59 December Trivia Questions and Answers 

December is a favorite month for many of us; It’s Christmas!! But, what else do we know about the calendar’s 12th month? Find out in our super-fun December trivia questions and answers! 

There’s no escaping the festivities of December, but it’s a month that has so much more than one day to celebrate. Around the world, December is a special time for many, and we’ll cover this in our trivia. 

We will also look at December in the media, December traditions, December throughout history, and celebrities born in December. 

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General December Trivia Questions and Answers

General December Trivia Image

To begin our December trivia, we will ask you general questions about this calendar month. This section has a mixture of easy, medium, and difficult questions, making it a great one to play with friends and family. 

If you’re looking for some December trivia as conversation starters this Christmas, this is the perfect section to learn a fact or 2. 

Why not jot down the following questions and answers? You could even print the page and play quiz host this Christmas! 

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1: If you were born in December, as well as Capricorn, what other star sign could you be?
2: On Christmas Day 2008, George Michael released a charity song that people could listen to on his website for free. What was the song called?
December Song.
3: Not always the 12th month, on the Roman calendar, what month was December?
4: Out of 10, how many adult Americans celebrate Christmas?
5: What percentage of American parents tell their children that Santa is real?
6: In addition to the Holly, what other flower represents December?
7: In what language is the month known as Diciembre?
8: What national day is it on 4 December?
National Cookie Day.
9: Which song, composed in 1857, was supposed to be a Thanksgiving song but is now traditionally sung around Christmas time?
Jingle Bells.
10: December starts on the same day of the week, every year, as what other month?10: December starts on the same day of the week, every year, as what other month?
September; it also ends on the same day of the week as April.
11: Christmas was banned in which country for 13 years?
12: What tends to do much better in December than any other month?
The stock market.

December 25th Trivia Questions and Answers

December 25th Trivia Image

Christmas is a time for family, celebrations, religious events, and of course, turkey and presents! 

In the second part of our December trivia, we will quiz you on various aspects of December 25th, Christmas day!

Here you will learn some interesting Christmas facts and test your knowledge on the 25th day of December. 

Think you know it all? Think again! 

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1: The National Retail Federation discovered that the average American consumer spends roughly how much on Christmas gifts and holiday items?
2: When did Santa begin to have a red suit?
During a 1930s advertising campaign for Coca-Cola!
3: According to Rotten Tomatoes, what is the no.1 Christmas movie of all time?
It's a Wonderful Life.
4: How many Rent-a-Santas are there estimated to be in the US?
5: How many million turkeys are eaten by Americans on Christmas day?
22 million (that's less than half the amount eaten on Thanksgiving!)
6: During the Christmas season, how much lego is purchased in America every hour?
1680 sets (one-sixth of US annual sales is purchased during December).
7: What is traditionally left out for Santa on Christmas Eve?
Milk and cookies.
8: Which well-loved Christmas movie saw a family go on vacation, accidentally leaving their son behind?
Home Alone.
9: The Official Charts have positioned what song as the 'number one best-selling Christmas song of all time'?
Band Aid 'Do they know it's Christmas,' released in 1984.
10: How many reindeer does Santa have?
9; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph.

Around the World in December Trivia Questions and Answers

Around the World in December Trivia Image

December is a time for celebrations and festivities in most countries around the world, but how do they differ? 

This part of our December trivia will look at how the month is celebrated around the world. 

It’s a great chance to see how various customs are around the planet, and to learn some interesting facts to share around your Christmas meal table this December. 

Here’s a look into how December is internationally.

There may be a few surprises here! 

1: Which country was Jesus born in on 25 December?
City of Bethlehem, Jerusalem.
2: Krampusnacht is similar to the naughty and nice list but way more sinister. Krampusnacht is native to which country?
3: What is the name of the Jewish 8-day December celebration?
4: What is Boxing Day known as in Ireland?
St. Stephens Day.
5: What drink do British children leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?
Liquor, usually a spirit such as Brandy or Whiskey; talk about DUI!
6: Ōmisoka is the second most important day in which Country? Bonus point if you know why!
Japan, Ōmisoka is New Year's Eve and held in high regard as the last day of the year. Their most important day is New Year's Day.
7: Especially important in Scandinavia, Santa Lucia is a December Christian feast day celebrating who?
Saint Lucy, a martyr seen as a figure of light in the darkest part of the year.

