45 Vampire Diaries Trivia Questions and Answers

If you loved Vampire Diaries, then you’ll love our Vampire Diaries trivia! It’s super fun to play and will reveal some surprising facts about the show that any true fan needs to know! 

Vampire Diaries hit our screens in 2009, with its pilot episode attracting more viewers than any other series on The CW network. This supernatural teen drama ran for 8-years and introduced us to some incredibly talented actors. 

Through Vampire Diaries, we learned that it was ok to fall in love with a 162-year old Vampire; age is just a number, right? 

But, what else did we learn? And, how much of it has been remembered?

Find out by playing our Vampire Diaries trivia!

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General Vampire Diaries Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Vampire Diaries Trivia Image

Vampire Diaries can be described as supernatural, horror, fantasy, and drama, with different appeals attracting a wide and varied range of viewers. 

Although the majority of the shows following were teenagers, it was also well-enjoyed by people of all ages, all over the world. 

In this bumper section of our Vampire Diaries trivia, we will look at some of the greatest parts of the show; the things we loved, the things we loved to hate, and all the things that contributed to making this show so awesome

To see how much you remember, and if you can call yourself a super-fan, see how many questions you get right! 

Let’s begin. 

1: How many episodes of the show are there in total?
2: And, how many seasons?
3: Where was the show based?
In the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia.
4: What happened to Elena Gilbert's parents?
They both died in a car crash.
5: Who completes the love triangle with Elena and Stefan Salvatore?
Stefan's brother, Damon.
6: Why does Stefan turn off his humanity and return to his old ways as a ripper?
To save Damon from a werewolf bite.
7: Where was the pilot episode filmed?
Vancouver, British Columbia.
8: Where was the rest of the show filmed?
Covington, Georgia.
9: What is the show's spin-off series called?
The Originals.
10: Only 3 seasons have received a rating of 100% on the American review website, Rotten Tomatoes. 1 point for each correct answer!
Season 2, season 5, and season 8.
11: Nina Dobrev plays the lead role of Elena. The actress has dual citizenship. Can you name both countries for 2 points?
Bulgaria and Canada.
12: What time slot did the show retain throughout the seasons?
8 pm.
13: The show was based on a book of the same name; what is the name of the book's author?
L. J. Smith.
14: Who is the famous spouse of Stefan's actor, Paul Wesley?
Torrey Joël DeVitto.

Guess the Character Vampire Diaries Trivia Questions and Answers 

Guess the Character Vampire Diaries Trivia Image

In this part of our Vampire Diaries trivia, you will have to guess the character behind the question. 

How much attention were you paying to each episode?

This section will find out! 

In this part of our trivia you will be asked about an episode of Vampire Diaries, and what a particular character did. 

We consider this to be an expert-level section!

Ready to give this a go?

Good luck! 

1: Who does Stefan go to Chicago to revive in Season 3, Episode 3?
Rebekah Mikaelson.
2: Who has to sacrifice Elena, a werewolf, and a vampire to become the first hybrid?
3: Who is shot and resurrected by Bonnie, causing the side effect of seeing dead ex-partners?
4: Which character stabs Elena in the episode: 'Homecoming'?
5: Who arrives for the first time on the premiere of season 2?
Mason Lockwood.
6: What did Stefan rip out of Enzo in episode 8 of season 3?
His heart.
7: The school for supernatural children is built with funding from which character?

Production of Vampire Diaries Trivia Questions and Answers 

Production of Vampire Diaries Trivia Image

A show’s production is often as dramatic as its script, and this is very much the case with Vampire Diaries. 

From how it came about to the trials and tribulations behind the scenes, the production of Vampire Diaries is certainly interesting. 

Here you will learn some fun facts about the show and some of the interesting events that went on when the cameras weren’t rolling

The whose, what’s, where’s, and when are all included in this part of our Vampire Diaries trivia. 

1: Initially, executive producer Kevin Williams wasn't interested in the show as he thought it too similar to which novel and TV series?
2: Why was the show shot in Georgia?
To take advantage of tax incentives.
3: How many times did Ian Somerhalder audition for the role of Damon?
4: The casting for which character took so long his appearance was significantly delayed?
5: Who did the network reportedly want for the role of Elena?
Ashlee Simpson.
6: Which American actress was offered the role of Rose but turned it down?
Sarah Michelle Gellar.
7: Who did executive producer Julia Clegg feel was too old for the part until she saw them read lines?
Paul Wesley.

Reception of Vampire Diaries Trivia Questions and Answers 

Reception of Vampire Diaries Trivia Image

By now, our Vampire Diaries trivia has covered the cast and crew, general knowledge of the show and its production. Now, it’s time to look at the reception of Vampire Diaries

Initially, receiving very mixed reviews from critics; ultimately, how well did it do in the media? 

Let’s find out in this part of our quiz. 

(A little guesswork may be needed here!)

1: Review website, Metacritic, sought the reviews of 31 critics to give the show a score of how many out of 100?
2: Which character was highly praised by The New York Times?
Elena Gilbert.
3: Which season had the most viewers?
4: In what year did the show's 1st spin-off series, The Originals, premier?
5: How many awards was the show nominated for?
6: And, how many awards did it win?

True Vampire Trivia Questions and Answers 

True Vampire Trivia Image

To truly understand the show, we have to truly understand the Vampire! In the last part of our Vampire Diaries trivia, we will be looking at the foundation for the show: vampires! 

Consider this a short history lesson that should help you to understand your favorite characters a little better. 

Fact, fiction, myth, or legend, there’s a lot of interesting information surrounding the mystery of the vampire. 

Feeling spooked yet? You soon might be!

Let’s start!

1: What does European Folklore define a vampire as?
An undead creature, with sinister intentions, visits loved ones and neighborhoods it knew when alive.
2: When did the vampire we know today first appear in publication?
1819, in the English novel 'The Vampyre.'
3: Bram Stoker introduced us to Dracula in 1897; where was Bram Stoker from?
Dublin; living less than a mile from Ireland's oldest graveyard; spooky!
4: What was discovered on a 700-year-old skeleton found in Bulgaria?
Its teeth were removed, and it had been stabbed through the chest with an iron pole; indications the townspeople wanted to ward off vampires.
5: How many people identify as a vampire in the US today?
6: Why is it said that vampires can't be caught on camera?
Because cameras are said to capture the soul of a person, and a vampire has no soul.
7: Where is the body of a 500-year-old supposed vampire on display?
In the town of Kamien, Poland. Discovered recently, there is a stake through the skeleton's leg (to prevent escape) and a rock in its mouth (to stop any bloodsucking), apparently.
8: What would happen if a non-vampire, aka human, drank a lot of blood?
They'd vomit and be quite unwell due to not having the right mechanisms to be able to digest blood.
9: What is the only way a vampire can enter a home?
By being invited in.
10: What has been found over many graves in northwest Europe?
Prehistoric stone monuments; said to prevent vampires from rising.
11: Chinese vampires are called ch'iang shih; what is the translation of this?

More Vampire Diaries Trivia – Video

Hopefully, our Vampire Diaries trivia didn’t suck the energy from you, and you’ll return again soon for more trivia fun!

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