32 Gardening Trivia Questions and Answers

Get started on your green thumb journey today! Explore our gardening trivia and unlock the secrets to a beautiful and bountiful garden.

Whether you are looking to create a private oasis or want to embark on a community project, there’s more to gardening than just smelling the roses.

In this gardening trivia, we will explore some of the fantastic plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables you can grow at home, and maybe you’ll discover something new about your favorite ingredients.

Gardening is not only a fun and rewarding hobby, but it also offers numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. It is also the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and wildlife.

So put aside your gardening gloves, get yourself comfy, and let’s get going.

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General Gardening Trivia Questions 

General Gardening Trivia

If you have a passion for gardening, you know that there is always something new to learn.

No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, testing your knowledge with some general gardening trivia questions is an entertaining way to expand your understanding of plants and gardening techniques

This quiz will challenge your gardening expertise and may even introduce you to new and exciting ideas. 

So, get ready to dig deep and put your green thumb to the test with our general gardening trivia questions!

Let’s go!

1: What name is given to the art of cutting shrubs into shapes called?
2: What name is given to the task of removing or reducing parts of a plant?
3: What is the most popular fruit in the world?
4: What is the world's most expensive spice?
5: How heavy can a coco de mer seed be? The closest answer wins.
Thirty kilograms.
6: Which fruit supposedly hit Isaac Newton which led him to develop the law of gravity?
7: Which continent did broccoli originate from?
8: Who invented the lawnmower in 1830?
Edwin Budding.
9: What name is given to fruit and vegetables grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides?
10: What are the three essential elements of a Japanese Garden?
Stone, Water, and Plants.

Plants and Gardening Trivia Questions 

Plants and Gardening Trivia

There is an abundance of items you can grow in your garden and some that are better left to thrive in their natural surroundings.

This round is all about the plants we know and love, and some you may have not yet discovered.

So do you know your Golden Delicious from your Granny Smith? Have you yet to taste the sweet juice of a kiwano? And do you have any idea what an Oxalis Tuberosa is?

Let’s find out!

1: What is the largest flower in the world?
The rafflesia.
2:What is the world's fastest-growing plant?
3: What is the traditional name for a tomato?
Love Apple.
4:What vegetable is commonly known as ‘lady’s fingers’?
5: Which flower is traditionally used to symbolize love?
6:What is another name for an eggplant?
7: What flower does the spice saffron come from?
8: How many varieties of avocados are there? The closest answer wins.
9: What fruit is also known as an Alligator Pear?

World Famous Gardening Trivia Questions

World Famous Gardening Trivia

There’s no doubt thatthere are some incredible gardens around the world that are lovingly maintained and an absolute joy to explore.

Take a moment to reminisce about some of the gardens you have enjoyed. Who did you go with? What did you see? How did that garden make you feel?

This final round will hopefully provide you with some inspiration on new gardens to visit around the world.

Here we go!

1: Which country is famous for its tulips?
The Netherlands.
2: Which two kings have lived at Kew Palace, located in Kew Gardens?
George II and George III.
3: Which king created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
Nebuchadnezzar II.
4: How many acres is New York Botanical Garden?
5: In which Dutch town will you find Keukenhof? Also known as The Garden of Europe.
6: What year were the Gardens of Versailles opened?
7: How many fountains are in the Gardens of Versailles?
8: In what country will you find the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden?
9: How many types of plants are there in Brooklyn Botanical Garden? The closest answer wins.
10:Which garden is one of British Columbia's top tourist attractions?
The Butchart Gardens.
11:How many individual Gardens are there within Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania?
Forty Gardens.
12: Where will you find Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden?
Cape Town, South Africa.
13: In which city in Arizona will you find the Desert Botanical Garden?
Phoenix City.

More Gardening Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

Did you discover something new about the world of gardening, or did you prove your expertise in this relaxing hobby? Why not keep the fun going with another trivia?

We hope you have found this gardening trivia to be enjoyable, and it has inspired you to pull on those gardening gloves and explore the great outdoors. 

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