47 Elephant Trivia Questions and Answers 

Do you want to try and answer some super-fun, insightful, and highly interesting elephant trivia questions? If so, you’re in the right place! 

Elephants are instantly recognized globally by their tusks, trunks, ears, and gigantic size – as the largest land animal on earth, elephants can weigh up to 6 tonnes! But, there’s so much more to this majestic creature than its size. 

Sociable, nurturing, and empathetic, elephants live alongside their relatives in large groups across Africa and Asia, but with shrinking habitats, we now have 50% fewer elephants than we did in 1979. 

On the threat of extinction and many with lives filled with cruelty, it’s time to look at some elephant trivia questions to simply remind ourselves how remarkable these animals are – and how important it is we try to protect them! 

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General Elephant Trivia Questions and Answers

General Elephant Trivia Image

In the first round of the game, there are 18 general elephant trivia questions, ranging from easy to more challenging. 

Hopefully, this bumper round will teach you a few things about elephants and allow you to see just how special they are. 

Or, it’ll be the round where your super elephant general knowledge will be able to shine! 

Let’s begin! 

1: Which elephant has the largest ears: African or Asian?
African; their ears are 3 times larger than Asian elephants.
2: What killed the only elephant living in Berlin zoo on August 26, 1940?
The first RAF bomb dropped on Germany.
3: For how long will an elephant typically be pregnant?
22 months.
4: The Savanna elephant and the Bush elephant are two genetically different species of which type of elephant? African or Asian.
5: Elephants are the only mammal that cannot do what?
6: How many distinct physical differences exist between African and Asian elephants?
7: What extinct creature was also part of the Elephantidae family?
Wooly Mammoth.
8: Are elephant herds led by males or females?
Females, with males often living in isolation.
9: How many hours a day does an elephant spend eating?
10: How many natural predators does a healthy adult elephant have?
11: What type of diet does an elephant have?
12: What is a male elephant called?
13: In what year did the global Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ban the international commercial trade in elephant ivory?
14: How long can an elephant live in the wild?
70 years.
15: How thick is an elephant's skin?
2.5 cm (1 in).
16: What are elephants said never to do?
17: What is one of an elephant's most vital aspects of communication?
18: According to YouGov, what percentage of Americans say they can beat an elephant in a fight?

Famous Elephant Trivia Questions and Answers

Famous Elephant Trivia Image

When you think of fame, often it’s straight to the red carpet and the world of celebrity, but when it comes to elephants, ‘famous’ means something a little more special. 

Elephants have been reported to do amazing things such as speak and save lives!

In the following elephant trivia questions, you’ll see why some truly incredible elephants have made their mark on the world.

Ready to learn a thing or 2 about this majestic beast and its capabilities? 

1: Why did an Asian elephant named Batyr, who resided at a zoo in Kazakhstan, hit the headlines?
He could reportedly speak 20 different phrases.
2: Why has an African elephant named Echo made her mark in history?
She was the subject of the longest-running study of a land mammal.
3: A circus elephant named Hattie has been described as the most intelligent of all elephants. How else was she described in 1911?
Nearly human.
4: What unique talent did Ruby - an Asian elephant living at Phoenix zoo - have?
5: In Bengal in 2014, an adolescent elephant attacked a village home, destroying the property. What did this elephant do when it spotted a crying infant? 
Removed debris from around the child using its trunk before retreating.
6: What did an elephant named Ning Nong rescue a 9-year-old girl named Amber Owen from in 2004?
A tsunami.

Interesting Facts About Elephants Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting Facts About Elephants Image

Have I mentioned already how remarkable elephants are?

If you’re still not convinced how truly special this creature is, the following lot of elephant trivia questions should leave no doubt in your mind! 

Let’s look a little deeper into the makings of the elephant, its characteristics, quirky ways, and unique capabilities that all contribute to making this animal one of the true greats. 

Here we go! 

1: What do elephants do to their dead?
Mourn them by paying repeated visits and gently stroking them, and they have been seen crying as they walk away.
2: Why do elephants cover themselves in mud and sand?
To protect their skin from the sun.
3: What does an elephant do when it sees a mirror?
Recognises itself - they're one of a handful of animals to have this self-awareness.
4: How old was the oldest documented living elephant?
Lin Wang was 86 years old when he died.
5: How much water can an elephant's trunk contain?
8 liters.
6: How do elephants greet loved ones?
Hugging trunks!
7: How much can a baby elephant weigh at birth?

Stark Facts About Elephants Trivia Questions and Answers

Stark Facts About Elephants Image

The next batch of elephant trivia questions are not fun, but they’re necessary bite-sized pieces of information that are incredibly important to acknowledge in today’s world. 

Elephants have prehistoric ancestors, meaning their kind have been walking the earth longer than humans – yet its human activity that’s putting them at risk of extinction

Just how stark is the future for elephants? And what can we do to protect them?

Let’s find out! 

1: In the last century, what percentage of African elephants have been wiped out?
2: What is the greatest threat to African elephants?
Poaching for the illegal ivory trade.
3: What is the greatest threat to Asian elephants?
Habitat loss and resulting human-elephant conflict.
4: In Asia, what percentage of elephants live in protected areas?
5: How many African elephants are still killed yearly for their tusks?
6: What charity is best to donate to to contribute to the protection of African and Asian elephants?
World Wildlife Fund.
7: According to a PETA spokesperson, how many elephants still work in circuses and traveling shows in the United States?
8: How many elephants are estimated to be living in captivity for our entertainment today?

Elephant Trivia Questions Just for Kids 

Elephant Trivia Questions Just for Kids Image

Most children like animals, but how much do they really know about them?

If your child has a particular interest in elephants, then the following elephant trivia questions should help to further nurture this and provide lots of foundations for further learning

While this section has been designed for kids, there’s nothing stopping adults from playing along, too! 

Maybe you could even use these elephant trivia questions to have a Kids Vs. Adults battle! 

Good luck. 

1: Elephants are the largest mammal to live on land. But, what is the largest mammal to live in the world?
Antarctic blue whale.
2: What is a group of elephants called?
3: What part of an elephant never stops growing?
4: Elephants are herbivores, but what does this mean?
They feed on plants.
5: What is a baby elephant called?
6: Can elephants swim?
7: How long will a female elephant live with Mom?
For life.
8: How long will a male elephant live with Mom?
Between ages 12 and 14. 

More Elephant Trivia Questions – Video

Thank you so much for answering all 47 elephant trivia questions! I hope you agree; this is an extraordinary animal. If you want to try another trivia challenge for learning or fun, here’s a random selection to consider:

I hope you found some useful information by answering the elephant trivia questions here today, and maybe that you want to find out more about this incredible creature now. It’d be great if you checked back soon to see what new trivia questions are in store! 

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