31 Walking Dead Trivia Questions and Answers 

Our Walking Dead trivia is one of our scariest challenges to date! Are you brave enough to make it to the end?

The Walking Dead is a truly terrifying American TV series based on people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, with hauntings and horrors around every corner! 

This is an award-winning program with 11 seasons to date, and our Walking Dead trivia will determine how much you truly know about this violent, blood-soaked, and occasionally heart-warming show. 

Can you make it to the end of our Walking Dead trivia?

Let’s find out! 

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General Walking Dead Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Walking Dead Trivia Image

First premiering in 2010, The Walking Dead has been a hugely successful show that has run into 11 seasons to date, with many spin-off shows, too. 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the series is full of horrors, gore, the undead, and the evil living. 

How much can you remember, and could you identify a particular character or timeline of events?

By taking our Walking Dead trivia challenge, you will be able to find out just how much of a fan you actually were of this show. 

In our opening general knowledge round, you will be quizzed on many different aspects of the show, so be prepared to rack those brains as we take an eerie walk down memory lane.

Ready to begin?

Let’s go!

1: What kind of book is the show based on?
2: What are the zombies commonly referred to as?
3: The first group of survivors to be led by Rick Grimes, come from where?
Atlanta, Georgia.
4: Apart from season 11, what month has every other season premiered?
5: What nationality is Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln?
6: How many countries did the show premiere in during its first week?
7: Who leads The Whisperers?
8: In what type of abandoned building was The Sanctuary?
9: What happened to Rick to land him in a coma at the start of the show?
He was shot.
10: How many award nominations has The Walking Dead received?

Seasons and Episodes of The Walking Dead Trivia Questions and Answers 

Seasons and Episodes of The Walking Dead Trivia Image

There are hundreds of episodes of The Walking Dead out there, but how many can you name?

Can you remember some of the most iconic, scariest, or even the most humorous moments of the show?

In this part of our Walking Dead trivia, we’re really going to test your knowledge of the show as we take a look back at some of the best moments throughout the seasons. 

Hopefully, you weren’t watching too many scenes from behind a cushion! 

Here we go! 

1: In Season 11s Hunted episode, who delivers the following line: 'Really, so we're just gonna go toward the screaming? Cool.'?
2: What type of store is Rick trapped in during Season 1 Episode 2 that becomes surrounded by Walkers?
A department store.
3: Who goes missing and puts the group's plans to head to Fort Benning on hold in season 2s premier?
4: What building are the survivors in when Lori goes into labor in Season 3s' Killer Within' episode?
Federal prison.
5: In season 2s 'Judge, Jury, Executioner' episode, who does Daryl kill in truly heartbreaking scenes?
6: As well as a daughter, what else does the Governor lose in season 3s 'Made to Suffer' episode?
An eye.
7: Whose death was unexpected and made for shocking viewing during Season 4s' Too Far Gone?
8: What is terrifying about the group of people who have Rick, Glenn, Bob, and Daryl bound and gagged during season 5s premiere?
They're cannibals.
9: During what season do we see Rick have a violent fight with Pete?

Goofs of The Walking Dead Trivia Questions and Answers 

Goofs of The Walking Dead Trivia Image

We do things differently here, and in addition to celebrating some fantastic moments and achievements of our trivia subjects, occasionally, we like to take a look at some of the less favorable ones. 

In this round of our Walking Dead trivia, we’re going to look at some of the things the show didn’t get perfectly right. 

For laughs, for facts to share, or simply to set us apart from every other Walking Dead trivia out there, this section will look at some aspects of the show the creators, writers, and producers would likely rather we didn’t! 

We don’t expect you to know the answer to most of these questions, but with a bit of guesswork, who knows, or it may be that as an avid fan, you spotted them already!

Can you guess the goofs?

1: What don't any of the characters lose that make the show (even more) unrealistic?
2: What is the continuity error regarding Judith Grimes?
She is played by 18 different actresses - who all look, well, different.
3: What is missing from many scenes involving the death of zombies?
Brain trauma - which would be the only way to kill a zombie.
4: In 2019, the character Norman Reedus suddenly sports what?
A hand tattoo - where is this from?
5: What never seems to degrade over time that absolutely should do?
Fuel. Every abandoned car is good to go, and Daryls rode his motorbike for years! How?
6: According to the website Movie Mistakes, how many mistakes are there in total throughout the seasons?

Facts About The Walking Dead Trivia Questions and Answers 

Facts About The Walking Dead Trivia Image

Want to learn some fun facts about The Walking Dead?

If you answered yes, then you’re playing the right Walking Dead trivia! 

In this small yet hugely revealing section, we will let you in on some behind-the-scenes events, widely unknown incidents, and surprising details about the show. 

Let’s see how many you can guess!

Here we go! 

1: When the actors eat 'human flesh,' this is actually ham soaked in vinegar. What substance did vinegar replace due to it wiping the zombie makeup off?
Barbecue sauce.
2: What word is surprisingly never used in any Walking Dead episode?
3: What does the cast do when a main character dies?
Have a last supper together off-screen.
4: How did stuntman John Bernecker die when filming for season 8?
He fell 22-feet and missed the crash pad by inches.
5: Who was offered their role without any audition process?
Melissa McBride.
6: What do many extras wear in place of costume makeup?

More Walking Dead Trivia – Video 


Thanks for playing our Walking Dead trivia! We hope you’re leaving with more info than you had before you came. Want to take on another challenge? Here’s some you may like:

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