December in the Media Trivia Questions and Answers 

December in the Media Trivia Image

Is there anything better than a cozy night in, curled up watching a Christmas movie? 

Get your hot cocoa at the ready, and let this section of our December trivia leave you with a warm glow as we take a trip through some of the best movies, tv shows, songs, and books that relate to this calendar month. 

Can you almost taste the marshmallows?

Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie, and song they prefer to listen to over all other during the season. 

To find out how yours fare across the world, play this section of our December trivia!

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1: Who is the actor behind the character Elf in the movie of the same name?
Will Ferrell.
2: A Christmas Carol was first introduced as a novel in 1843; who is the author?
Charles Dickens.
3: How much is Mariah Carey reported to receive in royalties each year for her Christmas classic 'All I want for Christmas'?
$2.6 million.
4: What 1996 Christmas movie features Arnold Schwarzenegger as a lead character?
Jingle all the Way.
5: Mara Wilson is the child star in Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, but what is the name of the classic American Christmas movie (remake 1994 version) in which she played 6-year old Susan?
Miracle on 34th Street.
6: Who was dreaming of a white Christmas in 1942?
Bing Crosby.
7: 2020 Christmas movie 'Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey' is the first movie to have what?
People of color dominate all the lead roles.
8: What was the budget for the 2004 Christmas movie 'Polar Express'?
$165 million.
9: Results of a YouGov survey found that what is American adults' favorite carol song?
Silent Night.
10: How much did Home Alone make at the box office?
$476 million.
11: What did the other reindeer not let Rudolph do?
Join in any reindeer games.
12: What is the 1957 Dr. Seuss book about Christmas called?
How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

December History Trivia Questions and Answers

December History Trivia Image

Just like any other month, the December we know today is very different from how things used to be. 

Moreover, December is a month that has seen many revolutionary changes, and some of these will be noted in this part of our trivia. 

Want to know how December has been throughout history?

Play along to find out!

1: Which Beatles member was assassinated in the US on 8 December 1980?
John Lennon.
2: Who was arrested in December 1955 for refusing to give up their seat to a white man?
Rosa Parks.
3: What festive December day originated in the Middle Ages in the UK, where collection boxes that had been kept in churches were distributed among the poor?
Boxing Day.
4: During WW2, where was attacked by the Japanese on 7 December 1941?
Pearl Harbor.
5: Christopher Columbus discovered Haiti on 5 December; of what year?
6: Danish parliament granted Iceland its independence on 1 December of what year?
7: Which was the first American state to officially recognize Christmas? Extra point if you get the year!
Alabama in 1836.
8: What was the traditional Christmas gift for poor children during the Victorian era?
An orange.

Celebrities Born in December Trivia Questions and Answers

Celebrities Born in December Trivia Image

As a society today, we’re pretty celebrity-obsessed. Did you know 749 million people follow the Kardashians on social media? That’s more than the amount of Americans who follow Jesus (346 million). 

So, what better way to end our December trivia than with a celebrity-dedicated section?

From modern-day celebs, to those of times gone by; this part of our trivia will look at a few of our favorite celebs that have something to do with the calendar’s 12th month. 

Here you’ll discover some things about December-born celebrities you may not have known.

Let’s go!

1: Shawn Corey Carter is the birth name of which December-born influential rapper?
Jay Z.
2: Dick Van Dyke was born on 13 December of which year?
3: Born in Terrell, Texas, in December 1967, what is Eric Marlon Bishop better known as?
Jamie Foxx.
4: Which December-born female rapper had a critically acclaimed verse on Kanye West's track 'Monster'?
Nicki Minaj.
5: Irish singer Sinead O'Connor was born 8 December of what year; 1964, 1965, or 1966?
6: How many Golden Globes does December-born American hunk Brad Pitt have?
7: American singer, songwriter, and actress, Bette Midler was born on 1 December; was this 1940, 1945, or 1949?
8: How many records worldwide has December-born Christina Aguilera sold?
75 million.
9: Donald Trump welcomed a son on 31 December 1977; what is his name?
Donald Trump Jr, of course!
10: What was the name of the 2013 single by December-born John Legend that was a Billboard Hot 100 number-one hit?
All of me. 

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