201 Friends Trivia Questions and Answers (Ultimate Quiz)

This is the ultimate Friends trivia quiz with a whopping 201 Friends trivia questions that offer a nostalgic look back on the iconic series. This will truly test your level of fandom!

This is The One With The Friends Trivia Questions

(Hmmm, okay, I tried).

Could you BE the biggest fan of Friends?

Would you bet your apartment on becoming this Friends trivia winner? 

If you think you’re a die-hard fan of the show, these Friends trivia questions should be as simple as making an English trifle… 

Let’s see how much you know about Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey with the following 10 rounds of Friends trivia. 

Here we go!

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General Friends Trivia Questions and Answers

General Friends Trivia image

Friends has entertained generations of comedy fans with its relatable and hilarious content. 

Most of us can resonate with the trials, tribulations, and embarrassing moments of an awkward Chandler, geeky Ross, or quirky Phoebe

So too, have we experienced the cringy dates like Rachel and the terrible hair moments like Monica (remember the Bahamas?!)? 

And, if you’ve ever been the but of the joke, you’ve been a Joey!

The first set of Friends trivia questions are completely random; while they will include the main cast, there will also be questions about the show’s development, reception, and more. 

Let’s begin! 

1: On what date did the show premiere in the US?
September 22, 1994.
2: Which episode was the most-watched television episode of the 2000s?
The show's finale.
3: What is the name of the coffee shop the friends meet in regularly?
Central Perk.
4: Which character has an identical twin?
5: On what soap opera did Joey play Dr. Drake Ramoray?
Days of Our Lives.
6: Who are Jack and Judy Geller?
Ross and Monica's parents.
7: In episode 1 of season 4, why did Chandler pee on Monica?
She was stung by a jellyfish.
8: Why didn’t Phoebe attend Ross’s wedding to Emily?
She was heavily pregnant with triplets.
9: Who had an imaginary friend that was a Space cowboy?
10: What character did Brad Pitt play?
Will Colbert.
11: Who are David Crane and Marta Kauffman?
The show's creators.
12: What question did Rachel and Monica get wrong that lost their apartment to the boys?
‘What is Chandler Bing's job?’
13: In their younger days, which character accidentally cut off Chandler's toe?
14: How many Primetime Emmy Awards nominations has the show received?
15: What layer does Rachel put in her trifle by accident when following a recipe in an English cookbook?
Beef sauteed with peas and onions.
16: What was the name of Ross’s pet white-headed capuchin monkey?
17: What is Phoebe's most iconic song?
Smelly Cat.
18: What was the name of Joey's agent?
19: What holiday does Chandler hate?
20: What is the band's name that sings the opening theme?
The Rembrandts.
21: What does Mike Hannigan change his name to in response to Phoebe becoming ‘Princess Consuela Bananahammock’?
Crap Bag.
22: Which character has 7 sisters?
23: Where did Ross and Rachel have their first date?
The planetarium.
24: What does Rachel's sister, Amy, decide she wants to become after spending time with baby Emma?
A baby stylist.
25: Who couldn’t tell the time until they were 13?
26: On what station did the show air?
27: What is the name of Ross’s actor?
David Schwimmer.
28: What was Friends working title?
Insomnia Cafe.
29: What season did Friends take the top rating spot?
30: Who did Anna Faris play?
31: Who was nicknamed Big Fat Goalie in high school?
32: What is the name of Phoebe Buffay’s actress?
Lisa Kudrow.
33: Which member of the British royal family appeared on the show?
Sarah Ferguson/Duchess of York.
34: Who appeared as a former sorority sister of Rachel and doubted her claims they kissed in high school?
Winona Ryder.
35: Which Sex and the City actress played Joey's love interest, Erin?
Kristin Davis.
36: What names were given to the second chick and duck?
Chick Jr and Duck Jr.
37: What occupation did Joey's dad expect him to have?
38: Who is the richest of the group, having saved their salary for 6 years?
39: Whose cameo won them an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy in 2003?
Christina Applegate.
40: What vehicle did Phoebe regularly drive?
Her late Grandma's yellow cab.
41: Who has a secretly messy closet?
42: What does Phoebe try to do to impress Mike's parents?
Eat meat.
43: What does Mike do to try to impress Phoebe?
Play the air keyboard!
44: Who did Bruce Willis’s character, Paul Stevens, date?
45: What is Joey's Subway order?
Meatball sub.
46: How many episodes of the show have there been?
47: Who hosted Friends: The Reunion?
James Corden.
48: What was the name of Carol's partner after Ross?
49: Who played Rachel's younger sister, Jill?
Reece Witherspoon.
50: Why did Ross and Monica's parents hate Chandler?
Ross blamed him for smoking marijuana in college.
51: What song did Monica sing at Mike's karaoke bar?
Delta Dawn.
52: In what year did the show win the Outstanding Comedy Series award?
53: What was the title of the follow on series?
54: Whose childhood dog was called Chi-Chi?
Ross and Monica.
55: Who does Charlie Sheen's character, Ryan, date?
56: By season 10, how much were the leading cast members earning per episode?
$1 million.
57: Who was pregnant in the final season in real life?
Courtney Cox.
58: Who did James Michael Tyler play?
59: Who had a stuffed penguin called Hugsy?
60: Name the actress who plays Ross’s second wife, Emily. 
Helen Baxendale.

