46 Canada Trivia Questions and Answers

Visit any part of Canada, and you’ll find natural, beautiful landscapes like nowhere else on earth. But how much do you know about the world’s 2nd largest country? Find out in our bumper Canada trivia questions and answers quiz! 

If you love geography, facts, history, and nature, then this Canada trivia is for you. 

We have questions relating to the wild and wonderful culture, striking and serene scenery, and friendly, famous faces all have one thing in common; the curiously captivating country: Canada. 

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General Canada Trivia Questions and Answers

General Canada Trivia Questions Image

This first section of our Canada trivia will feature a real mish-mash of questions, some super-easy and others real brain teasers. 

If you think you know all there is to know about Canada, then you may be in for a surprise! 

Let’s dive into the quiz and see how many debates we can provoke with our general Canada trivia questions. 

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1: As of 2021, what is the population of Canada?
2: What does Canada have that is the longest in the world?
Coastline; it would take you 33 years to walk this!
3: At the last count, how many lakes were there estimated to be in Canada?
2 million!
4: How many time zones are there in Canada?
5: On average, what happens for 330 days in Ocean Falls, British Columbia?
It rains.
6: What surprising store-bought product is tax-deductible here?
Dog food.
7: What are Canada's 2 national sports?
Hockey and Lacrosse.
8: How many times have the Olympic Games been held in Canada?
3 times; 1976, 1988, and 2010.
9: In what year was Canada's official flag introduced, replacing the Union Jack flag?
10: What globally adored board game was invented here?
Trivial Pursuit.
11: If you were eating Poutine, what would be on your plate?
Fries, gravy, and cheese curds.
12: How many different species of mammal live in Canada?
13: And, how many different species of bird are there?
14: Canada has 198 jails, but what makes one of them stand out to any other around the world?
With just 3 cells, Creemore Jail is the smallest jail in the world.
15: The US's #1 pet dog breed comes from Canada; what is this breed?
Labrador Retriever.

Canada History Trivia Questions and Answers

Canada History Trivia Questions Image

With a history so rich and diverse that it could never be fully covered in a trivia section, here we will look at just 10 historical facts about Canada’s past

Some that Canadians are sure to be proud of, others not so much, but all contributed somewhat to making this country what it is today. 

Find out how much you know about the history of Canada.

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1: In what year did Canada become a country?
2: John Cabot was the first explorer to reach Canada; in what year did this happen?
3: What happened in approximately 1000 AD?
The Vikings settled in Canada, along the East coast.
4: What became a province in 1949?
5: What events took place in 1775 and 1812?
Canada was invaded by the US.
6: What was Canadas 'Indian Act'?
Controls, rules, and limitations put on the Indigenous people residing in Canada.
7: When was the University of Toronto founded?
8: A rock discovered by geologists in 2021 was determined to be how many years old?
4.28 billion years.
9: When were native Indians able to vote in Canada?
10: Tools have been discovered that are the first artifacts to show settlements in Canada; how old have these tools been estimated to be?
2,000 years.

Canada Celebrity Trivia Questions and Answers

Canada Celebrity Trivia Questions Image

From actors and authors to singers and soccer players, Canada is the native land, so some of the most famous faces in the world – and in this section of our trivia, we will look at just a few of them! 

Some Canadian celebrities are notoriously proud of their heritage; for others, it is less well known. 

This part of our quiz may reveal some surprising answers…

Let’s see if you’re up to the challenge.

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1: This Canadian-born international movie star had global hits with movies such as 'Dumb and Dumber,' 'Liar Liar,' and 'The Mask.'
Jim Carrey.
2: Which actor, born in Vancouver, was engaged to fellow Canadian Alanis Morrisette, dated American beauty Scarlette Johanson and married LA-born Blake Lively'?
Ryan Renolds.
3: Which Canadian rapper donated a $50,000 cheque to a women's shelter and 130 $150 gift cards for the song 'God's Plan' during his music video?
4: This Sex and The City star cites herself as being an English-born, Canadian-American actress.
Kim Cattrall.
5: Who is the Canadian singer that signed their first record deal, worth $2 million at the age of 16?
Avril Lavigne.
6: What was the blockbuster trilogy starring Canadian-born Actor Michael J. Fox that first hit our screens in 1985 called?
Back to the Future.
7: At the age of 27, which Canadian-born pop star was reportedly worth a staggering $285 million?
Justin Bieber.
8: How long did Canadian actor, director, screenwriter, comedian, and producer, Mike Myers, perform on Saturday Night Live?
6 years, from 1989 to 1995.
9: Which Baywatch babe was born in Canada in 1967?
Pamela Anderson.
10: Which cast member of F.R.I.E.N.D.S was born in Massachusetts yet raised by their Canadian-born Mother in Ottawa?
Matthew Perry.
11: What is the name of the Canadian author, born 1874, who was the 1st Canadian female named a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts?
Lucy Maud Montgomery.
12: Who was named 'Canada Soccer's Men's Player of the year' in 2020?
Alphonso Davies.

Canada Facts and Stats Trivia Questions

Canada Facts and Stats Trivia Image

How many, and what percentage? 

If you’re good at guessing numbers or indeed retaining some facts and stats you’ve learned about Canada, then now is your time to shine! 

This is a small section, yet bursting with information regarding the mathematics behind this majestic country. 

Let’s see how many facts and stats about Canada you know.

1: How many National Historic Sites does Canada have?
2: Where do over 90% of Canadians live within 150 miles of?
The US border.
3: French is the official 1st language for what percentage of Canadians?
4: What percentage of the world's exports of maple syrup come from Canada?
5: Per Capita, what does Canada have more than any other country in the world?
Donut shops.
6: What percentage of Canadians can read and write?
Over 99%
7: During the Calgary Stampede, roughly how many pancakes are served?
Over 200,000.
8: How many hours does the average Canadian spend watching TV per week?
21 hours.
9: What percentage of Canada's population lives in cities?

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