35 Rabbit Trivia Questions and Answers 

This rabbit trivia is sure to blow your mind as we delve into the fun, exciting, and – at times – surprising world of this domestic and wild animal. 

If you’re a rabbit lover, someone hoping to own a rabbit, or just interested in broadening your general animal knowledge, this rabbit trivia is perfect for you! 

Find out some amazing rabbit facts, how to care for a pet rabbit, and the adventurous life of the wild rabbit, plus so much more, as you play. 

Are you ready to learn about rabbits or test how much rabbit intel you already have?

Let’s go! 

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General Rabbit Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Rabbit Trivia Image

The general knowledge round of my rabbit trivia is the largest and, I think, the most fun, too! 

If you already have an appreciation for this bouncy, fluffy creature, you may not be as surprised by some of the rabbit trivia facts you discover in the round.

If you’re not that knowledgeable about rabbits, prepare to be amazed

And, if you’re somewhere in the middle, then you should be able to showcase your knowledge and still find out something new as you burrow through the questions! 

Good luck! 

1: As of 2017, how many different breeds of domestic rabbits were there?
2: Until the 18th century, what was an adult rabbit known as?
3: What is a female rabbit called?
4: And, what is a male rabbit called?
5: What is the average lifespan of a wild rabbit?
2 years.
6: During what time period did people begin to keep rabbits as livestock?
The Middle Ages.
7: What color is the rabbit in Alice Through The Looking Glass?
8: What type of diet does a rabbit naturally have?
9: How old was the oldest living rabbit to enter The Guinness World Record Book?
10: How many degrees can a rabbit's ears turn?
270 degrees.
11: How many baby rabbits can one female produce per year?
12: According to superstition, what will carrying around a rabbit's foot bring?
Protection and good luck.
13: What is the conservation status of the wild rabbit?
Near threatened.
14: Are rabbits predators or prey?
15: In a study conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association, what percentage of households surveyed owned at least one rabbit?
16: What was the name of the rabbit in the Disney classic, Bambi?
17: What is the largest rabbit breed - this bunny can weigh around 5.8 kg (13 lbs)!
Flemish Giant Rabbit.

Pet Rabbit Trivia Questions and Answers 

Pet Rabbit Trivia Image

There is no exact data that reveals the precise number of pet rabbits in the US, but we know that they’re a common pet to have, with the estimated number being between 2 and 3 million. 

If you’ve ever owned a pet rabbit, you’ll know how comforting and fun this animal can be as a pet; they’re known to be loyal to their owners and bond extremely well. 

But, pet rabbits can take a lot of looking after, and it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

In this rabbit trivia round, you’ll discover exactly what it’s like to look after a pet rabbit, what’s involved, and some of the crazy and cute antics that are their way of communicating! 

Let’s play round 2! 

1: Pet rabbits can become depressed if kept alone. But, what is the best pair combination?
Neutered male and neutered female.
2: How long can a pet rabbit live for?
12 years - that's a long commitment!
3: What will a rabbit do when it is feeling afraid?
Clench its facial muscles.
4: What vegetable is high in sugar and shouldn't be fed regularly to a pet rabbit?
Carrots. Rabbits tend to avoid them in the wild.
5: What will you find in some domesticated rabbit breeds that you'd never see on a wild rabbit?
Floppy ears.
6: What part of a rabbit doesn't stop growing and can cause multiple health problems if not catered to?
7: What noise will a pet rabbit make when content?
8: What may you find a pet rabbit eating?
Its poop!
9: How far forward can a rabbit jump?
10 feet.

Wild Rabbit Trivia Questions and Answers 

Wild Rabbit Trivia Image

Evolution has changed and even wholly transformed some species, but this isn’t so for the rabbit. 

The rabbit and hare family, known as Leporidae, have remained pretty unchanged since the Eocene Epoch – which was around 40 million years ago

Although wild rabbits have declined hugely over recent years, there are still many around in certain areas, such as natural woodlands, meadows, and, of course, bunny island

Depending on where you live, hike, or go on vacation, you may have seen wild rabbits in their natural habitats, and they run free in 70 different countries worldwide. 

Let’s take a look at the world of the wild rabbit in this rabbit trivia round!

1: What color fur does a wild rabbit typically have?
2: What is the name of a rabbit's underground home?
3: What is a group of underground homes called?
4: What month does the breeding season start for wild rabbits?
5: What are the 3 leading causes of the decline in the wild rabbit population?
Disease, habitat loss, hunting.
6: What wild rabbit did English author Beatrix Potter write about in her novels?
Peter Rabbit.
7: What does the American Humane Society advise as the best action to take against wild rabbits eating garden plants?
Well constructed fencing.
8: How many times a day will a wild mother rabbit feed her babies?
Twice, morning and night.
9: How old are baby rabbits when they leave the nest?
3 weeks.

More Rabbit Trivia – Video Quiz 

And that brings this rabbit trivia to a close, but before you hop off, why not play another trivia game? Here are some you may like:

Thank you for playing this rabbit trivia. I hope you enjoyed it. If you’d like to follow up on any of the things you’ve learned, using the questions or answers as keywords should take you to the right place and avoid you falling down the rabbit hole!

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