Best Monica Moments in Friends Trivia Questions and Answers

Best Monica Moments in Friends Trivia Image

Monica Bing Nee Geller is the group’s mother hen and is a highly competitive, bossy perfectionist

Overweight as a child, Monica loved food (even the decorative macaroni on her jewelry box wasn’t safe!), and this developed into her becoming a chef in adult life. 

As well as wanting to feed people, Monica also wanted love, and we saw a few disastrous relationships occur throughout the seasons before her settling down with long-term friend Chandler

The next batch of Friends trivia questions are about Monica, so let’s see how much you know about this neurotic, caring, and witty character! 

1: What is the full name of Monica's actress?
Courteney Cox.
2: In what episode does Monica say to the group: ‘And remember, if I am harsh with you, it’s only because you’re doing it wrong?
Season 10’s ‘The One With Rachel's Going Away Party.’
3: When did Monica first meet Chandler?
Thanksgiving 1987.
4: From what role does Phoebe fire Monica?
Pheobes wedding planner.
5: In ‘The One With The Embryos,’ we discover that Monica organizes her towels into how many different categories?
6: Season 3s longest-running boyfriend is billionaire Pete Becker. How did he make his money?
From designing a widely-used software.
7: What is Monica wearing when she tells Chandler she loves him for the first time?
A turkey on her head.
8: What do the gang find Monica doing when they want to mistakenly inform her that Chandler is having an affair?
Vacuuming her vacuum with a smaller vacuum.
9: In what city do things become romantic between Monica and Chandler?
10: In Season 4, episode 20, what was Monica wearing while doing the dishes?
Emily’s wedding dress.
11: What did Monica's parents spend her wedding fund on?
Their beach house.
12: Who has been Monica's friend since the age of 6?
13: To help save Kathy and Chandler's relationship, Monica details how to satisfy a woman, complete with a drawing. How many erogenous zones does she tell him to navigate?

Best Rachel Moments in Friends Trivia Questions and Answers

Best Rachel Moments in Friends Trivia Image

Rachel Green was one of three girls born to wealthy parents. 

She led a sheltered and spoiled upbringing, resulting in adult life in NYC being somewhat challenging! 

Rachel is a fashion enthusiast, a hopeless romantic, and the owner of the 90s hairstyle. 

The following Friends trivia questions are all about this truly iconic character. 

Let’s go!

1: How old was Jennifer Anniston when she first played Rachel?
2: What is the name of Rachel's fiance she jilted at the altar in the pilot episode?
Barry Farber.
3: What did Rachel wittingly reply to Chandler when he said, ‘when you were dating Ross, did it bother you when he flirted with other women.’?
‘Erm, no, it bothered me when he slept with other women.’
4: Which Bloomingdale’s client did Rachel date in season 1?
Joshua Bergin.
5: What had Rachel's New Year's resolution been when she discovered that Monica and Chandler were in a secret relationship?
Not to gossip.
6: When Rachel temporarily moves in with Phoebe, she furnishes the apartment with items from which chain store?
Pottery Barn.
7: What club did Rachel learn Ross was a member of in high school?
‘I Hate Rachel Green Club.’
8: Who does Rachel break up with on her 30th Birthday?
Her younger assistant, Tag.
9: What does the gang walk in to find Rachel singing to a baby Emma?
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot.
10: In what season does Rachel briefly date Joey?
11: Rachel buys herself an expensive pet cat called Mrs. Whiskerson in season 5. What breed is this cat?
12: Who does Rachel agree to marry when they appear to propose just after the birth of Emma?
13: Before agreeing to get back together with Ross, Rachel writes him a letter he must read. How many pages long is this letter?
18 pages (FRONT AND BACK!)
14: Where do Rachel and Ross get married in season 5?
Las Vegas.
15: In the final episode, Rachel gives up her dream job to be with Ross in America. Where was this job?
Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Best Phoebe Moments in Friends Trivia Questions

Best Phoebe Moments in Friends Trivia Image

Known for her bohemian lifestyle and questionable guitar playing, Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan is a character nobody could dislike. 

