41 Summer Trivia Questions and Answers 

‘Summertime, and the livins easy,’ – so the song goes, but can the same be said for our summer trivia? We sure hope not! 

In this summer trivia challenge, you will find 5 super-fun rounds that should allow every member of your party to shine. 

We have events and celebrations, landmark moments, summer facts, and of course, our big general knowledge round! 

You can play our summer trivia alone and be guaranteed to be the trivia king or queen regardless of your score, or you could play with friends to see who is the true summer trivia champion in your group. 

Ready to begin?

Let’s go! 

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General Summer Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Summer Trivia Image

Ice creams, hot dogs, swimming pools, fairs, beaches, and sun – there are so many things to cherish and enjoy about the summer season

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the days feel endless. And, as lovely as that can be, sometimes you may find yourself looking for a cool summer-themed activity – just like our summer trivia! 

See what we did there?!

Our summer trivia is packed with summer facts to fascinate and engage, so what are you waiting for? 

Let’s play!

Round 1, here we go:

1: How many summer months are there?
2: In what month does summer start in the northern hemisphere?
3: What vitamin do we get from the sun?
Vitamin D.
4: What is the most commonly purchased BBQ meat in the US during summer?
5: During August, corn and what other vegetable are bought in more quantity than during any other month?
6: In which two months are the summer Olympics held?
July and August.
7: What does SPF stand for?
Sun Protection Factor.
8: What are the 3 summer star signs?
Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.
9: Which iconic musical features the song 'Summer Nights'?
10: What is the highest summer temperature ever recorded in the US?
134°F (56.7°C), Death Valley, CA, July 10, 1913.
11: What is the most bought item in the US during summer?
12: What super cold and super sweet summer treat was invented in 1905?
13: In which state is it customary to celebrate summer solstice with a midnight baseball game?
14: Long Beach, WA, is the longest continuous beach in the US. How many miles long is it?
28 miles.
15: What event took place in 1816 that led to a year with no summer?
Mount Tambora erupted.
16: What is Aestivation?
Summer hibernation of animals.
17: Which country gives students 12 weeks off for summer?
18: According to a market research study, what is America's favorite ice cream flavor?
19: Liquid water turns to gas at hot temperatures. What is this process called?
20: If someone has hayfever, what are they allergic to?

Events and Celebrations in Summer Trivia Questions and Answers 

Events and Celebrations in Summer Trivia Image

The US is known for its buoyant spirit, and national pride is hugely important, with each region having its own traditions – especially over the summer. 

Some American summer events are universally adored and bring with them millions of tourists each year. 

But, it isn’t just America – around the northern hemisphere, during the summer months, there are numerous events and celebrations taking place, too. 

If you’re looking to schedule a long-distance road trip or even travel overseas this summer, this summer trivia round could offer you some great inspiration! 

Pen and paper at the ready if you want to jot some of these down! 

Here we go! 

1: On which public holiday will you find patriotic displays and family events organized throughout the country?
July 4.
2: Each July, there is a multi-genre entertainment event held in San Diego, where people dress in costumes and discover the latest in anime, manga, and animation; what is this celebrating?
3: The Summer Solstice is the most important day of the year at Stonehenge, which is a prehistoric stone monument. In which country is this situated?
4: Held between 29 August – 11 September, the US Open is one of the most important sporting championships in the world. Name the sport.
5: Alaska's Katmai National Park holds an annual summer contest to find the fattest of which species?
6: Broadcast on TV, Nathan's hot dog eating contest takes place each July 4; in which state?
New York.

Landmark Moments Summer Trivia Questions and Answers 

Landmark Moments Summer Trivia Image

Like every season, summer has had its share of landmark moments, and in this round of our summer trivia, we will take a look at just 7 of them. 

From the man with a dream to the man on the moon – this is a trivia section that includes some truly special and wholly unforgettable moments

Find out when unemployment benefit came into play in the US and when the zip code was invented, or showcase some of your American history knowledge!

Ready to take on round 3 of our summer trivia?

Here we go!

1: On August 14 of what year was the Social Security Bill signed to provide unemployment benefits in the US?
2: In July 1960, the 50th and final star was added to the American flag; what new state was this to represent?
3: What was introduced in the US on July 1, 1963?
Zip codes.
4: Which royals married on July 29, 1981?
Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.
5: Neil Armstrong's televised moon landing occurred on July 20, 1969. What famous line did he say?
'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.'
6: Guinness Book of World Records published for the first time on August 27, of which year?
7: On August 28 of what year did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. give his iconic 'I have a dream' speech?

Facts About Summer Trivia Questions and Answers 

Facts About Summer Trivia Image

Round 4 of our summer trivia will feature some interesting facts and surprising stats about the season. 

In this section, your memory, mathematical skills, common sense, and scientific knowledge will all be tested – among other things (namely, your patience with some questions!)

Try to retain these summer facts for your next BBQ or beach day – they’re excellent ice breakers for awkward meets and can be the perfect conversation starter to keep a party going. 

Let’s dive in! 

1: Two cities claim to be the homeland of the invention of the ice cream sandwich. Can you name them both for 2 points?
New York City and Pittsburgh.
2: Between May and September, how many hot dogs do Americans consume?
7 billion!
3: Which beach sport became official in 1986?
Beach Volleyball.
4: What type of dance will be introduced to the Olympics for the first time in 2024?
5: How much do we spend just on fireworks for the 4th of July?
$1 billion.
6: According to research from the University of Liege in Belgium, what happens to the brain during summer?
Brain activity peaks.
7: Record-breaking grillmaster Jan Greef of Columbus, Georgia, hosted the world's longest BBQ; how long was he grilling?
80 hours.
8: Is the birth rate higher or lower in summer?
Higher - the highest of all the seasons, in fact!

More Summer Trivia – Video

So, how well did you do with our summer trivia? If you’re up for another challenge, here are some you may enjoy:

Thank you for playing our summer trivia; we hope it brightened your day! 

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