38 Parks and Recs Trivia Questions and Answers 

Play our Parks and Recs trivia questions and answers to see how much of a super-fan you are of the show. If you love the series, then you’re sure to remember some of the most iconic scenes that made the nation laugh out loud during the 2000s. 

Often said to be a show people love or hate, there’s no disputing that Parks and Recs can raise a few smiles as it takes us through the lives of its lovable characters in mockumentary style. Some we love, some we love to hate, but all have their place in the show. 

In our Parks and Recs trivia, we will look at some of the greatest TV moments from the show. 

We will also look at its cast and crew, seasons and episodes, nominations and awards, and our favorite section of all: the blunders

Stay tuned if you want to learn a thing or 2!

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General Parks and Recs Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Parks and Recs Trivia Image

The first part of our Parks and Recs trivia will look at different aspects of the show, from its production to its reception. 

We will also look at some behind-the-scenes gossip and interesting facts about the show. 

On-air during the time of The Office and Modern Family, this mockumentary-style show wasn’t the first of its kind, but some things made it stand apart from other TV shows. 

We will look at these in this part of the Parks and Recs trivia. 

Ready to test your knowledge of the show and find out a few things?

Let’s play! 

1: In what year did Parks and Recs first hit our screens?
2: Can you name a real political figure to have a cameo in the show? (1 point per correct answer!)
Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain.
3: The show's producers are Greg Daniels and Michael Schur. What other hilarious comedy show did these guys produce?
The Office.
4: How many nominations did Parks and Recs have for a Primetime Emmy Award?
5: What is the town called where the show is set?
6: What score does the American review website, Rotten Tomatoes, give Parks and Recs?
7: In 2012, Times year-end lists issue named Parks and Recs as what?
The Number One TV Series of the Year.
8: Where was the show filmed?
9: What was the date of the final episode?
24 February 2015.

Seasons and Episodes Parks and Recs Trivia Questions and Answers 

Seasons and Episodes Parks and Recs Trivia Image

Running from 2009 to 2015, there are 125 episodes of Parks and Recs over the seasons. In addition, a special one-off show was aired 5-years later. Basically, there’s a lot to fit in in this part of our Parks and Recs trivia! 

Every fan has their favorite episode, but how many can you remember?

Find out how much you were taking in by completing this section of our Parks and Recs trivia. 

Good luck! 

1: How many seasons are there of Parks and Recs?
2: After the final season, when was the one-off special episode of the show aired?
30 April 2020.
3: In what season does Leslie begin to work as a City Councillor?
4: In season 6, episode 8, Leslie throws Ben a party with a theme; what is the theme?
The 90s.
5: During season 4's episode 'The Comeback Kid,' what Gloria Esafen song is played over and over?
'Get on Your Feet.
6: In what season did the cast and crew film their London hour-long episode?
6; fun fact, this was to coincide with Chis Pratt's movie shoot in the UK.
7: Season 3, Episode 2, sees the cast come down with what virus that grinds the workforce to a halt; Leslie aside!

Cast of Parks and Recs Trivia Questions and Answers

Cast of Parks and Recs Trivia Image

The cast of Parks and Recs is one made up of people most of us have had in our lives at some point; from the lovable rogues to the office gossip, the writers were spot on in deciphering a typical American workplace

Most fans have a favorite character or relationship, and we’ve all very much enjoyed watching Chris Pratt on our screens; thank you, Parks and Recs

In this section of our Parks and Recs trivia, we will look entirely at the show’s cast and maybe even reveal some information that you didn’t know before! 

Did you know one of the lead stars once lived on the streets? Another is now a multi-millionaire, thanks to the show. 

For all the inside goss, play this section of our trivia! 

1: During the final season, how much was Amy Poehler reportedly paid per episode?
2: Which actor was so good at physical comedy that the writers would frequently put 'does something physical' in the script, trusting them to create something great?
Chris Pratt.
3: Who has released an instructional DVD about canoe building and runs a woodworking business alongside their acting career?
Nick Offerman.
4: Before being cast as Ron Swanson, what role did Nick Offerman audition for?
Mark Brendanawicz.
5: Which actor made an uncredited appearance as Pawnees mayor in season 7?
Bill Murray.
6: Which actress's real-life pregnancy cut a season from 13 episodes to 6?
Amy Poehler.
7: Which 2 actors appeared on The West Wing?
Nick Offerman and Rob Lowe.
8: What was the name of Rashida Jones's character in The Office?
Karen Filippelli.
9: Which cast member used to be homeless and earn a living waiting tables?
Chris Pratt.

Match the Phrase Parks and Recs Trivia Questions and Answers

Match the Phrase Parks and Recs Trivia Image

There are many great shows on TV, but few have made us laugh quite as much as Parks and Recs. Between Donna and Tom’s ‘treat yo’ self.’ and Ron Swanson eating ALL the food at the breakfast table, some scenes were comedy gold. 

How many lines can you remember that had a direct line to your funny bone?

See how much you remember by playing the match the phrase section of our Parks and Recs trivia. 

Good luck! 

1: 'Every time you look at the moon, I, too, will be looking at a moon. Not the same one obviously,' was said by which character?
Andy Dwyer.
3: Ron Swanson declared that he was just going to stay angry because it did what to him?
Relaxed him.
4: Who was Ben talking to when he said: 'No, that is Buckingham Palace. Hogwarts is fictional. It is important to me you know this?'
Andy Dwyer.
6: Which character proclaimed that you have to work a little so that you can ball a lot?
Tom Haverford.
7: Who was Ben talking about when he said: 'My Brita filter is older than their relationship'?
April and Andy.
8: 'Do I look like I drink water?' was said by which character?
Donna Meagle.

Parks and Recs Blunders Trivia Questions and Answers 

Parks and Recs Blunders Trivia Questions and Answers Image

Blunders are one of the greatest things about TV shows; when things don’t go to plan, they can often be much funnier than the script ever intended. This is true for Parks and Recs, with many blunders actually kept in the show. 

Others made their way to video streaming sites only. 

But, we managed to round up our favorite blunders to add into this section of our trivia! 


1: In many scenes, what can be seen outside that simply would not be in Indiana?
Palm trees.
2: Leslie loves her waffles, so much so that the diner gift her a waffle machine on her retirement, but what is wrong with this?
The waffle maker they gift is circular, but the waffles made are square.
3: What is wrong with the layout of April and Andy's kitchen?
It changes. In some scenes, it is open plan, and in others, it is closed off.
4: Which character accidentally broke a light switch when throwing a briefcase on set?
Chris Pratt.
5: Who caused controversy by citing Amy Pohler as a p***k on The Late Late Show? (in jest, but boy, did the media love it!)
Rob Lowe.

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