She is selfless and genuine, and even her alter ego – Regina Phalange – dances to the beat of her own drum. 

Over the seasons, we saw Phoebe love and lose, boyfriends, family members, and even triplets, but there were few episodes where we didn’t see her smile or make someone else smile

Her good nature and strong spirit kept her safe when living on the streets of NYC and when trying to navigate life as a self-taught guitar-playing busker (ah, those dulcet tones!)

Answer the following Friends trivia questions about Phoebe to remember how awesome she was. 

1: Besides being a musician, what other occupation does Phoebe have?
2: What is the name of the Scientist Phoebe dates before he moves to Minsk?
3: What is the name of Phoebe's twin?
4: When Phoebe was 14, who did she mug?
5: What did Phoebe find in her can of soda that resulted in a $7,000 compensation payout?
A thumb.
6: What was the occupation of Phoebe's season 5 love interest, Gary?
Police officer.
7: When Monica finds work cheffing at a top restaurant, Phoebe begins to busk outside. Monica asks her to leave; what does Phoebe sing in response (while not going)?
‘The food here at Javu's will kill you!’
8: In one of the most watched bloopers online, what instrument is Phoebe ‘singing’ along to that has Jennifer Anniston nearly break character as she cannot contain her laughter?
9: When Phoebe talks to a Casting Director on Joey's behalf, how does she describe a clueless Joey?
As a little retarded.’
10: Phoebe tries to get tickets to see who in concert by pretending to be Ben Geller's mom?
11: When Rachel was on the plane to leave for Paris, Phoebe called her to say something was wrong with the plane. What was the supposed issue?
A problem with the left phalange.
12: What did the audience have to do if they wanted to receive emails about upcoming shows of Phoebes?
Give her money so she can buy a computer.
13: What are the names of the triplets Phoebe carried for her brother and his wife?
Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie, and Chandler.
14: At Rachel's workplace, who did Phoebe think Kenny the Copy Guy was?
Ralph Lauren.
15: Of what did Phoebe create a 3-dimensional picture?
A woman named Gladys.

Best Chandler Moments in Friends Trivia Questions

Best Chandler Moments in Friends Trivia Image

Chandler hates his job, his family, his childhood, and Thanksgiving. He has terrible luck in relationships and funds the lifestyle and dreams of his long-term roommate and best friend, Joey. 

Noted for his sarcastic and witty sense of humor, Chandler is a more low-key member of the gang, but his dance moves are certainly ‘out there!’

Could there BE a better selection of Friends trivia questions about Chandler than those below?

I think not…

1: What is Chandler's middle name?
2: In season 9, Chandler finally gives up the job he hates. What new role does he begin?
Junior Copywriter.
3: Why does Chandler hate Thanksgiving?
It was Thanksgiving night when he was told his parents were divorcing and his father was running off with the houseboy.
4: What type of shoes was Chandler wearing in 1988 when Monica accidentally dropped a knife on his foot, resulting in toe loss!
5: What is the full name of Chandler's early, loud, oh-my-god-saying girlfriend?
Janice Litman-Goralnik (née Rosenstein, previously Litman).
6: Which Hollywood actress appeared in one episode as Susie Moss, an old school friend of Chandlers?
Julia Roberts.
7: In ‘The One Where Everybody Finds Out,’ who does Chandler try to seduce (at Monica's instruction) to throw her off the clues?
8: Chandler and Monica are shocked when they spot Ross practicing the bagpipes for their wedding. Monica says, ‘Unbelievable, why is your family Scottish?!’ What is Chandler's reply?
Why is your family Ross?!
9: What look-alike contest did Chandler appear in and win?
A Vanilla-ice look-alike contest.
10: Chandler has the last line in the whole show. What does he say when the group decides to go for one final cup of coffee?
Sure, where?
11: What present did he buy Kathy for her Birthday (but allowed Joey to give it to her)?
A first edition of her favorite book, The Velveteen Rabbit.
12: Why did Chandler agree to work in Tulsa?
He fell asleep during the meeting and didn’t know what he was agreeing to.
13: What was Chandler's job from season 1 to season 9?
Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration.
14: What does Phoebe offer Chandler $7,000 to never do again?
15: Who did Chandler give away at their wedding?

