54 Spain Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to our Spain trivia questions and answers quiz. This trivia will test your knowledge of Spain, its culture, history, celebrities, culture, food, and more. 

In this trivia, you will be able to find out how much you know about all things Spanish and test your friends and family too. 

There’s even a section purely for kids, so everyone can join in and play along. 

Ready to play Spain trivia?

Let’s go! 

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General Spain Trivia Questions & Answers

General Spain Trivia Questions & Answers Image

In the first section of our Spain trivia, you’ll find a range of questions; some easy, some fairly tricky, and some real brain teasers! 

From the where’s and the what’s to the whose and the whys, this section has it all.

Let’s begin! 

1: What is the Capital of Spain?
2: What is the currency of Spain?
3: 62% of Spaniards follow what religion?
4: If you were driving in Spain, what side of the road would you be on?
The right.
5: What is the most popular city for Tourists in Spain?
6: What does Spain produce the most in the world?
Olive oil.
7: What 2 colors make up the Spanish flag?
Red and yellow.
8: What is the only province of Spain to have permanently banned controversial bullfighting?
9: What is the nap called taken in the middle of the day by many Spaniards?
10: La Sagrada Familia is a world-famous Spanish cathedral not yet completed; for how long has it been under construction?
200 years - to date!
11: How tall does La Sagrada Familia stand in meters?
984 meters.
12: Pablo Picasso is one of Spain's most famous artists. What year was he born?

Spain History Trivia Questions & Answers

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Spain is a country enriched in history, with some modern-day customs remaining unchanged over thousands of years. 

If you’ve ever visited this European country, you’ll likely have found the scenery of Roman architecture, natural cliff tops, and man-made sculptures pretty breathtaking. 

The balance between olden times and the modern world is something the Spanish have perfected.

How well do you think you will do in this Spain history trivia? 

If you love history, you’ll hopefully do well; if you don’t, then you’ll definitely learn a thing or two! 

1: When did Spain officially become part of the Roman Empire?
206 B.C.
2: Roman Catholicism was established as the official state religion in 1492, which resulted in what 2 religions being expelled from the country?
Judaism and Muslim.
3: In the late 1500s, what did the Spanish Hapsburg become globally?
The most powerful monarchy in the world.
4: In World War 1, what position did the Spanish take?
A position of neutrality; and fought for no country.
5: Who did Franco write to on 19 June 1940, offering to join the war in exchange for help strengthening Spain's colonial empire?
Adolph Hitler.
6: Who was the first person to discover Spain and put it on the map?
Christopher Columbus in 1492.
7: In Roman times, what was Spain known as?
8: During what decade did the tourism boom begin in Spain?
9: In what year did the Spanish Armada occur?
10: Who lost the Spanish Armada?
11: Who was King Ataúlfo?
The first King of Spain.
12: Before the Euro, what was the official currency of Spain?
13: Seville Cathedral is the final burial place of which famed explorer?
Christopher Columbus.
14: What is an appropriate thing to still throw on the floor of bars in Spain today?
Toothpicks or napkins.
15: Starting in 1909, what is it tradition to do at midnight on New Year's Eve in Spain?
Eat 12 grapes.

Spain Celebrity Trivia Questions & Answers

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This section of our Spanish trivia quiz will focus on some of the most famous human Spanish exports.

From athletes to actors, here we will find the señors and señoras that have been (or are) household names on American soil. 


1: What is the name used by world-famous fashion designer Francisco Rabeneda Cuervo?
Paco Rabanne.
2: This soccer manager led Barcelona in 2008 and now manages the English team Manchester City.
Pep Guardiola.
3: Rafael Nadal is one of Spain's most famous athletes; what is his sport?
4: International movie star Antonio Banderas has a daughter with which famous American actress?
Melanie Griffiths.
5: What did Spanish beauty Penélope Cruz study for 9 years before launching a hugely successful acting career?
6: At the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards, who was named the 'Top Latin Artist of All Time'?
Enrique Inglesias.
7: Which famous Spanish chef founded the World Central Kitchen, a not-for-profit organization in the U.S. that provides food to those suffering after natural disasters.
José Ramón Andrés Puerta.
8: Which Spanish-born singer has been recognized as the 'most commercially successful continental European singer in the world'?
Julio Inglesias.
9: Spanish engineer, Isaac Peral, was the designer of the world's first what?
Fully operative military machine.
10: What is the reigning royal house of Spain?
The House of Borbón-Anjou, or simply House of Borbón.

Spanish Food Trivia Questions & Answers

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Fresh, wholesome, healthy, and plentiful, Spanish cuisine stands alone as one of the best diets in the world. 

But, how much do you know about Spanish food?

This Spanish food trivia section will look at how Spanish foods are grown, harvested, cooked, and enjoyed in Spain; and around the world.

Ready to begin?

1: What is the national dish of Spain?
2: Spain was the birthplace of chocolate as we know it today, but what did they do to remove the natural bitterness and make the taste more palatable?
Mix it with sugar.
3: In the 17th century, Spaniards used what instead of butter?
Pigs lard.
4: If you ordered a tortilla de patata, what would you be eating?
An omelet made with potatoes.
5: What meal is eaten between 8:30 pm and 11 pm in Spain?
6: What is eaten in Spain for the Christmas meal?
7: Spain is the 5th exporter of what to the U.S.?
8: 75% of the world's what comes from Spain?
9: Erizada is a three-day food festival in Spains Cadiz's La Vina neighborhood. On its 2nd day, what is traditionally eaten raw?
700 kilos of sea urchins.
10: What meat is eaten the most in Spain?

Spain Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids 

Spain Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids Image

Now it’s the kid’s turn! 

This part of our Spain trivia is especially for the younger members of the family. 

Here you will learn some fun Spanish facts and hugely exciting things about this beautiful country. 

Let’s go!

1: What is the national animal of Spain?
The bull.
2: In what direction is France from Spain?
3: How long would it take, by plane, to go from New York City to Spain's Capital, Madrid?
7 hours.
4: What European country sits to the west of Spain?
5: What is the traditional dance of Spain?
6: How do you say 'Hello' in Spanish?
7: What is the movie called, produced by Blue Sky Studios, that premiered in L.A. in 2017, featuring a pacifist bull?

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How well did you do with our Spain trivia quiz? 

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