37 Father’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you looking to surprise your dad with some fun Father’s Day trivia, or maybe you’re a father yourself and want to learn a little more about why you should be celebrated? 

Whatever your reason for taking on our Father’s Day trivia, we hope you find it to be fun and informative and that it helps you impress all the father figures around you with some snappy facts.

This quiz is 100% clear of any horrendous dad jokes, but there might be a few questions that will make you smile.

So pull up those slacks, put away your newspaper, turn up the 80’s music (find 80’s music inspiration here), and prepare to be entertained as we step into the wonder that is fatherhood!


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General Father’s Day Trivia Questions 

General Father’s Day Trivia

Get ready to kick off this Father’s Day trivia with round one!

This section aims to expand your knowledge and allow you to discover fascinating insights about this extraordinary day of celebration. 

Did you know there is a traditional Fathers Day flower? You can learn more about the significance of different flowers by taking our interesting flower trivia next.

Uncover facts, statistics, and significant people, some of which may surprise you…if you don’t know them already.

Let’s go!

1. During what month is Fathers Day celebrated in America?
2. Who founded Father’s Day in 1910?
Sonora Smart Dodd.
3. Which flower is traditionally worn to church on Fathers Day?
4. In which US state was Fathers Day founded?
5. What is the average age for a first-time dad in America?
Thirty years old.
6. How many Mother's Days were there before Father's Day was introduced?
7. What percentage of first-time dads in America are over the age of 40? 9%, 18%, or 27%?
8. The oldest first-time father is thought to be Ramjit Raghav who had a child in 2010 at the age of ninety-six. Which country was he from?
9. Which day of the week is Father’s Day celebrated in America?
10. Who released the song ‘My Father’s Eyes’ in 1992?
Eric Clapton.

Traditions and Gifts For Father’s Day Trivia Questions 

Traditions and Gifts For Father’s Day Trivia

There is a certain joy to gift-giving, and one person who truly deserves a remarkable token of appreciation is none other than a father.

Join us as we embark on a delightful exploration of Father’s Day traditions in our second round. 

Did you know that the necktie is one of the most popular gift items for dads in America during this holiday? 41% of Americans also believe a day with the family to be the greatest gift of all. 

Let’s take a whistlestop tour around the world as we look at the different traditions and gifts that help us celebrate our fathers. 

Let the journey commence!

1. What is a traditional gift to give on Father’s Day in Germany?
A Beer.
2. What is the most purchased gift for Father’s Day in the US?
A greeting card.
3. A red rose symbolizes admiration for a living father on Father’s Day. What color rose is worn in memory of a deceased father?
4. How much on average, is spent on Father’s Day in the US?
Twenty Billion.
5. In Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated in December to coincide with which King's birthday?
King Bhumibol Adulyade.
6. What traditional Catholic holiday observed in March is also associated with celebrating fathers?
Joseph’s Day.
7. What Father’s Day gift is traditionally given in Japan?
8. What is the name of the Father’s Day celebration that consists of a party or a race in Mexico?
Carrera Día Del Padre.

Famous Father’s Day Trivia Questions

Famous Father’s Day Trivia

The beauty of holidays like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Grandparents Day is that we get to treat our loved ones like real celebrities for the day.

Let’s check in with some VIP dads that are already immersed in this crazy world of wealth and showbiz, and discover more about A-listers with our celebrity trivia.

In this round, we will introduce you to some of the most famous fathers in Hollywood and beyond. 

Ready to get going? 

1. Robert De Niro became a father again in 2023. How old was he when the child was born?
2. Which president has fathered the most children?
President John Tyler.
3. Which Royal has fathered three children who are named George, Charlotte, and Louis?
William, Prince of Wales.
4. Can you name both of Lily’s fathers in the TV series Modern Family?
Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett.
5. How many of Elon Musk’s nine children were conceived via IVF?
6. Which country music singer appeared alongside his daughter in a hit Disney series from 2009 to 2011?
Billy Ray Cyrus.
7. Who is known to be America's favorite founding father, and was also the first President of the USA?
George Washington.
8. Who does Blake Lively have four children with?
Ryan Reynolds.
9. In the Bible, who is known as the Father of the Jewish Nation?
10. How many children did Henry VIII have?

Animal Fathers Day Trivia Questions

Animal Fathers Day Trivia

There is nothing cuter than seeing animals with their babies. From protective lion pops, hysterical chimpanzee daddies, and playful fox fathers, it’s a joy we all enjoy encountering. 

Within the animal kingdom, there are some incredible dads, some of which carry and raise their young from birth, and some that give up their lives just to be a father like the praying mantis.

In this round, we have slipped in a few questions about animated animal papas from well-loved movies to make it a more inclusive round for anyone playing with the entire family. 

Let’s give it a go! 

1. What species of male fish keeps its unhatched eggs in its mouth until they are ready to be born?
2. What is the name of Simba’s father in The Lion King?
3. What toxic amphibian species continues to mate as the female lays her eggs?
Cane toad.
4. Which male fish species carries the eggs on behalf of the mother in a little pouch?
5. What is the name of Nemo’s father in Finding Nemo?
6. What species of tiny South American monkeys are raised by their fathers from birth, only being taken to the mother for food?
7. How many biological puppies does Pongo have in 101 Dalmatians?
8. How many days can a father Emperor penguin go without food while protecting his egg?
Sixty days.
9. What male species of bird can feed its chicks ‘milk’, which is a form of fat and protein called crop milk?

More Fathers Day Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

Have you discovered lots about Father’s Day that you can share with your own dad? Or did you complete the trivia with ease and are ready to take on another challenge? Take a look at some of the following quizzes that might be of interest.

We hope your Father’s Day is filled with love, laughter, and happiness and that you have enjoyed playing along with our Father’s Day trivia. 

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