37 Cocktail Trivia Questions and Answers 

Play our cocktail trivia questions quiz to find out all you need to know about cocktails! From the secret ingredients to the mixology trivia, let’s shake things up a little and have some fun with our cocktail trivia! 

If you are partial to the odd Margarita, then you’re in for a tasty treat with this trivia. Including all the famous cocktails, consider this an online master class in the world of cocktail making, where you will learn everything you need to know! 

Do you know what it takes to make a Long Island Iced Tea? Would finding the ingredients for a White Russian leave you dizzy? 

Could you tell a Cosmopolitan from a Pornstar Martini?

Let’s find out! 

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General Cocktail Trivia Questions and Answers

General Cocktail Trivia Image

Welcome to the very first part of our cocktail trivia! This is the place to learn all about this fruity world. 

Don’t rush off for a Pina Colada just yet; the fun is about to begin! 

When did cocktails first find their place in American bars? What is the most popular cocktail of all? How can a coffee be considered a cocktail?

Find all this out and more in our big general knowledge section.

Ready to play?

Let’s start! 

1: During what decade could Americans order 'mixed drinks in a bar?
2: What cocktail was the known favorite of President J. F Kennedy?
3: What cocktail contains the following 3 ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, lemon juice, and gin?
Tom Collins.
4: What is a mocktail?
A non-alcoholic cocktail-style drink.
5: What spirit is added to tomato juice to result in a Bloody Mary?
6: Olive juice is added to what cocktail to make it a 'dirty version'?
7: What would a traditional Moscow Mule be served in?
A copper mug.
8: Which spirit is the basis of a Salty Dog?
9: What is added to coffee to make it an Irish Coffee?
Irish Whiskey.
10: Which cocktail's literal definition is 'strained pineapple'?
Pina Colada.
11: Where does the Sidecar originate?
12: What is the most popular cocktail in the world?
Margarita, according to data from 115 countries.

History of the Cocktail Trivia Questions and Answers

History of the Cocktail Trivia Image

Why should you want to know about the history of cocktails? 

Well, it can lead to some great ice-breakers at the bar, it can give you a greater understanding of what you’re drinking and why, and it’s fun to know things! 

If you’re looking to host a cocktail evening, or have been invited for drinks, then passing this section of our cocktail trivia will ensure you’ll be the most knowledgeable one there.

Find out all about your favorite cocktail and some astounding facts about the evolution of cocktails in this part of our trivia. 

Ready to learn?

Note: Some guesswork may be required here!

Here we go! 

1: In what year did the word 'cocktail' first appear in print?
1803, with its definition following 3 years later.
2: How many cocktails recipes were there in Jerry Thomas's 1862 bartender's guide 'How to Mix Drinks'?
3: What term - that is now a worldwide household term - was coined in 1917 by a Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri?
Cocktail Party.
4: Which decade has seen the biggest decline in cocktail buying?
5: In what state would you find The Museum of the American Cocktail?
New Orleans, Louisiana.
6: Traditionally, cocktail ingredients included spirits, sugar, water, and what other ingredient?
7: What is considered to be the oldest cocktail in the world?
The Sazerac, which comes from New Orleans and contains just 4 ingredients ( rye whiskey, a sugar cube, Peychaud's Bitters, and anise liqueur).

Name the Cocktail Trivia Questions and Answers

Name the Cocktail Trivia Image

Ever ordered a cocktail and not really known what’s in it? 

You’re not alone! But this section of our Cocktail trivia is here to change all that!

Did you know that bartenders actually judge you on the cocktail you order? 

If you don’t want to appear old, steer clear of the Dirty Martinis, and to make sure you don’t look like a newcomer, it’s best to avoid a Long Island Iced Tea

If you order an Appletini (and you’re not J.D from Scrubs), then you’re considered outdated, and Sex on the Beach shows immaturity to the bartenders surveyed by Business Insider!

Who knew? Up your game, and show you know more than the bartenders may presume, by smashing our Name The Cocktail round! 

Find out exactly what’s in your favorite cocktail here!

1: What 5 ingredients make up a Gin Fizz?
Gin, soda, lemon, sugar, and egg.
2: What cocktail is made from white rum, lime juice, cane sugar, soda, and muddled mint?
3: Name the cocktail that contains: rye or Canadian whisky, sweet red vermouth, angostura bitters, and a garnish of Maraschino cherry?
4: What goes into an Old Fashioned?
Rye or Bourbon, single sugar cube, angostura bitters, ice, and an orange twist. 
5: Which cocktail mixes Sambuca and Baileys Irish Cream?
Slippery Nipple.
6: Cranberry juice and orange juice, mixed with vodka or peach schnapps, results in what popular cocktail?
Sex on the Beach.
7: What is the main ingredient of a Dark N Stormy?
Dark rum.
8: Name the cocktail that is made up of Brandy, sweetener, chopped fruit, and wine?
9: Vodka citron, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and fresh lime juice make up what trendy cocktail?
10: This cocktail is served in a highball glass and contains Blue Curacao, vodka, and lemonade.
Blue Lagoon.

Cocktails Around the World Trivia Questions and Answers 

Cocktails Around the World Trivia Image

There are different cocktail variants around the globe, and what you receive in New York could be pretty different from what you’d get in Naples! 

Some countries even have their own national cocktail, whereas, in others, you would struggle to be able even to find one. 

As with most things, there are geographical twists with cocktails. 

So, if you’re planning to travel the world, cocktail in hand, it’s best to be prepared for what that cocktail could contain country to country. 

Learn all about cocktails around the world in this part of our cocktail trivia. 

Salud! Cheers, big ears! Santé! Bottom’s up! 

1: Caipirinha is the national cocktail of which country?
2: What country is Pisco Sour the national drink of?
3: Where would you get a truly authentic tequila?
4: What spirit is entirely different if you were to buy an Irish or Scottle bottle?
5: Why was the Singapore Sling invented?
To disguise the fact women were drinking alcohol in Singapore.
6: What cocktail is the most popular online search in the US, Egypt, Russia, Chile, and Indonesia?
Pina Colada.
7: Gin and Tonics are a favorite of the Brits, ever since the 'Gin Craze' of the 1800s; however, gin doesn't originate from Britain. Can you name the country where gin comes from?
8: What would happen if you went to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, or Iran and asked for a cocktail?
You'd be out of luck, as alcohol is banned in these countries, as well as many others!

More Cocktail Trivia Games – Video

And this brings us to the end of our cocktail trivia. We hope you enjoyed this fruity quiz and maybe even learned a thing or 2 to impress people with at the bar. To play another trivia, right now, here’s a selection you may like:

So, next time you’re at the bar, and you see judgment as you order your cocktail, refer to our cocktail trivia and maybe pass on a fact or 2! 

Thanks for playing, and we hope to welcome you back soon!

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