45 Pokemon Trivia Questions and Answers 

If you think you genuinely have what it takes to catch them all, let’s see how well you handle all of the Pokemon trivia questions in this quiz! 

We will look at the fantastic universe of Pokemon, from its very creation to its evolution over the years; and everything else in between. 

Do you think you know all there is to know about Pokemon?

Let’s find out!

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General Pokemon Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Pokemon Trivia Image

Since the launch of Pokemon in the 1990s, it has developed into one of the most popular franchises worldwide.

From TV shows and movies to games and cards, there is little that Pokemon hasn’t conquered, and there are few people on the planet who aren’t familiar with this anime. 

The following Pokemon trivia questions will include some mind-blowing facts and interesting information and help you to discover how much you truly know about Pokemon and all it stands for! 

Let’s go!

1: Pokemon is an abbreviation of Poketto Monsutā. What does this mean in Japanese?
Pocket monsters.
2: What is the name of the creator of Pokemon?
Satoshi Tajiri.
3: How many cards have been sold by the Pokémon Trading Card Game?
43.2 billion.
4: What type of Pokemon is Pikachu?
5: What year was Pokemon created?
6: What does Zubat not have?
7: What is the English slogan for the franchise?
Gotta Catch Em All!
8: How many animated theatrical Pokemon films have there been?
9: Who is the main character in Pokemon?
10: Satoshi Tajiri came up with the idea of Pokemon as he wanted a game to link which console to another?
11: Who is the strongest Pokemon?
12: A Pokemon-themed version of which classic board game was released in August 2014?
13: Where is the dark secret held?
Lavender Town.
14: Who was the first Pokemon ever to be created?
15: What color is Poliwag?
16: With almost 69,000 votes, what is the most popular Pokemon according to a poll by The Pokemon Company?
17: What was the first Pokemon caught by Ash?
18: How many members are in the Squirtle Squad?
19: Pokemon is the only video game to appear on the front cover of which magazine?
20: What is the full name of Professor Sycamore?
Professor Augustine Sycamore.
21: Who was the first Pokemon in the Pokedex?
22: Which country briefly banned the TV series due to its advertising laws?
23: Which is the smallest Pokemon?
24: Who was the original mascot, before Pikachu, for the franchise?
25: Who is the Granddaughter of Professor Carolina?

Easy Pokemon Trivia Questions and Answers 

Easy Pokemon Trivia Image

If you’re late to the party and new to Pokemon, the amount of information out there can seem pretty overwhelming, but you may already know much more than you think! 

In this set of Pokemon trivia questions, I have run through the basics of the franchise, so you can determine how good your new-found skills are. 

Even if you’ve just been a human on planet earth after 1996, I bet you’ll manage to get some of these Pokemon trivia questions right!

Here we go!

1: What color is Pikachu?
2: Which is the most common type of Pokemon?
3: What is Arceus?
The God of all Pokemon.
4: How many Gym Badges must a trainer collect before challenging the Elite Four?
5: Who is the tallest Pokemon?
6: What do you catch on Pokemon Go?
7: What does Pikachu evolve into?
8: Where can you heal a Pokemon for free?
Pokemon center.
9: What does EXP stand for?
Experience Points.
10: What town is Ash from?
Pallet Town.

Hard Pokemon Trivia Questions and Answers 

Hard Pokemon Trivia Image

We now move on to the harder Pokemon trivia questions!

If you’ve found this trivia simple so far, things may be about to change, or it may be that you become crowned the absolute champion of Pokemon trivia questions. 

(Only die-hard fans need to apply here, as these are genuinely some of the trickiest questions relating to Pokemon that you will find on the internet!)

Fancy your chances?

Here we go!

1: Which is the only Pokemon that has the unique ability to devolve?
2: Who is #1 on the Pokedex?
3: What is Zapdos vulnerable to?
4: How heavy is Magikarp?
22 lb / 9.97 kg.
5: Which Pokemon can live 'in molten lava of 3,600 degrees'?
6: Which Pokemon had the beta name 'custard'?
7: Who is #100 on the Pokedex?
8: What attack is super effective against Squirtle?
9: Which Pokemon does Rattata evolve into?
10: How many Pokemon exist today? (2022)

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Thank you for dropping by and answering all of my Pokemon trivia questions. I hope you enjoyed this challenge and caught as many correct answers as possible!

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