30 Arrested Development Trivia Questions and Answers

This Arrested Development trivia will take you back to the very early days of the show, remind you of some of the best moments, and provide you with some fascinating off-screen info!

Arrested Development received critical acclaim, although it was initially somewhat of a slow burner. 

Once people began to allow this program into their lives, its popularity grew into a cult following, and Arrested Development won a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award

But, how much of it can you remember?

Let’s take a look at some of the very best moments in this Arrested Development trivia. 

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General Arrested Development Trivia Questions and Answers

General Arrested Development Trivia Image

Often referred to as a ground-breaking sitcom, Arrested Development hit our screens in 2003 and had somewhat of a rocky reception before reaching a cult following

The program follows Michael Bluth and his struggles to keep his business and family afloat after the incarceration of his father, George. 

We see great adjustment from riches to rags for the Bluth family and how each member handles this in their own individual way. 

There’s comedy and heartbreak in equal measures and scenes we can all relate to in some way. 

In round 1 of this Arrested Development trivia, you will be quizzed on a random selection of things that relate to the show; let’s see how much you have remembered!

Here we go!

1: How many seasons are there of Arrested Development?
2: What was the show's original network?
3:Which character is played by Liza Minnelli?
Lucille Austero.
4: What was the name of the family business?
The Bluth Company.
5: Where was the family business located?
Orange County, California.
6: What was George Oscar Bluth's occupation?
7: In which show did bumbling lawyer Barry Zuckerkorns actor Henry Winkler rise to fame?
Happy Days.
8: Who narrates the show?
Ron Howard.
9: What year was Arrested Development canceled by Fox due to low ratings and viewership?
10: Character Rita Leeds appeared in 5 episodes of season 3. Who was she played by?
Charlize Theron.

Cast and Characters in Arrested Development Trivia Questions and Answers

Cast and Characters in Arrested Development Info

This amazingly talented cast of Arrested Development each brought their own genius to their roles, from the leading members to the cameo stars, leading to multiple awards

Most of us will have a similar Arrested Development character in our lives or are able to relate to certain ones we grew to love. 

But, can you remember their finer moments? Or could you guess the cast member from a brief description?

Let’s find out how much attention you really paid to the show in round 2 of this Arrested Development trivia!

1: Which often overlooked cast member was the first to be cast in the show?
Alia Shawkat aka Maeby Fünke.
2: Why did Liza Minnelli agree to the role when Executive Producer Ron Howard asked her?
Because she used to be his babysitter!
3: What is the name of Michael Bluth's teenage son?
George Michael.
4: Which character is known by the acronym 'Gob'?
George Oscar Bluth II.
5: Who played a parodied version of themself as Tobias' acting coach?
Carl Weathers.
6: What is the name of the recurring character played by legend Ben Stiller?
Tony Wonder.

Best Moments in Arrested Development Trivia Questions and Answers

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With so much material to go around, Arrested Development broadcast more memorable scenes than many other programs; how many of them live rent-free in your mind today?

The show’s impeccable writing, and the award-winning acting of the cast, resulted in some incredible on-screen moments. 

But how many come to your mind right now? 

This Arrested Development trivia round will bring some of the show’s best moments back to the forefront of your mind; if they’re not already there!

Let’s play!

1: When questioned about an order in Klimpy's restaurant, who said, 'I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it'?
2: What did Buster use to hilariously speak his true thoughts to his overbearing Mother?
Gob's hand puppet.
3: What did Lucille say when she was told that hospitals do not have bars?
This is why people hate hospitals.
4: How did George Sr escape from prison, finally, in season 1?
By faking a heart attack.
5: Buster gets out of fighting in Iraq due to his hand being bitten off. What type of animal did this?

Fun Facts about Arrested Development Trivia Questions and Answers

 Fun Facts about Arrested Development Info

If you’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning and think you know all of the Arrested Development trivia there could possibly be, you may want to think again! 

While some of the questions in this round may be a breeze, there will be some that’ll definitely require some thought. 

Play along as this Arrested Development trivia round exposes some show secrets that will leave you truly amazed!

Here we go!

1: Which Office actor was an initial favorite to play Gob Bluth?
Rainn Wilson.
2: Why did a hip-hop group sue the show?
For using their name (the case was settled for an undisclosed sum).
3: A photo of Rita's pre-plastic surgery is a genuine photograph of Charlize Theron during a movie role. Name the movie!
4: Tobias has a condition called 'Nevernude,' this is a genuine psychological affliction, but what is it actually a fear of?
Nude bodies.
5: Which role was Tobias's actor, David Cross, originally approached to play?
6: Which season became one of the first original Netflix productions to be nominated for an Emmy?
7: What did the show have more than any other show on TV?
Highest jokes per minute.
8: What is Henry Winkler quoted as saying was his favorite part of playing Barry?
He got to keep the ties!

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Thank you for playing this Arrested Development trivia; I hope you enjoyed a little look back on this hilarious show! Stay tuned for more trivia games coming soon!

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