60 Catholic Trivia Questions and Answers

Whether you’re a practicing Catholic or a curious historian, our Catholic trivia questions are a fun challenge to try out!

Learning about faiths and their part in world history is a challenge, especially when it comes to a religion as big as the Catholic church.

Known for their ceremonies, Popes and priests, and practices of confession and communion, it’s a complex religion!

In our trivia quiz, we’ll examine all aspects of Catholicism, from beliefs to culture to patron saints.

Ready to give it a try?

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General Catholic Trivia Questions and Answers

General Catholic Trivia

Okay, let’s dive right in with 15 general questions all about Catholicism!

Catholicism is the biggest branch of Christianity

Known for its patron saints, liturgical calendar, and worship rituals, you may already have a pretty good idea of Catholicism.

But just how big is the Catholic religion? Which countries are known for Catholicism, and when did it first begin?

Let’s find out!

1. How many Roman Catholics are there in the world?
1.3 billion
2. What country has the most Catholics?
3. According to the Catholic church, when was it founded?
Around 30 AD
4. When did the Catholic church split from Christianity?
July 16, 1054
5. What is a Roman Catholic?
A Catholic who is a member of the Roman rite
6. Which continent has the highest Catholic population?
South America
7. What is the name given to the leader of the Catholic church?
The Pope
8. How many Popes have there been so far?
9. How many Catholic churches are there in the world?
Approximately 221,700
10. What does the word Catholic mean?
11. What is the name for the belief in God as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
The Trinity
12. How many items are there in the Vatican Museum?
Around 70,000
13. How many US presidents are/were practicing Catholics?
14. What jobs did Pope Francis have before he became a priest?
Bouncer, janitor, and chemist
15. Which Pope resigned in 2013?
Benedict XVI

Beliefs and Practises Trivia Questions and Answers

Beliefs and Practises Trivia

Catholicism is famous for its religious ceremonies and practices.

There are many Catholic churches in the world, all following guidance from the scriptures as well as tradition and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Combined, these three sources guide Catholic believers in their everyday lives. 

They also outline how the church should handle important ceremonies around birth, marriage, and death.

What is it like to be Catholic, and what exactly do they believe?

It’s time to give these questions a try!

1. How many sacraments does the Roman Catholic church have?
2. At what age can a believer undergo Confirmation?
Usually between the age of 7-16
3. According to the Bible, where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?
Mount Sinai
4. What does a Cardinal do in the Catholic church?
Helps to elect a new Pope
5. How many Testaments are there in the Bible?
6. When do Catholics celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?
7. Who is considered to be the mother of the church?
The Blessed Virgin Mary
8. How many beads are on a rosary?
9. How often do Catholics need to visit Confession?
At least once a year
10. When is the Age of Reason considered to begin in the Catholic church?
Age 7
11. What is the name of the belief that the bread and wine used in Communion become the body and blood of Jesus Christ?
12. How many apostles did Jesus have?
13. What is the name of the flat metal container used to carry the Communion?
14. When does the Catholic liturgical year start?
The first Sunday of Advent
15. What does the word 'Amen' mean?
So be it

History and Culture Trivia Questions and Answers

History and Culture Trivia

Of course, Catholicism has significantly impacted world history, involving everyone from Popes to Kings to Presidents.

The history of the Catholic church is fascinating (and sometimes violent) and full of surprising facts you may not know. 

For example, the Catholic church has a long-standing interest in scientific discoveries.

Think you know all about the history of Catholicism?

We’ll put you to the test with the following 15 questions!

1. Who was the first Roman Catholic US President?
John F. Kennedy
2. Where does the Pope live?
Vatican City
3. Who was the Catholic priest who first proposed the Big Bang Theory?
Monsignor Georges Lemaitre
4. Who is considered to be the first head of the Catholic Church?
St Peter
5. Does Vatican City have the highest or lowest crime rate in the world?
The highest!
6. What was the first book ever printed using the printing press?
The Catholic Bible
7. What is the name of the Roman Catholic leader who received the Nobel Prize for Peace?
Mother Teresa
8. Which Catholic priest formed the Knights of Columbus?
Father Michael J. McGivney
9. Which Pope was buried in a glass coffin in 1963?
Pope John XXIII
10. Which Pope has traveled the most?
Pope John Paul II
11. Who was the longest-reigning Pope?
Pius IX (who served 31 years!)
12. Who was the shortest reigning Pope?
Urban VII (who reigned for just 13 days!)
13. When did missionaries for the Catholic church first arrive in the US?
The 16th century
14. How many people were executed by the Catholic church as part of the Spanish Inquisition?
15. Which King famously broke from the Catholic church after marrying his wife?
King Henry VIII

Saints Trivia Questions and Answers

Saints Trivia

The Catholic religion is well known for its patron saints

Each saint is venerated in the church, and they are given causes, which believers then associate with that particular saint.

The process of becoming a saint is long and difficult, but everyone from missionaries, royalty, martyrs, and everyday folk can become a saint if they live an exemplary life.

Think you know your Mother Teresa from your St. Thérèse?

Try to answer the following 15 questions about Catholic saints!

1. How many Catholic saints are there?
More than 10,000
2. St. Phocas is the patron saint of …?
3. Who is the patron saint of students?
St. Thomas Aquinas
4. Who is considered to be the first Catholic saint?
St. Stephen
5. St. Felix is celebrated on January 14th, but what is he the patron saint of?
6. Who is the Queen of All Saints?
St. Mary
7. St. Augustine is one of the most famous saints, but what three things is he the patron saint of?
Brewers, printers, and theologians
8. Which was the first saint to experience Stigmata?
St. Francis of Assisi
9. What does St. Anthony of Padula do according to Catholic belief?
He can help find lost items!
10. Which saint was beheaded for refusing to stop marrying Christians?
St. Valentine
11. Who is the patron saint of murderers?
St. Julian
12. Who is the youngest saint in history?
St. Jacinta Marto
13. Who is the patron saint of wine?
St. Vincent
14. When do Catholics celebrate St. Valentine?
14th February
15. Which month of the year celebrates the most saints?

More Catholic Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

That’s a wrap on our Catholic Trivia quiz, but there are more fun quizzes to try before you go!

Thanks for giving our Catholic trivia questions a try. 

As you can see, the Catholic church has had a huge impact on global history; it’s a fascinating religion to study.

Hope to see you again for another quiz!

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