55 Japan Trivia Questions and Answers

This Japan trivia provides a great insight into what this country is all about; and will test even the natives of Japan with some particularly tough questions as the trivia progresses! 

At first glance, you may see Japan as a modern, westernized country full of neon skyscrapers in crowded cities. But, looking a little deeper, there’s a wealth of mountainous national parks, imperial palaces, shrines, and temples. 

Japan is a fascinating country with a beautiful contrast of traditional and modern; but how much do you know about it?

In my Japan trivia, I have included a range of questions that look at this beautiful country’s history, culture, diversity, and landscapes

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General Japan Trivia Questions and Answers

General Japan Trivia Image

How good is your Japan trivia knowledge?

Did you know that the Japanese people have a strong sense of traditions, education, and family, resulting in moralistic living and one of the lowest crime rates in the world?

Japan is also one of the world’s most literate countries, with education being the main priority for families from all walks of life. 

There’s a distinct contrast between traditional and modern, which is apparent in all phases of Japanese life, and there are few countries with a bigger range of diversity than Japan. 

Let’s look at some more interesting facts about Japan! 

1: What is the capital of Japan?
2: Japan is made up of islands. How many islands does Japan have in total?
3: What percentage of people living in Japan are aged 65 and older?
4: How many original castles still exist today from the Edo period of 1603 to 1868?
5: What is the currency in Japan?
Japanese Yen.
6: What is the population of Japan (2022)?
124 Million.
7: What is central on the flag of Japan?
Red circle.
8: What does the ancient Shinto religion say natural features such as mountains, waterfalls, and forests have?
Their own spirit or soul.
9: Japan is an island country that sits where in Asia? North, East, South, or West?
10: As of 2019, how many species of wildlife were native to Japan?
11: What percentage of Japan is covered in forests?
12: What is the largest Japanese island?
13: True or False: Japan has the world's lowest life expectancy.
False. It has the highest.
14: What is the highest mountain in Japan?
Mount Fuji.
15: What is Pokemon an abbreviation for in Japan?
Pocket Monsters.
16: Watermelons in what shape are grown by Japanese farmers for a more straightforward stack and store?
17: Which famous Japanese woman was married to The Beatles, John Lennon?
Yoko Ono.
18: Japan has the world's third-largest economy by nominal GDP. Which 2 countries are ahead?
USA and China.
19: Who was Jimmu Tennō?
The first emperor of Japan.
20: Are Soba noodles thick or thin?
21: What is the average life expectancy in Japan?
86 years.
22: How long would a flight from NYC take to Tokyo?
12.5 hours.
23: What is the Japanese art form of arranging flowers called?

History of Japan Trivia Questions and Answers

History of Japan Trivia Image

The first human dwellers of Japan have been traced to around 30,000 BCE (prehistoric times!)

This is a country that has seen tremendous development from mass poverty and famines to becoming one of the world’s most economically and technologically advanced societies in the world. 

In this Japan trivia round, you’ll be quizzed on how Japan managed to go from widespread poverty to being one of the most prosperous places to live. 

Let’s take a look back! 

1: Between the Yayoi period (300 BC and 250 AD), what type of farming led to the development of more intricate social orders and more extensive settlements in Japan?
2: What year did Tokyo become the capital of Japan?
3: What is the time period between 1192 and 1333 better known as?
Kamakura Period.
4: What event happened in 1923 that devastated Tokyo and Yokohama?
The Great Kanto Earthquake.
5: In c.538, what religion was introduced to Japan from China?
6: What year did Tokyo first host the Olympics?
7: In what year did Japan's 200+ year isolation from the rest of the world begin?
8: In 2013, what was added to the list of Unesco World Heritage sites?
Mount Fuji.

Culture and Customs of Japan Trivia Questions and Answers

Culture and Customs of Japan Image

Japanese culture and customs are based on a set of values that put a great emphasis on hard work and social harmony

Today, you will find a lot of westernized living in Japan, but some natives still work hard to preserve their heritage while always displaying humility and modesty

In this Japan trivia round, we will look at some of the oldest traditions and customs and what to expect as a visitor to Japan, too. 

Let’s go!

1: What is it customary to do when entering someone's house in Japan?
Remove your shoes.
2: The Gion Festival is the largest parade in Japan that started in 869. Why did this parade begin?
To appease the Gods during an epidemic.
3: Where is a ceremony held when a baby is born?
A Shinto shrine.
4: How should you return a favor in Japan?
Gift a box of candy.
5: Who is honored during The Obon Holiday?
Deceased loved ones.
6: What do some Japanese people do under Cherry trees in April?
It is customary to have picnics under cherry trees.
7: In Japan, what is a common etiquette social faux pas travelers make when traveling on a train?
Talking on the phone.
8: What is the traditional one-piece garment worn in Japan that emerged during the Heian Period (794 to 1185)?
9: What is the festival named that is dedicated to ancient warriors in Northern Japan?
Nebuta Festival.
10: What are the two dominant religions in Japan?
Shinto and Buddhism.

Fascinating Facts About Japan Trivia Questions and Answers

Fascinating Facts About Japan Image

With an extremely long documented timeline and being home to tens of millions of people, you would expect there to be a number of interesting facts about Japan. 

But, this Japan trivia round may still result in lots of new-found knowledge about this fascinating country and its remarkable people. 

Did you know how old the world’s oldest running company is; or what it does?

What 98% of all adoptees in Japan are?

Learn this and so much more as we play the final round of this Japan trivia!

Good luck! 

1: What type of fast food is eaten to celebrate Christmas in Japan?
2: What percentage of the world's animation-based entertainment does Japanese animated movies and TV shows (anime) account for?
3: Kono Gumi is the oldest company in the world. It specializes in constructing shrines and temples, but when was it established?
4: How many active volcanoes are there in Japan?
5: How much did the world's most expensive tuna sell for at a Tokyo fish market in 2019?
US$3.1 million.
6: Japanese trains are among the world's most punctual. How long is their average delay?
18 seconds!
7: What percentage of Jamaica's annual coffee production is exported to Japan?
8: By weight, how much fish is consumed annually in Japan?
17 million tons.
9: What - relating to teeth - is commonly considered attractive in Japan?
Crooked teeth.
10: What type of poetry was invented in Japan?
11: How many people pass through Tokyo's main train station, Shinjuku station, daily?
Over 2 million.
12: What are 90% of all cell phones that are made in Japan?
13: 98% of adoptions in Japan are of what age and gender?
Adult male (for business reasons).
14: Masabumi Hosono was the only Japanese national to survive the Titanic. What was he called by his country?
A coward.

More Japan Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

Thank you for playing this Japan trivia; I hope you enjoyed learning some new facts about Japan! 

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