Best Ross Moments in Friends Trivia Questions

Best Ross Moments in Friends Trivia Image

From divorcing his first wife after she discovered she was a lesbian to someone eating his sandwich at work resulting in a mental breakdown, the years weren’t always kind to Ross. 

He had some beautiful on-screen moments with Rachel, yet his love life was a running joke within the group, and he was no stranger to marriage or divorce

With his nerdy personality and very awkward sense of humor, Ross is an endearing cast member we always rooted for – but how much of him can you remember right now?

Let’s bring the Ross memories back in this batch of Friends trivia questions!

1: Who was Ross’s best friend in college?
2: What is Ross’s best-known, and longest-running, occupation?
3: In season 1, Ross returns from a business trip to China with a new girlfriend. What is she called?
4: What made Ross’s Thanksgiving left-overs sandwich so special?
The moist maker.
5: What was the name of the comic book Ross designed as a teenager?
Science Boy.
6: In season 5, whose old apartment does Ross move into?
Ugly naked guy.
7: Who is Ross dating when Rachel is pregnant with Emma?
8: What holiday creature does Ross dress up as to educate his son Ben about Hanukkah?
Holiday Armadillo.
9: What dish does Ross serve up at his dinner party in the hope of normalizing the relationship between Rachel and Joey?
10: What item of furniture are Rachel and Chandler trying to navigate up the stairs as Ross helpfully shouts: ‘Pivot. Pivot. Pivot. PIVOT!’
11: How is Ross counting seconds in the tanning booth that results in him being sprayed twice as much as he wanted?
The Mississippi method!
12: What does Ross buy for his 30th Birthday?
A sleek MGM sports car.
13: Ross is so nervous that he does what when invited to guest lecture at NYU?
Fakes a British accent.
14: What does Ross buy (regrettably) for his date with Elizabeth Hornswoggle?
Tight leather pants!
15: How many times did Ross divorce?

Best Joey Moments in Friends Trivia Questions

Best Joey Moments in Friends Trivia Image

How you doin’?

With fierce loyalty to his friends and eyes you could lose yourself in, Joey Tribbiani was the heartthrob of the series. 

His balance of innocence and promiscuousness was excellently portrayed by Matt Le Blanc. 

With some side-splitting one-liners, laugh-out-loud scenes, and spine-tingling chat-up lines, let’s remember Joey in all his glory with the following Friends trivia questions. 

1: What is Joey's first acting job to be spoken about?
Wee One's production of Pinocchio.
2: Which female Friend had a crush on Joey when he first moved into Chandler's apartment?
3: In season 5, when his big Las Vegas break doesn’t happen, where does Joey work?
Caesars Palace as a gladiator.
4: What does Joey not share?
5: Because he used a thesaurus on every word of his reference for Chandler and Monica's adoption, how did Joey sign off the letter?
Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani.
6: Who is Joey talking to when he says, ‘when the package is this pretty, no one cares what’s inside.’?
7: Why didn’t Joey want to wear a bow tie to Monica's 30th Birthday party?
It hurt ‘his Joey's apple.
8: Joey met his ‘twin’ of a particular body part; what was this body part?
9: What did Joey name his barcalounger?
10: When Joey appears on print ads for the NYC Free Clinic, what do the posters say he has?
Venereal disease.
11: In seasons 6 and 7, Joey has a lead role in a cop show named Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. What is Joey's character's name?
Detective 'Mac' Machiavelli.
12: What movie poster is in Joey’s bedroom?
13: Joey spends 4 episodes trying to win back the affection of who?
Janine (Elle Macpherson)
14: In the ‘name the states’ game, how many states did Joey confidently announce he had?
15: Joey appeared in a Japanese commercial for Ichiban. What was this product?
Lipstick for men.

Ultimate Friends Trivia Questions

Ultimate Friends Trivia Image

You may be sad – or glad – to learn that this round is the penultimate batch of Friends trivia questions! 

We’ve done the general knowledge and the character-specific Friends trivia questions, but this round is designed to be much tougher.

You may even say, ‘could these questions BE any harder?

My answer would be, I doubt it! 

Let’s play! 

