43 Greece Trivia Questions and Answers 

The following Greece trivia questions are designed to test your knowledge about this European country and to teach you a few interesting facts that you may not know! 

Greece is a hugely popular tourist destination and known as the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games, and much more. 

As a country, Greece is famed for its gorgeous island landscapes, incredible food,culture, and ancient history and is often referred to as the cradle of Western Civilisation.

In this trivia, you will find different sections that include Greece trivia questions about all of the above and more. 

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General Greece Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Greece Trivia Image

Welcome to the first batch of Greece trivia questions! 

In this section of the quiz, you will find lots of random information about this stunning country, including; history, geography, cuisine, facts, stats, and more. 

If you’re playing in teams, the reveal the answer button ensures that nobody has the advantage!

Ready for some truly random Greece trivia questions?

Here we go!

1: Geographically, where in Europe is Greece?
South West.
2: What color makes up the country's flag in addition to white?
3: What is the capital of Greece?
4: There are around 6,000 Greek islands. How many of them are inhabited?
5: What is the population of Greece?
10 million.
6: When did the Greek War of Independence start and end?
7: What percentage of Greece is made up of mountains and hills?
8: What is Greece's national dish?
9: What does Athens have more of than any other city in the world?
10: In what year was the first known Olympics held in Olympia, a site in southern Greece?
776 B.C.
11: What does Greece celebrate on the 25th of March?
Greek Independence Day.
12: Feta cheese is one of the most recognized Greek cheeses. What animal milk is this cheese traditionally made from?
13: What is the highest mountain in Greece?
Mount Olympus.

Places of Interest in Greece Trivia Questions and Answers 

Places of Interest in Greece Trivia Image

If you’re looking to travel to Greece, you may be interested to know that there are an incredible 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites here, including world-famous sites such as the Old Town of Corfu, Meteora, the Temple of Apollo, and the Acropolis of Athens

Greece is one of the most popular countries to visit, and the following Greece trivia questions will give you a little glimpse into some of the reasons why a vast 17 million tourists flock here each year. 

Tourism makes up around 20% of the country’s GDP, and this is one of the highest percentages of any industrialized country! 

Let’s find out why in this batch of Greece trivia questions!

1: How long did the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens take to build?
650 years!
2: Which flowered-laned settlement is the oldest in the entire country and possibly within the whole of Europe?
Plaka, Athens.
3: What is the name of the stadium that was reconstructed in 1896 for the Olympic games?
Panathenaic Stadium, Athens.
4: Caves discovered near Zakynthos in 1897 are hugely popular for tourists due to their unique coloring. What color are they?
5: Which Greek island features cliff-top towns, black volcanic-sand beaches, and is the name of a hugely popular board game?
6: Which Greek island has one of the most impressive hikes in the world: the Samaria Gorge?

Ancient Greece Trivia Questions and Answers 

Ancient Greece Trivia Image

Ancient Greece played an integral role in the ancient world with great writers, warriors, athletes, artists, politicians, and thinkers

Today’s world would be quite different had Ancient Greece never existed; for one, we’d have no Olympics

The following Greece trivia questions will provide you with some interesting facts about this period, how it shaped the rest of the world, and why it is still important to remember it today. 

Let’s look at the history of this civilization

1: What period does the term 'Ancient Greece' refer to?
700-480 B.C.
2: In Greek mythology, whose golden arrows made people fall in love?
3: What was the formation called that Ancient Greek soldiers stood in? This intimidating technique played an important role in battle.
Phalanx - standing shoulder to shoulder.
4: What is the king of all gods in Greek mythology?
5: What were 'Chitons'?
Tunics worn by Ancient Greeks.
6: What type of toy - still played with today - was invented by the Ancient Greeks?
7: In Western History, what time period follows this era?
Early Middle Ages.
8: A favored food of the Spartans called 'black soup,' this dish contained salt, vinegar, and what other ingredient?
Pigs blood.
9: How did Ancient Greeks win the favor of the gods?
Sacrificing animals.
10: Why didn't Ancient Greeks drink milk?
They considered it to be barbaric!

Cuisine of Greece Trivia Questions and Answers 

Cuisine of Greece Trivia Image

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world, but do you know what it actually entails, what the key ingredients are, or the names of some famous Greek dishes?

Greek cuisine has been heavily influenced by Italian, Ottoman, and Middle Eastern cultures. Olive oil, fresh fish, vegetables, meat, wine, and grains play a significant role in this cuisine.

Let’s not forget the tasty cheeses, beautifully baked breaks, herbs, olives, and thick, creamy yogurt

In this set of Greece trivia questions, you will be tested on your knowledge of this delicious cuisine and maybe even get some new recipe ideas along the way. 

What is the biggest edible export from Greece? What is the most popular dish here? And, what is Papoutsakia?

Let’s find out! 

1: Moussaka is often likened to which Italian dish?
2: What is the name of the Greek favorite that consists of oven-baked eggplants stuffed with tomato-based meat sauce, a topping of bechamel sauce, and cheese?
3: What type of dish is Tzatziki?
Appetizer or dip.
4: What is the country's most renowned export crop?
5: The first known cookbook was actually written about Greek cuisine; in what year was this?
6: Pastitsio is a traditional Greek dish that also goes by another name. What is this?
Greek lasagne.

Fun Facts about Greece Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fun Facts about Greece Trivia Image

All of the Greece trivia questions to now should have formed the impression that this is a pretty awesome country, but is all as it seems?

Did you know, for example, that in some places you cannot wear high heels, and that traditionally dinner isn’t eaten until way after 9 pm?

If you’re looking to travel to Greece, the following lot of Greece trivia questions will ensure you don’t look like a typical tourist when there and ensure that you’re a little more clued up on some of the more quirky customs

Let’s play the final round. 

1: Why can't you wear high heels in certain spots?
To protect the ancient flooring. This is law.
2: What is the biggest meal of the day?
3: How long ago was the Greek language founded?
Over 5,000, making it the oldest language in the world to still be used.
4: What was strange about the early Olympics games, such as chariot racing and wrestling?
They were played naked.
5: Why are many front doors painted blue here?
To keep evil spirits away.
6: True or False: Women participated in the Olympics?
False. They could not even watch!
7: How did Ancient Greeks clean their clothes?
With fat from sacrificed animals!
8: What race is 98% of the population of Greece?
Ethnic Greek.

More Greece Trivia Questions – Video

Thank you for playing this Greek trivia; it’s certainly an incredible country with so many remarkable qualities. Check back soon for new trivia games!

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