How to Play Memory: Rules and Strategy

If you’re looking for a quick and easy game to play with your kids which can really aid in their developing minds, look no further than the Memory Game.

The game’s premise is simple – match two of the same cards. But successfully doing so is where the difficulty lies in this game.

Not requiring too much setup means that this game is perfect for an activity for you to play with your kids. You can even teach them so they can play without supervision.

If this game sounds like one in which interests you and your kids in learning more about, continue reading.

What is the Memory Game?

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Often the games that are the most simple are also the most entertaining, and this is certainly the case with the Memory Game.

Number of Players Required: 2-4 players

Who Can Play It: Best played with younger children.

Difficulty: Very easy.

Main Objective: Be the player who matches the most cards by the end of the game.

Why we love it: The Memory Game is very simple to pick up and play. It is also ideal for teaching young children to develop their concentration and memory skills.

What do I need to play the Memory Game?

All that you need to play the Memory Game is a standard deck of cards if you have one lying around.

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However, there are different sets available with different pictures that may be of more interest for your kids to look at.

A set like this from Wonder Forge features adorable animals which are arguably better for everyone playing to look at. 

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How to Set Up Your Game

Shuffle up the cards that you choose to play the Memory Game with so that the cards are all jumbled up.

Make sure you face down all the cards and organize them in a squared pattern. The best bet is to organize them with 6 rows across and 6 rows down as this is the easiest formation.

Memory Game Rules and Gameplay

memory game image

Sort the cards in the correct manner, then the game can begin.

Starting the Game

Decide on who goes first, an idea is to have the youngest go first.

How to Play the Memory Game

  • Players choose two cards at a time and try to find two cards that are exactly the same.
  • If they find two cards that match then they remove the cards from the middle and keep them in front of them.
  • The player continues until they are unable to find a matching pair, with the game then moving on to the next player to the left.
  • If players are unable to match two cards together then they have to turn the cards back over face down.
  • The game continues until all the cards have been successfully paired up.
  • The winner is the player who has the most pairs of cards at the end of the game.

Keeping Score in the Memory Game

As the memory game is relatively simple, try to keep the scoring system simple as well.

The gameplay is quick so have the overall winner be the player who has the most game wins once everyone has had enough of playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the Memory Game harder for older children?

To make the game harder definitely use a standard deck of cards.

This is so that you can then take advantage of the different suits involved as well.

Make a rule so that the cards are only accepted as a match if they are the same colored suit.

Keep in mind that the more cards that you use, then the harder the game is also.

Can the Memory Game help with children’s development?

The memory game can definitely help develop some skills whilst kids are growing up.

It will teach them critical thinking in trying to work out which cards that are previously shown make a matching pair. As well as teaching them the importance of paying attention.

Alternative Games to the Memory Game

If you’ve enjoyed playing the Memory Game but are looking for something similar to play, look no further than our guide to Apples to Apples, Concentration and kemps card game.

Apples to Apples guarantees plenty of laugh out loud moments at family gatherings. However, it has enough difficulty involved to keep gameplay interesting.

If you decided to play with a deck of cards, then you are in luck – we have plenty of games played with a deck of cards.

Give either Pitty-Pat or Sequence for kids a try too. They are both easy to set up and easy to understand the rules so could both be a worthy inclusion in the family game night alongside the Memory Game.

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