45 Encanto Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you a fan of the amazing Madrigals? Let’s see just how much you know about this gifted family with this ultimate Encanto trivia challenge! 

Encanto is one of the best multigenerational fantasy movies to be created by Disney. It left us all falling in love with Colombian music, family traditions, magic, and of course, Mirabel.

This visually outstanding movie gave audiences a magical view into the lives of a diverse culture that many of us may not have known too much about.

In this Encanto trivia, we will look at all aspects of the movie including its brilliant characters, hypnotizing songs, and the incredible people who brought the Madrigal family to life from behind the scenes.


Let’s go!

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General Encanto Trivia Questions and Answers

General Encanto Trivia

Buenos dias!

It’s time to jump on into the first round of this enchanting Encanto trivia!

Released in 2021, Encanto became the sixtieth feature film to be released by Disney and despite being a box office flop, it has become one of Disney’s most successful movies thanks to streaming services and social media.

Much of Encantos success has been put down to its infectious up-beat songs which prompted Tik Tok trends, broadening its audience to more than just classic Disney fans. 

This general round is perfect for all the family, with a good mix of questions that everyone can have a go at answering. 

So, are you ready to talk about Bruno?

Good luck! 

1: What is the name of the magical house where the Madrigal family lives?
Casa Madrigal.
2: Who is the main character in the story?
Mirabel Madrigal.
3: What object gives the Madrigal family their powers?
A candle.
4: Who is the actor who provided the voice for the character Bruno?
John Leguizamo.
5: What is the title of the song that Mirabel sings during Antonio’s gift ceremony?
Waiting on a Miracle.
6: Who directed the film?
Byron Howard and Jared Bush.
7: What is the name of the character who possesses the ability to communicate with animals?
8: What is the name of the character who has the power to control the weather?
9: What is the name of the character who can see into the future?
10: What is the name of the character who has the ability to heal others through food?

Easy Encanto Trivia Questions

Easy Encanto Trivia

Do you feel like you know the family Madrigal a slightly better after that first round?

If not, don’t worry, we’re going to make things a little easier now and take away some of that surface pressure.

So, do you really know your Camilo facts, Antonio’s animals, and the differences between Dolores and Pepa’s signature styles?

I can’t make the flowers bloom, but I can give you another bunch of questions. 

Here we go!

1: What is the name of the family in the movie?
The Madrigal family.
2: Who is the main character in the movie?
Mirabel Madrigal.
3: What is the name of the family member who has the gift of super strength?
Luisa Madrigal.
4: What is the name of the family member who has the gift of super hearing?
Dolores Madrigal.
5: What is the name of the family member who has the gift to see the future?
Bruno Madrigal.
6: What is the name of the family member who married Aunt Pepa?
7: Who is the composer of the music in the movie?
Germaine Franco.
8: What is the name of the family member who is the matriarch of the family?
Abuela Alma Madrigal.

Hard Encanto Trivia Questions

Hard Encanto Trivia

What else can I do? I know! Let’s make this quiz a little more difficult!

This round is only for super-fans and has some tricky questions, but remember, if you don’t manage to get any points, as Julieta says “You’re Just as special as anyone else in this family”, so don’t feel too bad. 

In this round we will look more into how Encanto was made, the creators in the background, and the thought process behind the film. 

If this round is a little too difficult for you, use it as an opportunity to learn more about this inspiring movie. 


1: Where is the Madrigal family said to live in Encanto?
2: Who voiced Abuela Alma in the original English version of Encanto?
María Cecilia Botero.
3: What is the name of the end credits song in Encanto, and who performed it?
“Colombia, Mi Encanto” by Dos Oruguitas.
4: In what year was the concept for Encanto first pitched to Disney?
5: Which famous Colombian artist was invited to collaborate on the film's production design, but declined due to scheduling conflicts?
Fernando Botero.
6: Who both served as the head of story for Encanto?
Jason Hand & Nancy Kruse.

Cast, Crew, and Characters in Encanto Trivia Questions and Answers

Cast, Crew, and Characters in Encanto Trivia

Well done for getting through that last round, we know it may have been harder than when Hercules fought Cerberus! 

This next section is all about the cast, crew, and characters that have poured their hearts and souls into Encanto, making it the movie we know and love today.

As we love to give you a challenge, there are of course a few more tough questions within this round to keep you thinking.

So, do you remember Mariano, Pico, and Tiple

Let’s find out! 

1: Who provides the voice for Mirabel Madrigal?
Stephanie Beatriz.
2: Who portrays Antonio Madrigal?
Ravi Cabot-Conyers.
3: Who plays Isabela Madrigal?
Diane Guerrero.
4: Who provides the voice for Dolores Madrigal?
5: Who plays the role of Mariano Guzman?

Quotes in Encanto Trivia Questions and Answers

Quotes in Encanto Trivia

Even though Encanto is a fairly recent film, some of the characters’ quotes are timeless and have already had a lasting effect on many families.

I’m sure most parent’s can identify with the line “and that’s why coffee’s for grown-ups”! 

Whether you’ve watched Encanto once, twice, or three-hundred times, you are bound to get a few points in this round.

Ready to go?

1: Which character says, 'I will save the miracle, wait, how do you save a miracle'?
Mirabel Madrigal.
2: Which character says, 'I will never be good enough for you, will I'?
Mirabel Madrigal.
3: Which character says, 'If you weren’t always trying so hard, you wouldn’t be in the way.'?
Isabela Madrigal.
4: Which character says, 'Tonight, this candle will give you your gift mi vida'?
Abuela Alma Madrigal.
5: Which character says, 'I'm not going to let this family fall apart.'?
Mirabel Madrigal.
6: Which character says, 'My gift! I’m losing my gift!'?
Luisa Madrigal.
7: Which character says, 'You can’t hurry the future'?
Bruno Madrigal.
8: Which character says, 'I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.'?
Julieta Madrigal.
9: Which character says, 'I call it the not special special.'?
The delivery guy.
10: Which character says, 'I understand you'?

Encanto Multi-Choice Trivia Questions and Answers 

Encanto Multi-Choice Trivia

You’ve made it to the final round of our Encanto trivia!

This round is the perfect opportunity for you to gain some extra points, even if you aren’t an Encanto expert.

We are going to give you four possible answers to each question to make the round a little easier. Think back to some of the questions and answers from previous rounds for clues.

Let’s go! 

1: Which character is the protagonist of Encanto? a) Bruno b) Dolores c) Luisa d) Mirabel
d) Mirabel
2: Which character has the power to control animals? a) Isabel b) Dolores c) Bruno d) Antonio
c) Antonio.
3: Who is the oldest member of the Madrigal family? a) Abuela Alma b) Dolores c) Luisa d) Mirabel
a) Abuela Alma
4: Which character is known for their strength? a) Dolores b) Antonio c) Luisa d) Isabel
c) Luisa
5: What is the name of the song that Mirabel sings to her family at the end of the movie? a) We Don't Talk About Bruno b) Dos Oruguitas c) Surface Pressure d) All of You
d) All of You.
6: Which character is known for their ability to heal others? a) Julieta b) Luisa c) Bruno d) Antonio
a) Julieta.

More Encanto Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

How did you do? Did you discover something unexpected about this magical movie? If you enjoyed playing along, you might like to try another family trivia and keep the fun going?

We hope you had a lot of fun and learned something new whilst playing our Encanto trivia. Keep on singing, keep on dancing, and remember, the miracle is you. 


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