45 Fun Indoor Group Games for Kids to Play

There are many, many indoor group games for kids that you can introduce so that your little ones will be having fun no matter the circumstances.

If you either have kids or look after them often, then chances are a cold or rainy day has left you stuck with activities to keep everyone entertained.

Fortunately we have got you covered, with an assortment of fun indoor games that range from active to quiet sit down games. 

Whatever your kids fancy playing though, we’re almost guaranteed to have something that they’ll love in our list of 45 indoor group games for kids.

45 Indoor Group Games for Kids

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Active Indoor Group Games for Kids


Game Objective: Win the game by either tagging the other team or by players avoiding getting tagged by the other team. If a player gets tagged, then they must stand still with their legs apart. Players can free ‘stuck’ players by crawling through their legs.

For more details including the rules and gameplay tips check out How to Play Stuck in the Mud Game.

Why it’s Fun: Provided you have space and a large number of players, Stuck in the Mud encourages kids to run around and be active. With the added bonus that they’ll all be laughing their heads off whilst doing so as well!


Game Objective: Be the last person still sitting on the chair at the end of the game. It’s a game definitely harder than it sounds, so learn How to Play Fruit Salad the game.

Why it’s Fun: An ideal indoor game for the classroom as an end of day activity. Fruit Salad mixes energetic gameplay in with thinking skills, so you get the best of both worlds.


Game Objective: Be the last person standing at the end of the game by keeping your balance. Place your body limbs on the designated colored areas. Have a look at our guide If you’re after more information on the rules of Twister.

Why it’s Fun: It would be harder to find someone who hasn’t played twister rather than who has played it. An iconic classic, your kids are bound to play Twister sooner rather than later.

Buy it: The official Twister Game set comes with everything you’ll need to start playing immediately.

Our Pick
Twister Classic Game
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Game Objective: Wrap up your teammate in toilet paper (or anything else similar) within a time limit before the other team manages to. For tips and trick, have a look at our guide How to play the Mummy Wrap Game.

Why it’s Fun: The ideal game to accompany spooky Halloween festivities, kids will enjoy getting to wrap their pals up like mummies. What’s more, it’s just as fun for the Mummies to break out of their bandages too!


Game Objective: In your group, nominate a player to be ‘Simon’. Have all other players stand opposite ‘Simon’ in a line. Have ‘Simon’ list commands starting with ‘Simon says’. If Simon performs command without ‘Simon’ saying ‘Simon says’, then remove that person from the game. 

Why it’s Fun: An ideal game if you don’t have any extra equipment to hand. A very popular game, chances are your kids already know the rules anyway.


Game Objective: A nominated player counts to 100 whilst everyone else finds a hiding place. The platey counting then needs to try to find where everyone may be hiding.

Why it’s Fun: Hide and Seek can really show your kids creativity. It’s a game that doesn’t require any resource or set-up. Just choose to play and go for it.


Game Objective: Hide a bunch of ‘treasure’ somewhere within the area. Give a ‘treasure list’ to the players who have to search for the treasure. The list should give them clues to where it’s hidden.

Why it’s Fun: Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Try to use a random assortment of household items to keep it more entertaining for the kids to find.


Game Objective: Use different objects to get from one side of an area to another without touching the floor. Anyone who touches the floor is out. Read our “The Floor is Lava rules” guide to learn more about this game.

Why it’s Fun: Another game that rewards players creativity and teaches them quick thinking skills to boot too.


Game Objective: Have all players sit around in a circle. Nominate one player to walk around the outside of the circle, patting each one on the head saying ‘Duck’. Have that player pick someone at random to say ‘Goose’. At this point the person chosen to be the Goose chases that player to try to tag them before they sit down in their place. Whoever loses the race starts the game again.

Why it’s Fun: A great way to get kids to expend any energy that they may have for being indoors. It’s also tense but a lot of fun as well.


Game Objective: Have chairs in the middle of the circle of players, with one less chair than participants. Play some music, and once the music stops anyone who doesn’t sit in a chair is out. Repeat with one less chair each time until there is a winner.

Why it’s Fun: A game that can particularly fit in well with any party. Try to make it more fun by picking music that your kids enjoy.


Game Objective: A contest to see who can blow the biggest bubble. Put some watered down washing-up liquid in a bowl and give each player a straw. See which player is able to blow the biggest bubble.

Why it’s Fun: Although typically played outdoors, your kids can also play this game inside too. Blowing bubbles isn’t just great fun for the kids either.


Game Objective: Using a softball or rolled up sock, the goal is for players to get rid of the ‘hot potato’ without dropping it. Whoever drops it is out of the game, last person standing is the winner.

To learn more about this game, check out our guide for Hot potato game rules.

Why it’s Fun: A game that is as fast as it is frantic. Best played when players are at their most unexpected for maximum laughs.


Game Objective: Divide players up into 2 teams. 1 player from a team will receive a card in which they will act out what is on the card within the timeframe. That team receives a point if they can successfully guess what is on the card. Most points at the end wins.

