40 Board Games Trivia Questions and Answers

Board games have been around for thousands of years, played and loved by gamers of all ages – Let’s see if you know your chequers from your backgammon in this board games trivia! 

The history of board games dates back to the early Egyptians, they then boomed in popularity during the late 1800s and have remained relevant in our homes ever since.

There are hundreds of thousands of board games played around the world, with new games being invented and resurrected all the time – did you know ‘Pie Face’ was originally released in 1968? 

Whether you’re an avid board game player or you just have a battered Monopoly box in the back of your closet, we are sure you’ll have fun playing along with this quiz! 

Are you ready to roll?

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General Board Games Trivia Questions 

General Board Games Trivia image

This first round of our board game trivia has been designed to be inclusive for all ages, there are a mixture of difficulty levels and a few multiple-choice questions to give everyone a chance.

The United States was accountable for 50% of all board game purchases during the 2020 pandemic lockdowns.

In 2020 Hasbro’s profits alone hit a staggering $5.465 billion, with Mattel in second at $2.243 billion – The pandemic propelled board game sales in America by 20%.

Did you purchase any?

If you did add to that percentage, let’s see just how much you can remember about some of those games.

Ready to play?

1: Connect 4 was the biggest-selling game in America in 2020. What two colors are the disks you drop into the vertical game board?
Red and yellow.
2: In the original game of Monopoly, what are the names of the two decks of cards?
Chance and Community Chest.
3: How many cartoon characters are there in Guess Who?
4: How long do you have to describe a word in Articulate?
Thirty Seconds.
5: Which board game do you travel through time with a small plastic car, earning money until you retire?
The Game of Life.
6: What is the aim of the game in Battleships?
Destroy your opponents fleet.
7: How many letter tiles does each player start with, in a game of Scrabble?
8: Do you win chess by capturing your opponent’s king, queen, or bishop?
Capturing your opponent's king
9: How many territories are there in Risk?
10: In a game of Boggle, does the letter dice have twelve sides, sixteen sides, or twenty sides?
Sixteen Sides

Classic Board Games Trivia Questions 

Classic Board Games Trivia

New board games are being released all the time, especially games aimed at the younger generation, but this round is all about the classics.

We couldn’t tailor this round to be inclusive to adults only as there are lots of youngsters who enjoy these traditional games as much as their parents and grandparents.

That being said, there may be a few questions about games you definitely wouldn’t want to play with your granny! Cards against humanity anyone? 

Are you ready to see how much you remember about these retro classics?

Your turn! 

1: In what country was the classic game Go said to be created?
2: What year was the classic party game Twister created?
3: How many triangles are there on a Backgammon board?
4: What risqué game became Amazon's top-selling private label product when it was released in 2011?
Cards against humanity.
5: What are the six categories in the original game of Trivial Pursuit?
Geography, entertainment, sports & leisure, history, arts & literature, science & nature.
6: In which American state was the most expensive Monopoly board created, which featured solid gold houses, diamond dice, and sapphire chimneys?
San Francisco.
7: Why would you shout the word “Taboo” when playing the board game of the same name?
When a forbidden word is accidentally read out.
8: Which fictional character is the game 221B Baker Street based on?
Sherlock Holmes.
9: Who is the murder victim in the original North American version of Cluedo?
Mr. Boddy - Fun fact, in the UK the victim is called Dr. Black.
10: Who is falsely known as the creator of Monopoly? Fun fact, it was actually created by a woman named Lizzie Magie in 1904.
Charles B. Darrow.

Kids Board Games Trivia Questions

Kids Board Games Trivia

No matter how much you love the classics, the amount of fun you can have with kid’s games is incomparable!

From Soggy Doggy to Pig Goes Pop, Don’t Wake Dad to Greedy Granny, these games are imaginative, hysterical, and a wonderful way to spend time interacting with your little ones. 

Playing games with children isn’t just fun, it’s also crucial for their growth and can help with social skills, cognitive intelligence, problem-solving skills, and emotional well-being

We hope this round will not only earn you points but also introduce a few new games for you to play on your next family game night

Ready when you are! 

1: What board game features pieces named spare ribs, wrenched ankle, and broken heart?
2: What do you collect as you shuffle around the board in Mousetrap?
Cheese tokens.
3: In the 2001 Monopoly Disney Edition, what are used in place of houses and hotels?
Cottages and castles.
4: What is the English version of the Indian game Moksha Patam that features steps and serpents?
Snakes and Ladders.
5: Which board game manufacturer released Minecraft Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game in 2019?
6: What four colors are the circles on a twister board and mat?
Red, yellow, blue, and green.
7: What is the name of the first board game, released in 2022, that used Amazon Alexa to guide you through the game? Fun fact, it has terrible reviews!
When in Rome.
8: How many challenges are there in the party board game Cranium?
Six hundred.
9: Who are players trying to rescue in the fun, colorful board game Candy Land?
King Kandy.
10: In Jenga, how many wooden blocks do you play with?

Rules of Play Trivia Questions 

Rules of Play Trivia

In this final round of our board game trivia extravaganza, we will go back to basics and look at some of the rules that come packed in the board game box – does anyone actually read them?

Some of these games you might not have played for decades so we have tried not to make it too difficult.

Similarly to the general round, there are a few multiple-choice answers, along with one of two true or false questions. 

Heads down and pencils at the ready.

Let’s go!

1: How much money does each player start with in a classic game of Monopoly?
2: True or false, you can use abbreviations in Scrabble.
3: What colored square must you place your queen in when setting up for a game of chess?
The matching color square to your queen (black queen on black square, white queen on white square).
4: Which of these characters is not in the classic version of Guess Who? Bernard, Herman, Hector, and Richard.
5: True or false, you can move backward on a Cluedo board.
6: How much will a ‘Long term investment card’ cost you in The Game of Life?
7: In a game of Trivial Pursuit, do you collect colored pie wedges or colored cheese wedges?
Colored pie wedges.
8: In what year were the rules of the classic board game Sorry updated?
9: How much time do you get in a game of Boggle to find as many words as possible from the letters drawn?
Three minutes.
10: What does the term DM stand for in the rules of Dungeons and Dragons? Dragon magician, dazzling maiden, or dungeon master.
Dungeon Master.

More Board Games Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

How much fun was that! Have you been inspired to make your next bulk purchase of board games or crack open the Cluedo? If you’ve no board games handy, why not continue the fun with another trivia instead? 

We hope this board game’s trivia gave you some laughs and brought back a whole lot of memories, it may have even created a few new ones. Thanks for playing! 

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