1: Who did Monica have her first kiss with?
Ross (accidentally).
2: Who died after Phoebe went to the dentist?
Her aunt Mary, John the Mailman, and Albino Bob.
3: Which actor was the last to join the show and initially was asked to sit out of the main cast photos because producers did not know if they would be kept?
Jennifer Anniston.
4: Who was Joey supposed to end up with (in the writer's plans)?
5: Which 2 actors pitched an ending to the producers where their characters were revealed to have been sleeping together throughout the series? The producers said no.
Matt Le Blanc and Lisa Kudrow.
6: Which character remained the same age for 3 years?
7: What is unusual about the characters' accents?
They live in New York, yet none have a New York accent!
8: What changes about the on-screen apartments?
Door numbers.
9: Which actor had just $11 to their name when auditioning for the show?
Matt Le Blanc.
10: Who was initially asked to play Rachel?
Courtney Cox.
11: Who wrote the Smelly Cat song?
Lisa Kudrow!
12: The artwork in what location changed every 3 episodes?
Central Perk.
13: Who was told by teachers in high school that their jokes and foolishness would get them nowhere in life?
Matthew Perry.
14: Which actors' entrance scenes had to be filmed without a live studio audience due to standing ovations making shots unusable?
Tom Selleck.
15: Who plays Rachel's sister Amy?
Christina Applegate.
16: Whose surname is seen spelled differently throughout the show?
Rachel Greens.
17: Which of Joey’s sisters does Chandler hook up with?
Mary Angela.
18: Who falls down an elevator shaft?
Dr. Drake Ramoray!
19: What movie does Rachel claim to be her favorite?
Dangerous Liaisons.
20: What is actually her favorite?
Weekend at Bernie's.

Quick-Fire Friends Trivia Questions

Quick-Fire Friends Trivia Image

You’ve made it to the very last lot of Friends trivia questions! 

This round is a little different, it’s much less wordy, and I recommend using a timer or trusting the first word that comes into your head as the answer.

Let’s really go with the ‘quick-fire’ here! 

Don’t ponder, don’t overthink, and trust your memories, gut, and brain as you answer the following 31 Friends trivia questions!

1: Name the owner of Central Perk.
2: Whose childhood dog was called Lapoo?
3: What color is Monica's apartment?
4: What sports table resides in the boys' apartment?
5: Who bleached their teeth neon white?
6: Who was the first to be an Aunt?6: Who was the first to be an Aunt?
7: Who dated a character called Charlie?
8: Who accidentally falls asleep cuddled together and discovers that they like it?
Joey and Ross.
9: Whose parents are called Theodora and Bitsy?
10: How many seasons of Friends are there?
11: What is the name of the student Ross dates?
12: Which actor plays Elizabeth's father?
Bruce Willis.
13: Who plays Phoebe’s boyfriend (and eventually husband) Mike?
Paul Rudd.
14: What do Chandler and Rachel eat off the floor?
15: What side dish does Chandler make for Thanksgiving?
Cranberry sauce.
16: Who owned Monica's apartment before her?
Her Grandma.
17: What was the name of Monica and Chandler's children's biological mom?
18: Who is in labor at the same time as Rachel?
19: In what year did the show come to an end?
20: What is the first line of the theme song?
‘So no one told you life was gonna be this way.’
21: What is the name of Ross and Rachel's male nanny?
22: What actor played the stripper at Phoebe's bachelorette party?
Danny DeVito.
23: What's the reason Ross gives for trying to kiss Rachel in High School?
He needed chapstick.
24: What color is the couch in Central Perk?
25: Where does the gang walk out of during the closing scene of the final episode?
Monica and Chandler's apartment. 
26: Name Rachel's boyfriend, who is too close with his sister.
27: Who is the first to know of Chandler and Monica's romantic relationship?
28: Which cast member did Pat the Dog belong to in real life?
Jennifer Anniston.
29: What book did Joey hide in the freezer?
The Shining.
30: What film character did Rachel dress up as to fulfill Ross’ fantasy?
Princess Leia.
31: What was the name of the man who lived under Monica?
Mr. Heckles.

More Friends Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

Now you’ve answered all of the trivia questions; I’m about to not be there for you! But, fear not, here’s a selection of further trivia challenges to keep you entertained:

Thank you for spending your time here today; I hope you felt it worthwhile now you’ve completed all 201 Friends trivia questions. Well done!

While the show may be off the air, I will certainly be back soon with brand new trivia games for you to enjoy.

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