51 Monkey Trivia Questions and Answers

If you’re just monkeying around and looking for a fun new way to spend your time, why not play this super-fun monkey trivia challenge?

Monkeys are a close relative of ours, but there’s so much about them that we’re still to learn. 

While this monkey trivia will certainly teach you a thing or two, who knows what science will reveal in years to come?

Get a head start with your monkey knowledge by taking on all 5 rounds of this monkey trivia!

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General Monkey Trivia Questions and Answers

General Monkey Trivia Image

Did you know that we share 96% DNA with monkey?

Whatever your standing on evolution is, it’s inarguable that we’re closely linked to the ape; yet there’s so much about this amazing animal we just don’t know!

The first round of my monkey trivia will test your general monkey knowledge and hopefully give you a new-found appreciation for them, too. 

Let’s get into the swing of things! 

1: How many species of monkeys are there?
2: Which type of monkey is around 2 feet long yet has the longest tail of all at 3 feet in length?
Spider Monkey.
3: Monkeys are classified as either New World or Old World Monkeys. Where will you find New World Monkeys?
Central and South America.
4: And, where will you find Old World Monkeys?
Asia and Africa.
5: Which country has more primates than any other country?
6: How many distinctive features are shared between primates?
7: How many monkey species are classified as 'vulnerable to extinction.'?
8: Monkeys, including apes, can be distinguished from other primates because they lack what?
Sensory whiskers.
9: If a monkey is 'arboreal,' what does this mean?
It lives in trees.
10: What enables monkeys to use tools, play games, and grasp branches?
Opposable thumbs.
11: What do monkeys have that apes do not?
A tail.
12: Out of over 260 species, how many types of monkeys are listed as being of 'least concern' for extinction?
13: What type of hygienic personal care does a female monkey teach her young?
To floss their teeth!
14: Which type of monkey has fangs longer than a lion?
15: Which iconic pop star had a pet monkey called Bubbles?
Michael Jackson.

Breeds of Monkey Trivia Questions and Answers

Breeds of Monkey Image

Monkeys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors

They are found all over the planet and can survive in the Sahara as well as in sub-zero-degree temperatures. 

Monkeys are said to be as intelligent as a young child; they have human emotions and feelings, yet there are distinct differences between the different breeds of monkey.

Play round 2 of this monkey trivia to learn some interesting facts about the various species. 

1: What is the largest species of monkey?
2: The first living creature in space was a monkey called Albert; what species was he?
Rhesus Monkey.
3: This monkey has long, golden orange fur, a bright blue face, and flattened short noses, which scientists believe have evolved to protect them from frostbite.
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey.
4: The fastest primate can sprint from 0 to 33 miles per hour in 3 seconds, with top speeds of 35 miles per hour. What is it called?
Common Patas Monkey.
5: What type of monkey is also known as the Snow Monkey?
Japanese Macaque.
6: What color is the Blue Monkey?
Gray and white.
7: Which human-nosed species was found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2007 and certified in 2012?
Lesula Monkey.
8: The world's smallest known monkey is around the size of a small banana (4-inches); what is this monkey called?
Pygmy Marmoset.
9: What is the one species of wild monkey found in Europe?
The Tailless Barbary Macaque.
10: Which type of monkey is the loudest (and loudest of all the land animals) with calls that can be heard up to 3 miles away?
Howler Monkey.

Famous Monkey Trivia Questions and Answers

Famous Monkey Trivia Image

Monkeys have been on TV almost as long as humans; commercials, shows, movies, and music videos, they’ve done it all, but how many of them can you remember?

What about the extra special monkeys who have made their mark on history; can you think of many of them?

Let’s stretch your knowledge further in this specialized famous monkey trivia round!

Ready, camera, action!

1: What was the name of Aladdin's monkey best friend in the Disney movie?
2: What species was Spike in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?
Capuchin Monkey.
3: The first monkeys to survive a space flight were Miss Able and Miss Baker in 1959; what species were they?
A Rhesus and a Squirrel Monkey.
4: What type of monkey was cloned by the Oregon National Primate Research Center?
Rhesus Macaque (Named Tetra).
5: Which animated TV series had a monkey sidekick named Mr. Teeny?
The Simpsons.
6: What was the name of the wise, old mandrill in Disney's Lion King?
7: Which long-running sitcom featured a Capuchin monkey named Marcel?
8: 15 monkeys made headline news in Japan for what reason in 2010?
They escaped a primate research institute by catapulting themselves over an electric fence.
9: What was 'Crystal the Monkey' named as in TV Guide Magazine's 2012 annual list?
'One of TV's highest-paid actors.'
10: Chimps were the longest-running characters in British commercials, with a 46-year history. What were they advertising?

Fascinating Facts about the Monkey Trivia Questions and Answers

Fascinating Facts about the Monkey Image

If you still want to learn more facts about this incredible species, then this monkey trivia round is one to pay great attention to!

Do you know which continent is the only on Earth to have no monkeys? Or, how White-faced Capuchin Monkeys say Hello?

Find out 16 fascinating monkey facts in the final round!

To determine if you’re as wise as the King of the Swingers, play to the very end of this monkey trivia!

Let’s go!

1: Which is the only continent to have no monkeys?
2: How are Patas monkey living groups divided?
By gender (males live with males, females with females).
3: In how many states is it illegal to own a monkey as a pet?
4: How do White-faced Capuchin Monkeys say hello?
By sticking their fingers up another's nose. Nice!
5: What monkey species have eyes that can see in the dark?
Owl Monkeys.
6: How can you tell if a Mandrill is excited?
The bright blue and red colors on their faces become brighter.
7: How deep underwater can a monkey go in search of food?
65.6 ft (20 m).
8: What percentage of Earth's primate species(excluding humans but including lemurs, gibbons, apes, and monkeys) are threatened with extinction?
9: According to an archaeological investigation of Capuchin monkey stone tool usage, how long has this species been using tools for?
Over 3,000 years.
10: How many Tonkin Snub-Nosed monkeys are in existence today?
11: Which species of monkey can be found bathing in the volcanic hot springs at Jigokudani Monkey Park in Yamanouchi?
Japanese Macaques.
12: Which is the rarest monkey?
The Hainan Gibbon.
13: How many monkeys are estimated to be living as pets in the US as of 2021?
14: True or false: Some Capuchin monkeys have outperformed adult humans in cognitive tests.
15: What about male Probosci's Monkeys is the most appealing to females?
A larger nose!
16: According to evolution, did humans evolve from monkeys?
No. However, we share a common ancestor that lived 25-30 million years ago!

More Monkey Trivia Fun – Video 

You’ve reached the end of this monkey trivia! How well did you do? If you want to take on another specific trivia challenge, here are some you may enjoy:

I hope my monkey trivia didn’t make you go bananas and that you enjoyed playing along. Thank you for staying with me till the end! 

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