40 Beach Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you love all things beachy? Or maybe you’re planning a trip and looking for some inspiration? Try not to get crabby as we commence this happy-go-lucky beach trivia challenge!

Our world really is an incredible place filled with fascinating places to explore. 

From colossal mountains to vast oceans and deep canyons, our planet is a treasure trove of breathtaking natural wonders, and beaches are a great place to start that journey of discovery.

Majestic coastlines offer endless opportunities for adventure, and learning about the cultures and history of different beaches only adds to the excitement of visiting them someday.

So let’s make a start by unraveling some of the most wonderful beaches on earth.


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General Beach Trivia Questions 

General Beach Trivia

Shades, beachball, towel, and sunscreen at the ready as we head into the first round of our beach trivia!

This round has a mixture of random questions about beaches around the world, beach accessories, and a few fun facts you can learn along the way.

Have you ever thought about the origins of the first Sandcastle building competition or what a grain of sand is actually made up of? You will do after this! 

Shell we get started? 

1. According to the Guinness World Records, what is the name of the longest pleasure beach in the USA?
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.
2. What is the world's most common type of beach?
Sandy Beach.
3. From December 2022 to February 2023, how many whales washed up along America's East Coast?
4. Which country has the longest beach in the world?
5. On which beach did Rod Stewart play a record-breaking gig in 1994?
Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
6. Dueodde Beach is known to have the softest sand of any beach in the world. Which European country is it located in?
7. What are the four primary components of sand?
Silica, Alumina, Iron Oxide, and Calcium Oxide.
8. In what year did the first U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition take place?
9. Which city has the oldest active beach patrol in the United States, which was founded in 1891?
Atlantic City.
10. What does SPF stand for?
Sun Protection Factor.

Kids Beach Trivia Questions 

Kids Beach Trivia

There is nothing better as a kid than having sand between your toes, in your hair, and in your ice cream

This round has a pleasing mixture of educational questions and fun topics specifically designed to get little ones’ brains thinking. 

Even the youngest of quizzers might be able to get a few points here…it’s no surprise that within three-hundred-and-seventy-four episodes of Peppa Pig they’ve been to the beach a few times! 

Let’s paddle in! 

1. What is the name of the beach in the TV series Spongebob Squarepants?
Goo Lagoon.
2. What is the largest land crab?
Coconut crab.
3. What is the correct name for a Starfish?
A sea star.
4. What marine creature buries its eggs on the beach before returning to the sea?
Sea Turtle.
5. What name is given to the fold-out chair that people take to the beach?
6. What color bikini does Mummy Pig wear on beach days in Peppa Pig?
7. What is the name of the activity where you search or 'comb' the seashore looking for treasures?
8. What three flavors would you traditionally find in Neapolitan ice cream?
Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.
9. What is the name of the Australian animated TV series about four junior lifeguards called Pounce, Frizzy Bearheart, Neville, and Gemma?
Kangaroo Beach.
10. What color is the sand at Pfeiffer Beach in California?

Difficult World Beach Trivia Questions

Difficult World Beach Trivia

There are estimated to be around three-hundred-thousand beaches on our planet with four main types, sandy, rocky, frozen, and tropical.

There are also a huge number of beaches that don’t fit into any of those typical categories like Glass Beach in Fort Bragg California (Awesome California Trivia) or the volcanic Punalu’u Beach in Hawaii (Bonus Hawaii Trivia).

In this third section of our beach trivia, we are going to explore just a few of these unique beaches that you’ll absolutely want to Google afterward! 

Let’s explore. 

1. Which beach is famous for its unique pink sandy shores?
Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas.
2. Which Australian beach is famous for its sunset camel rides?
Cable Beach, Broome.
3. On what beach will you find bioluminescent plankton that has a blue glow in the dark?
Vaadhoo Island Beach, Maldives.
4. What is the most popular beach in Costa Rica for green sea turtle nesting?
Tortuguero Beach.
5. Which Balearic Island is known for its wild beach parties?
6. Which New Zealand coastline is thought to have the best black-sand surfing beaches?
7. What name is given to the famous parties held at Haad Rin Beach on Koh Phangan Island in Thailand?
Full moon parties.
8. Which California beach has the largest number of sea lions?
La Jolla Cove.
9. The Battle of Normandy took place over fifty miles of beach in 1944. Which beach saw the most casualties?
Omaha Beach.
10. In which Country are the Marietas Islands which are known for their hidden beaches?

Movie Beach Trivia Questions 

Movie Beach Trivia

Beaches have provided the perfect backdrop for movies since the dawn of Hollywood (More fun movie trivia!)!

There are so many iconic beach scenes in cinematic history, like the epic title scene in ‘Chariots of Fire’ and the visually stunning Egyptian Arabian Stallion galloping in ‘Black Stallion’.

Get ready to relive some of the most treasured, timeless, and beloved beach movies of all time.

Here we go!

1. Which island near Phuket Thailand was used for the beach scenes in the 2000 drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio 'The Beach'?
Phi Phi Island.
2. What 1978 musical’s opening scenes were shot at Leo Carillo State Beach in Malibu?
3. What does Charlton Heston discover on the beach at the end of 'Planet of the Apes'?
The Statue of Liberty.
4. Which legendary artist was the star of the 1961 beachy romantic musical Blue Hawaii?
Elvis Presley.
5. How long was Tom Hanks’s character Chuck Noland stranded on the island in 'Cast Away'?
Four years.
6. Who directed the 2021 Horror 'Old' about a beach that makes you age rapidly?
M. Night Shyamalan.
7. Which French Polynesian island do the characters travel to in the 2009 romantic comedy 'Couples Retreat'?
Bora Bora.
8. Which 'Big Bang Theory' actress played the role of young Cecilia Carol in the 1989 comedy 'Beaches' starring Bette Midler?
Mayim Bialik.
9. What English beach was used in both the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows films and has since become a tourist destination for fans of the film?
Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire.
10. What is the name of the most convenient and popular beach used by many LA productions and featured in movies such as Iron Man, Face Off, The Big Lebowski, and Malibu Crush?
Point Dume, Malibu.

More Beach Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

How was your beach knowledge? Did you sail through it or get lost at sea? Keep the fun going with another one of our fact-filled trivia challenges! 

We hope you found that to be an enjoyable way to pass the time, it might even have been the push you needed to book your next vacation! 

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