39 Book of Mormon Trivia Questions and Answers

The Book of Mormon is a religious text, focusing on the years 600 BC to AD 421, but how much of it do you think you can recite? Find out now with our Book of Mormon Trivia! 

This powerful, sacred book has captivated the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. 

Book of Mormon tells of the journey of ancient American prophets who recorded their teachings, prophecies, and experiences on golden plates.

Its stories of faith, sacrifice, and redemption continue to inspire and uplift individuals of all ages and backgrounds, making it a timeless masterpiece of literature and spirituality

So, are you ready to see just how much you know?

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General Book of Mormon Trivia Questions 

General Book of Mormon image

Let’s kick off this quiz by delving straight into a range of general trivia questions about the Book of Mormon

From its origins and historical context to its teachings and characters, this trivia is perfect for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of this sacred text

Whether you’re preparing for a church lesson or just looking for some fun facts to impress your friends, these questions are sure to challenge and entertain you. 

So, without further ado, let’s see how well you know the Book of Mormon!

Let us begin!

1: What year was the Book of Mormon first published?
2: How many books/sections are there in the Book of Mormon?
3: How many languages has the Book of Mormon been translated into?
4: What style of writing did Joseph Smith say the original manuscript was written in?
Reformed Egyptian.
5: What was the name of the angel who Joseph Smith believed had given him golden plates?
6: Which state was it said the golden plates had been buried for over a thousand years before being revealed to Joseph Smith?
New York.
7: What year did the church begin making live adaptations of the Book of Mormon for YouTube?
8: By 2020, how many copies of the Book of Mormon had been printed?
9: How many church editions of the Book of Mormon have there been?
10: How old was Joseph Smith when he was visited by the angel that led him to write the Book of Mormon?

Overview of Book of Mormon Trivia Questions 

Overview of Book of Mormon Trivia

It’s time for us to take a closer look at the story of the Book of Mormon.

The book’s narrative centers around the Nephites people and the Lamanites, who were descended from a family that left Jerusalem in 600 BC

Do you remember which group was known for its righteousness, and who were considerably more wicked?

Let’s find out with this second round of questions.

Good luck!

1: Who was the first prophet in the Book of Mormon?
2: Which country did Lehi and his followers travel to and establish a new civilisation?
3: Where does God warn Lehi about the fall of Jerusalem?
In a dream.
4: Who is Lehi’s oldest son? Lemuel, Laman, or Nephi?
5: What did King Benjamin build to teach his people the gospel?
A Tower.
6: What is the name of the wicked kind who had the prophet Abinadi killed?
7: Which of Lehi’s sons is chosen by God to lead the family? Lemuel, Laman, or Nephi?
8: Who wrote the title of liberty and fought to defend the liberty of his people?
Captain Moroni.
9: How many men were there in Helaman’s army?
10: What was the name of the Lamanite prophet who prophesied that Jesus Christ would be born?

The Musical Book of Mormon Trivia Questions

The Musical Book of Mormon Trivia

Most of us have heard about the controversial Book of Mormon Musical. But what’s it actually about?

The show tells the tale of a young nineteen-year-old who is full of optimism and hope, whose love for Jesus Christ takes him on a wild journey, introducing him to the darker sides of life. 

If you’ve seen the production, you’ll hopefully be able to ace this round.

So, are you ready to give it a go?

Let’s start!

1: What year did the musical Book of Mormon premier on Broadway?
2: In which Broadway theater did Book of Mormon premiere?
Eugene O’Neill Theatre.
3: What year did the Book of Mormon embark on its UK tour?
4: How many Tony awards did the musical win?
5: Where is Elder Kevin Price sent on his two-year mission?
6: Which city did the creators of the Book of Mormon Musical travel to, to conduct interviews with missionaries before they began writing?
Salt Lake City.
7: Which 2013 and 2019 Disney films did Robert Lopez co-write the songs for following his success with the Book of Mormon Musical?
Frozen and Frozen II.
8: Where does Elder Kevin Price pray to be sent to for his two-year mission?
Orlando, Florida.
9: Which three writers created the Book of Mormon musical?
Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone.

The Movie Book of Mormon Trivia Questions 

The Movie Book of Mormon

Film adaptations have taken the world by storm, with religious stories being no exception. 

There have been many tales from the Bible reimagined by Hollywood, including The Passion of the Christ, Noah, and David and Goliath, but only one true telling of the Book of Mormon.

The adventure drama flopped at the box office and didn’t score too highly on Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB either, but can you remember it? 

Let’s give it a go! 

1: What year was the film adaptation of the Book of Mormon released?
2: Who stars as Nephi in the movie?
Noah Dalton Danby.
3: What is the full title of the movie?
The Book of Mormon Movie, Volume 1: The Journey.
4: How many sons does patriarch Lehi have in the movie?
5: Which city did Lehi prophecies will be destroyed?
6: What item does Lehi send Nephi back to Jerusalem to collect?
Brass Plates.
7: Which state served as the filming location for the scenes set in the desert?
8: What film certificate guidance rating was given to the movie upon its DVD release?
9: Robert C. Bowden was responsible for the music in the movie. What official musical organization was he the director of from 1974 to 1999?
The Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus.
10: What item was digitally added to the DVD version of the movie, which was not included in the theatrical version?
The Boat taking the family to the promised land.

More Book of MormonTrivia Fun – Video Quiz

We hope you enjoyed the journey with our Book of Mormon Trivia! Has it encouraged you to explore Mormonism further? Why not continue the fun with another set of trivia questions?

Hopefully, this Book of Mormon trivia has given you lots to think about and has been as informative as it has been enjoyable. 

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