How to Play Stuck in the Mud the Game (An easy fun game for kids)

Games like Stuck in the Mud are ideal to introduce to kids because they are simple to set up and understand and keep them active.

After all, when children are having fun whilst exercising they’ll barely notice that they are exercising at all.

The Stuck in the Mud game is incredibly similar to ‘Tag’ with a twist.

Once you tag a player, then they stand still as if they are stuck in some mud.

Hence the game’s name.

Continue reading for everything you’ll need to know to set up a game of ‘Stuck in the Mud’ including rules and tips to make it as fun as possible for the players.

What is the Stuck in the Mud Game?

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Incredibly similar to the iconic schoolyard game of ‘tag’, Stuck in the Mud incorporates similar aspects with a twist on some of the key rules.

Number of Players Required: Unlimited but try to have at least 4 to start with.

Who Can Play It: Anyone who is capable of running around, the game requires players to be very active.

Difficulty: Very easy. Not many rules to follow at all.

Main Objective: Depends on what team you are on. The goal is to either get the other team ‘Stuck in the Mud’ by tagging everyone in that team or avoid being ‘Stuck in the Mud’ after the time is up.

Why we love it: Kids love to run about, and parents love to see their kids run about and have fun. One of those games where you can play with any amount, it definitely aids in teaching kids about teamwork whilst being tonnes of fun. 

What do I need to play the Stuck in the Mud game?

Playing the Stuck in the Mud game doesn’t require too much equipment to play as the main goal of the game is to tag your opposing team.

If you’re playing outside in a field then it may be an idea to mark out a designated game area in order to keep everything more in control.

Use something like these cones by Super Z as an effective way to mark out the playing area.

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As ‘Stuck in the Mud’ is a team game, it might be an idea to get some training bibs as well to differentiate the teams.

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It is also a good idea to use a phone app or timer to properly time out each round.

How to Set Up Your Game of Stuck in the Mud

Luckily Stuck in the Mud doesn’t require too much set-up before playing.

Pick the area that you would like to play the game in and mark it out with the cones if needed.

Divide up the participants into two equal teams and decide how long to have each round go on for. 5 minutes a round gives plenty of time for players without tiring out.

Stuck in the Mud Game Rules and Gameplay

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Once everyone is happy that everything has been set up fairly and correctly, the game can begin.

Starting the Game

With the two teams, decide which team are the ‘taggers’ and which team is being ‘tagged’.

The team that are the ‘taggers’ starts on the edges of the designated play area which gives the other team a chance to get ready within the enclosed space.

Set the time for gameplay and once you start the time, let the ‘taggers’ into the enclosed area so the game can begin.

How to play the Stuck in the Mud Game

  • Just like in other games of ‘Tag’, Stuck in the Mud requires players to tag players of the opposite team.
  • Once you tag a player, they must stand still with their legs slightly apart as they are ‘Stuck in the Mud’. 
  • To free a player from being ‘Stuck in the Mud’ the player who is stuck needs to have a player from their team crawl through their legs. They then rejoin the game.
  • The ‘taggers’ goal is to tag the other team so that all members are ‘Stuck in the Mud’ before the time limit expires.
  • The other team wins the round if they are able to survive all players being ‘Stuck in the Mud’ when the time expires.

Keeping Score in the Stuck in the Mud Game

Play six rounds in total, so each team has three goes at being the taggers.

Award each time a team a point for every round that they win.

The overall winners are the team with the most points at the end of the six rounds.

Play another round as the tiebreaker if each team has three points.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you ensure that participants play the Stuck in the Mud game fairly?

If playing with a large group of kids it may be an idea to nominate someone to be the referee.

Make a rule where players on the ‘taggers’ team can’t hang around players that are ‘Stuck in the Mud’.

Keeping the game fair ensures that everyone has the greatest chance of having fun while playing.

Is there a version of the Stuck in the Mud game that doesn’t need teams?

Absolutely, Stuck in the Mud doesn’t require teams to play.

An idea would be to have just one player being the ‘tagger’ and seeing how many players they can get ‘Stuck in the Mud’ within a timeframe.

The winner is the player who manages to tag the most number of players.

Alternative Games to Stuck in the Mud Game

The Stuck in the Mud game is an ideal way to get your kids active.

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This is a game that involves throwing a flying disc into a ‘trash can’ and is a perfect outdoor game.

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