57 Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to our Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers! They’re creepy, and they’re kooky, mysterious, and spooky; hopefully, tons of fun too! 

Halloween is an event we celebrate every year; we eat candy and dress up during this frighteningly fun holiday, but how much do you know about its origins?

Can you spook your friends with your Halloween Trivia knowledge, or will they be a little freaked at your absent stares to the more grueling questions?

Ready to play Halloween Trivia? 

Let’s go. 

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General Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers

General Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers Image

We will start our bumper Halloween Trivia with a general knowledge section. 

Here, you will find questions about any part of this ‘all together ooky‘ day! 

1: Where did Halloween originate?
2: And, how long ago?
Around 2,000 years.
3: What were used as the 1st Jack-O-Lanterns?
4: When did Americans begin the practice of Trick or Treat?
5: If you said the word 'Gallybanger,' what could you be referring to?
A scarecrow.
6: If you stare into a mirror at midnight on Halloween, what are you said to see?
Future spouse.
7: In Hollywood, what product is now banned during Halloween?
Silly string.
8: In 2020, how much did the average American spend on Halloween? (Closest answer wins).
9: What is the most popular Halloween costume?
10: During peak growing season, how much can a pumpkin grow each day?
27 kg.
11: Where does the term 'Jack-o'Lantern' come from?
Originally used for night watchmen in the 1600's - men with lanterns.
12: How much is the average annual consumer spend on Halloween in the US?
$8 billion!
13: How many Americans take part in Halloween festivities each year?
Around 180 million.
14: Can you name the top 3 most popular Halloween candies?
#3 M&M's, #2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, #1 Skittles.
15: What does the name Dracula mean?
The devil's son.

Halloween Trivia for Kids Questions

Halloween Trivia for Kids Questions Image

This section is where the younger family members can share their spooktacular knowledge and learn a thing or two about Halloween

…Of course, grown-ups can join in too! 

Let’s begin.

1: On what date do we celebrate Halloween?
31st October.
2: What does a witch use to get around?
3: What is the name of the 'Friendly Ghost'?
4: What domestic pet is a symbol of Halloween?
5: On Halloween, what do you bob for?
6: Finish the saying, 'Trick or…?
7: What was the name of the Teenage Witch?
8: Where would you find a vampire called Mavis?
Hotel Transylvania.
9: Creepy crawly spiders have 8 legs, but what else do they have 8 of?
10: Are pumpkins always orange?
No, pumpkins can be yellow, red, white, green, or blue.

Halloween Trivia for Adults Questions

Halloween Trivia for Adults Questions Image

Now it’s the adult’s turn! 

Get ready to shake up those brain cells and don on those thinking caps for our adult-only halloween trivia section! 

Let’s go!

1: Why do we give treats on Halloween?
Originally known as the 'Festival of the Dead,' this Celtic tradition began when people believed their deceased loved ones roamed the earth on Halloween night. Gifts were left on doorsteps to welcome them...from afar!
2: Superstition says you should do what when driving by a cemetery close to Halloween?
Hold your breath to prevent evil spirits from entering your body - yikes!
3: Who has to stay home in Queens, NY, and is banned from costume-wearing over the Halloween holiday?
Convicted sex offenders, the program is called Operation Halloween: Zero Tolerance.
4: What house is said to be one of the most haunted places in America?
The White House; from Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill to a demon basement cat, a hive of nighttime paranormal activity has been reported here.
5: What horror film based on possession was based on a true story?
The Exorcist.
6: What harrowing events used to take place in Salem in the 1690s?
Witch trials.
7: What is the word used to describe a fear of Halloween?
8: What causes more than 7,000 people per year to die?
A doctor's bad handwriting.
9: Why did people start to wear costumes for Halloween?
To disguise themselves from ghosts that people believed visited during Halloween night.
10: What happens to a human's head after being decapitated?
The brain remains conscious for around 20 seconds.

Halloween Candy Trivia Questions

Halloween Candy Trivia Questions Image

It’s basically one of the greatest aspects of Halloween for many of us, but how much Halloween Trivia do you know about candy?

Here you will learn some amazing facts about the extraordinary world of all things sweet – or are they?

1: What percentage of parents have admitted to stealing some of their kids' candy?
2: What was the occupation of the cotton candy creator?
A dentist!
3: What do the letters M, and M, stand for in M&M's?
Mars and Murrie - the surnames of their inventors.
4: How many Tootsie Rolls are made each day?
64 million.
5: How much is spent on Halloween candy annually?
Around $2.4 billion.
6: How many Americans buy candy for Halloween?
160 million.
7: What would children have to do to burn off their average Halloween candy calories?
Walk for 44 hours!
8: The average child will consume the value of how many sugar cubes for their trick or treat loot?
9: During the week of Halloween, how much does the chocolate that Americans buy weigh?
90 million pounds.
10: Do we buy more candy for Halloween or Easter?

Halloween Movie Trivia Questions

Halloween Movie Trivia Questions Image

This section is great for those who love horror movies, thrillers, and jump-scares

Here we visit the great minds of some of the world’s most unconventional writers and delve into a genre as far away from Disney as it could be. 

Get ready for some Halloween movie trivia questions!

Let’s begin!

1: The basis of the movie 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' was what?
Hmong refugees in 1970 who had experienced the true-life horrors of war and genocide, suddenly dying in their sleep. The phenomenon was known as Asian Death Syndrome.
2: What was the movie 'Halloween' named initially?
The Babysitter Murders.
3: In what horror movie is someone killed by being forced to eat too much?
4: What was the 1st ever horror film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?
The Exorcist.
5: This horror movie is recognized as being one of the most profitable movies of all time.
Paranormal Activity.
6: In the early 1990s, true-life events happened in Florida, which were the basis for what movie?
7: What happened to 9 people involved with The Exorcist's production during filming?
They died.
8: What movie is the following quote taken from: 'Do you want to play a game?'
9: What is the highest-grossing horror movie at the worldwide box office?
10: Which horror movie has the most reviews on the movie review website, Rotten Tomatoes.
Get Out.
11: Psycho was the first American film to show what on screen?
A toilet.
12: What was used in the first model of the iconic 'Alien' creature in the movie of the same name?
A human skull.

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We hope you enjoyed playing our Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers and that you manage to sleep well tonight! 

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