40 Snake Trivia Questions and Answers 

Love or loathe them, there’s no disputing the fact that snakes are interesting and unique animals – but how good is your snake knowledge? Let’s put it to the test in this snake trivia challenge!

Snakes live on every single continent in the world, apart from one (we’ll get to this later!), and they come in all lengths, sizes, and colors. 

Many people are highly knowledgeable about snakes and keep them as pets; some are a little more cautious if they have been on the receiving end of venomous bites!

However well clued up you are about this species, playing this snake trivia will certainly upgrade your general animal knowledge. 

I hope you find something useful, entertaining, or just good bite-size pieces of snake info in this snake trivia!

Ready to play?

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General Snake Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Snake Image

There are thousands of snake breeds, and few countries that aren’t a natural home to some of them; they come in all lengths and colors and exhibit wildly different personalities and behaviors

Some snakes are shy and can be confidently called cute

Others are capable of killing a human, and then there are the really unique snakes that can fly!

Cold-blooded, but at times warm-hearted, round 1 of this snake trivia will take a somewhat in-depth look at the world of the snake, its history, evolution, behavior, and more. 

Let’s begin! 

1: How many species of snake are there?
2: How many of these are venomous?
3: And what percentage can kill or significantly wound a human?
7% (200).
4: What is the process called where a snake will shed its skin?
5: What is unique about the Python?
It incubates its eggs, whereas other breeds do not.
6: How many species of snake can fly?
7: Where do 70 species of snake live?
The ocean (Indian and Pacific).
8: Which continent has no naturally wild snakes?
9: How long ago can the oldest snake fossil found be dated?
Between 112 and 94 million years.
10: Where is the highest point on earth where you can find snakes residing?
Himalayan Mountains of Asia (16,000 feet (4,900 m)).
11: The Black Mamba is the fastest snake in the world. What is the fastest speed it has been recorded moving?
12.5 miles per hour.
12: How long can some breeds of snake go without eating?
1 year.
13: What is the longest snake in the world?
The Reticulated Python.
14: The highest-grossing actor of all time, Samuel L Jackson, played the lead role in which snake-related 2006 movie?
Snakes on a Plane.

Breeds of Snake Trivia Questions and Answers 

Breeds of Snake Image

Snakes are a diverse and global species, and while it’s difficult to know precisely how many breeds are out there, there are estimated to be well over 3,000. 

3,686 have been discovered and recorded, although this number is likely to change. 

Some snakes live in the ocean; some fly, and some live at an elevation of thousands of feet above sea level. 

Snakes live in jungles, meadows, swamps, trees, and under your basement! But how many could you identify?

This snake trivia round will find that out! 

Here we go! 

1: What breed of snake is only naturally found in the wetlands and grasslands of Sri Lanka?
Sri Lankan Pit Viper.
2: What colors make up the pattern for the stunning and endangered San Francisco Garter Snake?
Orange, turquoise, black, and coral.
3: Where is the Carpet Python native to?
4: Which breed do scientists believe to be the deadliest of them all and responsible for more human deaths than all other snake breeds combined?
Saw-scaled Viper.
5: Which snake's bite delivers enough neurotoxin to kill 20 people or 1 elephant?
King Cobra.
6: Which type of Python is arguably the most popular pet snake of all due to its even-temperament, docile nature, and 35-year captivity lifespan?
Ball Python.
7: Where does the Blood Python get its name from?
The brick-red blotches found in their patterns.

Famous Snake Trivia Questions and Answers 

Famous Snake Trivia Image

You’re unlikely ever to see a snake slithering along the red carpet, and in this snake trivia, famous relates primarily to fiction – although, there are a couple of notorious snakes included that have made their marks in the history books! 

How many famous fictional snakes can you think of right now?

There may be many more than you realized as we look at some snakes that have been invented for literature, music, comics, animation, TV, and video games

Let’s not forget those notable real-life snakes, too! 

Ready to play round 3 of my snake trivia?

Let’s go! 

1: What is the name of Harry Potter's Voldemort's giant python-viper hybrid?
2: The longest recorded snake in Guinness World Records is a Reticulated Python that was shot in Celebes, Indonesia, in 1912. How long was this snake?
10 meters (32 ft 9.5 in).
3: In The Loud House, what is Lana Loud's pet snake called?
El Diablo.
4: Kaa is a giant snake that features in which classic Disney movie?
The Jungle Book.
5: In The Bad Guys movie, Mr. Wolf's second-in-command and best friend is an Eastern Brown snake. What is his name?
Mr. Snake.
6: What is the name of Prince John's snake advisor and assistant in the 1973 Disney movie Robin Hood?
Sir Hiss.
7: Name the snake that is found in the following video games: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, and Donkey Kong Land 2?
Rattly the Rattlesnake.
8: There are 2 snakes in Sesame Street; can you name either of them?
Sammy or Sandy.
9: What breed of snake is Master Viper in the Dreamworks Animation, Kung Fu Panda?
A Green Tree Viper.
10: Medusa is a Reticulated Python owned by Full Moon Productions Inc in Missouri. She is said to be the longest snake ever in captivity. How long was she when measured in 2011?
7.67 meters (25 ft 2 in)
11: An 18-foot-long Burmese python was captured in Florida in June 2022. It was the heaviest ever to have been caught in this state. How much did it weigh?
215 lb / 97.5 kg.

True or False Snake Trivia Questions and Answers 

True or False Snake Image

For a species that has been around way longer than any human, they’re often misunderstood, and we’re still discovering new traits, behaviors, and information about snakes today. 

While scientists can’t seem to keep up with the number of snake species out there, we are becoming more clued up about the breeds that are documented

In this true or false snake trivia section, I hope to put some venomous snake rumors to bed and show you just how incredible this species really is. 

Each answer will be true or false, meaning there’s a 50% chance you’ll get every one right! 

Good luck!

1: Snakes are divided into 15 different families.
False. The correct answer is 30.
2: All snakes lay eggs.
False. Around 30% give birth to live young.
3: Snakes don't have eyelids.
4: Snakes don't smell with their nostrils.
True. They use their tongues!
5: Snakes rely fully on external heat or light sources to warm up.
6: Snakes have no ribs.
False. Snakes have hundreds of ribs, with 2 ribs attached to every vertebra.
7: All species of snakes are carnivores.
8: Snakes can eat prey 75% - 100% larger than their head.

More Snake Trivia – Video

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Thank you for playing this snake trivia today; I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even found a new admiration for this unique creature! See you again soon for more trivia fun! 

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