The Floor is Lava (Rules and Instructions) 

Balance on one foot or waddle like a penguin, but be careful- the stones are disappearing one by one, and you must be the last player standing to win The Floor is Lava!

You never know what challenges you may face when playing this game, but most importantly, don’t fall in the lava! Everything you need to know about The Floor is Lava rules is included in this comprehensive guide. 

This The Floor is Lava rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is The Floor is Lava?
  • A brief history of The Floor is Lava
  • What you’ll need to play The Floor is Lava
  • The Floor is Lava Rules
  • How to play The Floor is Lava (Video Tutorial)
  • FAQs

Read on to learn how to play The Floor is Lava.

What is The Floor is Lava?

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The Floor is Lava is an active game requiring players to jump from stone to stone while successfully completing challenges. The stones are removed after each round making the game even harder. 

Number of Players:  2-6

Ages: 5+

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Play:  20-30 minutes

Category: Action game, party game, family game

Similar to: Twister, Hop Scotch 

Main Objective:  To win, be the last player standing without falling into the lava! 

Why We Love It: This is the perfect indoor, rainy day game that helps kids of all ages get some exercise and burn off a little energy. 

A Brief History of The Floor is Lava

Some believe that the concept behind, The Floor is Lava was developed by American children playing around in their living rooms since the 1950s. 

Jumping from one piece of furniture to another without touching the floor has been a fairly popular concept regardless of the manufactured board game or recently developed television series. There is even an online version of the game available if you would prefer that option.

What You’ll Need to Play The Floor is Lava

Everything you need to play comes included in this boxed set.

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The original boxed set contains: 

  • Spinner
  • 25 colored foam stones 
  • 27 challenge cards
  • Instruction manual

Area of Play

Select a player to be the spinner. The spinner will also be responsible for removing tiles and reading challenge cards throughout the game. 

Spread all the foam tiles around your playing area. A flat flooring surface works best, such as wood flooring, carpet, or tile. Try to evenly distribute tile colors to make gameplay easier. 

Area of Play Image

The Floor is Lava Rules

To begin the game, the spinner yells, “The Floor is Lava!” and everyone quickly jumps onto the nearest tile. 

The spinner shows 5 colors that match the colors of the tiles: red, yellow, blue, green, and grey. 

The player, who is the designated spinner, sits away from the tiles, spins, and announces the color selected. 

All players move quickly to the nearest tile of the specified color without touching the floor or lava

The last player to arrive on a tile safely has their previous tile removed from the game. This way, each round a tile is eliminated, making the game more challenging. 

If a player touches the ground at any point in the game, they are out for the remainder of the game. 

Challenge Cards

If a player stands on a foam tile with a question mark, the player responsible for spinning the spinner reads aloud a challenge card. 

Some examples of challenges are standing on one leg, pretending to kick an imaginary soccer ball, and moving arms in a circle. These actions make balancing even tricker! 

How to Keep Score in The Floor is Lava

There is no specific scoring in the game The Floor is Lava. The main objective is to simply remain in play by staying on the tiles without touching the floor. 

The last player standing when all players or all tiles have been removed wins the game!

How to Play The Floor is Lava – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is The Floor is Lava game good? 

I think so! My children and their friends enjoy playing The Floor is Lava. It is an easy game to learn, so you can instantly play it when a group arrives at your door. Adults can even join in on the action making this the ultimate family-friendly game for all ages.

What is the age limit for the Floor is Lava? 

The game is designed for players ages 5 and up. However, children as young as two and three can easily join in on the action. If a child can recognize and identify colors, they can easily play. 

The box shows an age range of 5-105, which means you can’t be too old to play The Floor is Lava. However, anyone struggling with mobility or balance should take precautions while playing. The foam tiles are generally stable, but depending on the floor surface, they can slide around.

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