate in World Hello Day. What 'challenge' must you do to take part?
Say 'hello' to 10 people.
5: On average, how many calories do Americans consume during their Thanksgiving meal, held on 25 November?
6: What day was established on 26 November in protest against consumerism?
Buy Nothing Day.
7: Who celebrates Hanukkah, a holiday which begins each year in November?
Jewish people.
8: St. Andrews day is celebrated on 30 November annually. What country is St. Andrew the patron saint of?

Kids Thanksgiving November Trivia Questions and Answers 

Kids Thanksgiving November Trivia Questions and Answers Image

Test your kids’ knowledge on the month of November and install some facts over the turkey at this year’s meal by having a go at our kids’ Thanksgiving trivia. 

Adults can join in too! 

Ready to give this a go kids? 

Let’s begin!

1: Which President declared Thanksgiving a national holiday? - Bonus points if you can get the year!
President Lincoln, in 1863.
2: Since 1947, what has been gifted to the President of the US for Thanksgiving?
A live turkey (known as The National Thanksgiving Turkey), which the President 'pardons' sparing its life.
3: How long did the first Thanksgiving last?
3 days; when the Pilgrims completed their first successful corn harvest, they were certainly in the mood to celebrate!
4: In what country were pumpkin pies first made?
England; first appearing in American cookbooks in the 19th century.
5: What sport do we watch as a nation on Thanksgiving?
6: Where does the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade happen?
New York City.
7: When you break the turkey's wishbone, what should you do?
Make a wish, and the person with the biggest half should have good luck for the rest of the year.
8: There are 2 types of potatoes eaten with a traditional Thanksgiving meal; can you name them both?
Sweet potato and mash potato.
9: How can you tell if a cranberry is ripe?
It will bounce.

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We hope that you enjoyed playing our November trivia and maybe learned a thing or 2 to share around the dining table this Thanksgiving. 

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