45 Delaware Trivia Questions and Answers

Beyond its status as an original colony, do you know much more about this state of liberty and independence? Let’s find out in this Delaware trivia!

Less than a million people call Delaware home, and the state is one of the smallest in the country, so naturally, it can be a little underappreciated by the rest of the nation. 

However, Delaware is a truly remarkable state, with crystal clear beaches, open landscapes, and tax-free shopping galore, but what else is happening here? And what can visitors to the state expect?

Let’s find all this out and more as you play through the Delaware trivia rounds!

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General Delaware Trivia Questions and Answers

General Delaware Trivia Image

Welcome to the first Delaware trivia round! 

This is the big general knowledge section, with a whopping 20 questions all about Delaware. 

You will be quizzed on the state’s history, geography, culture, economy, monuments, and more.

Ready to find out how good your Delaware knowledge is?

Let’s go!

1: What is the capital of Delaware?
2: How many counties are there?
3: Which state sits to the north of Delaware?
4: What is the state motto?
Liberty and Independence.
5: People from which continent explored Delaware in the 16th century?
6: How many miles long is Delaware?
7: Is the Atlantic Ocean to the north, east, south, or west of the state?
8: How many businesses are registered in Delaware?
Over 1 million.
9: Which US President went to the University of Delaware in Newark?
Joe Biden.
10: What year did Delaware receive its first National Monument?
11: What is the largest city in Delaware?
12: What is the state's largest employer?
Government (State of Delaware).
13: What is the official Delaware State Flower?
Peach Blossom.
14: Delaware was one of how many colonies to participate in the American Revolution?
15: What is the state's official insect?
16: What is the traditional abbreviation of Delaware?
17: In what year did Delaware state become the first to ratify the Constitution of the United States?
18: What sport do the Delaware Black Foxes play?
Rugby League.
19: Delaware is one of how many states that do not have a sales tax?
20: What are the names of Delaware's counties?
Kent, New Castle, and Sussex.

History Delaware Trivia Questions and Answers

History Delaware Trivia Image

For a small state, there’s a large amount of history when it comes to Delaware; and most of it has been excellently documented, too! 

In this Delaware trivia round, you’ll learn a lot about the timeline of historical events that helped to shape this state and discover how innovative some movements really were. 

This is a short round but one bursting with interesting Delaware trivia facts to learn and impress your friends, tutors, or family with at your next gathering. 

So, grab a pen to jot some down, and let’s begin round 2!

1: In 1627, people from which country first settled in Delaware?
2: What monumental event happened on December 7, 1787?
Delaware became the first state.
3: Slavery was officially abolished in 1865, but in 1810, what percentage of African Americans were free in Delaware?
4: When Britain took over Delaware in 1664, what state did it become part of?
New York.
5: In what year was the first jury trial in Delaware? 1669, 1779, or 1889?
6: What did the University of Delaware invent on July 7, 1923?
Junior year abroad.
7: In what year did Delaware legalize same-sex marriage?

True or False Delaware Trivia Questions and Answers

True or False Delaware Trivia Image

Round 3 of this Delaware trivia is a quick-fire one, featuring 10 statements about the state for you to decide if they’re true or false. 

While you may not know the answers, there’s always going to be a 50% chance you get it right and a 100% chance you’ll learn a thing or two!

There are no tricks, and the answer will always be true or false

Ready to play?

Let’s go!

1: Delaware is also known as The Gem State.
False. It is known as the Diamond State.
2: This state is the nation's leading supplier of chemicals.
3: The ratio of chickens to people here is 100 to 1.
False. It is 200 to 1.
4: Delaware is the least populated state in the US.
False. Wyoming is the least populated state.
5: There are more registered businesses here than there are people.
6: Delaware's state bird is the sparrow.
False. It is the blue hen.
7: Horse racing is illegal in Delaware on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
8: Girls under the age of 8 only can be topless at Rehoboth Beach.
False. Girls must be under 6 years to be topless here. 
9: Delaware is home to First State National Historical Park.
10: Delaware is the smallest state in the US.
False. Rhode Island is the smallest state.

Interesting Facts Delaware Trivia Questions and Answers

Delaware facts trivia image

Ready to upgrade your Delaware trivia knowledge even more?

This is the round to do just that as you uncover 8 interesting facts about Delaware; some are truly fascinating!

Play on to discover what is faster in Delaware than anywhere else in the US and which Reggae superstar called the state home for more than a decade. 

Plus, find out what you absolutely cannot do as a law-abiding citizen visiting Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk!

Here we go!

1: What is faster here than anywhere else in the world, bar South Korea?
Internet speed.
2: Until 2003, what was it illegal to buy on a Sunday in Delaware?
3: How many standalone television stations are based solely in Delaware?
4: Which Reggae superstar lived in Delaware between 1965 and 1977?
Bob Marley.
5: Students in Wilmington once held the world record for building the world's largest tower out of what?
6: What is it illegal to do on benches at Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk?
Lie on, sleep, pretend to sleep, or occupy as a sleeping quarter.
7: What must not be happening in a nightclub for it to be permitted to sell alcohol?
8: According to the 2010 United States census, what percentage of Delaware residents were Asian American?

More Delaware Trivia – Video

I hope you enjoyed playing this Delaware trivia, and to see you again soon for more trivia fun!

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