Why it’s Fun: Charades is the ultimate Christmas party game, but can be a bit complicated at first for kids. Introducing them to ‘Charades for Kids’ is ideal for starting them out though, and should be able to move onto the grownups version in no time.

Buy it: Pressman has a Charades for Kids pack that is for at kids around kindergarten age.

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Board Games for Kids


Game Objective: Ideally played with younger children, the game requires players to match a ‘sequence’ of four. Read our guide on ‘Sequence for Kids’ if you’re looking for more information on this game.

Why it’s Fun: Sequence is an ideal game for kids in kindergarten and younger due to its simplicity, it is the ideal starting point to learn about board games.

Buy It: Game developers Jax makes a version of Sequence for Kids that your kids will love.


Game Objective: Be the person or the team to correctly guess the most answers displayed on their headband and get rid of their game chips. For more information on the rules and set-up instructions, have a look at our Hedbanz guide.

Why it’s Fun: AdjustHedbanz depending on the age of who is playing, so the game is always kept fresh.

Buy it: A kids version of Hedbanz is available which has pictures mainly targeted at kids.

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Hedbanz Picture Guessing Board Game, for Families and Kids Ages 8 and up
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Game Objective: Match more cards than any other player by successfully remembering the placement of each card. The game Memory requires a little bit of set up and you can also get some gameplay tips too.

Why it’s Fun: Sometimes simple games are the most fun, and this is certainly true with Memory. Also, try to play with a simple deck of cards.

Buy it: Although you can play the game with a deck of cards, Wonder Forge has a set that may be more fun for kids to play with.

Our Pick
Wonder Forge Baby Animals Matching Game for Boys & Girls - A Fun & Fast Animal Memory Game
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Game Objective: The goal of dominoes does change depending on what game you play. Get some ideas on fun dominoes games by checking out our guide on dominoes.

Why it’s Fun: Dominoes is a game that has played for 100’s of years in a variety of ways. Their versatility is something really worth teaching your kids, as a really good way to combat boredom.

Buy it: Any standard dominoes set will do nicely. These from Pressman are a cheap option that will do nicely.


Game Objective: No real objective to this game, line up the dominoes on their end and once you’re done, topple them over and watch them go!

Why it’s Fun: The real challenge is managing to line them up as it requires patience and a steady hand. But it’s very satisfying once you manage to line up all the dominoes.


Game Objective: Be the first team to move their game pieces from one side of the game board to the other. Answer questions and complete challenges, read our Beat the Parents guide that gives tips and hints for gameplay.

Why it’s Fun: A game that puts the kids vs the adults, it’s a fun game that really includes everyone in the family.

Buy it: Spin Master develops a version of the game that includes everything that you’ll need in order to get the game started.

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Game Objective: Become the first player to get rid of all their cards by getting all of their ‘pawn’ cards to home. Have a look at our guide to Sorry! Card Revenge to see exactly how this works.

Why it’s Fun: The host of Sorry! Card Revenge is a sassy pawn that talks to you as the game progresses. Kids will find the cheeky host hilarious as it barks out orders. 

Buy it: Well known game developers Hasbro created Sorry! Card Revenge but sadly is no longer in production. You may get lucky and find a second hand one, however.


Game Objective: Earn cards by being the first player to spot different characters and objects that are being asked for. Have the most cards at the end of the game to become the winner. Check out our guide on Pictureka for more information.

Why it’s Fun: All the fun of ‘Where’s Waldo’ mixed in with a healthy dose of ‘I-Spy’. Pictureka really is the best of both worlds.

Buy it: Hasbro makes a version of Pictureka that includes all the correct equipment needed for gameplay.

Official Edition
Hasbro Gaming Pictureka Board Game
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Game Objective: Move all your game pieces around the board into ‘home’ before any other player. For advice on setup and answers to some questions you may have, read our guide on Trouble.

Why it’s Fun: Gameplay is very straightforward and is also easy to set-up so it’s sure to be a real winner for your kids. The game should ironically keep your kids out of trouble!

Buy it: Trouble comes in many different versions, but the standard version of Trouble is all you’ll need to begin playing.

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Trouble Game
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Game Objective: Risk can be a complex game, although the junior addition is a much easier game for kids to pick up. Using a pirate theme, players compete to own different islands and reclaim lost buried treasure.

Why it’s Fun: Risk is the ultimate strategy game and although the proper version may be a bit out of reach the junior version is the perfect stop gap until then. If your kids love adventure then they’ll love the pirate theme.

Buy it: The aforementioned pirate version of Risk Junior from Hasbro is perfect for first time players.

Our Pick
Hasbro Gaming Risk Junior Game: Strategy Board Game
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Game Objective: Despite sharing the name, Memory Chess is much different to regular chess. Much more suitable for kids, the goal is to roll the dice and correctly find a game piece which matches the colour on the dice. 

Why it’s Fun: An ideal memory game, the game could not be any simpler to set up and learn the rules. 

Buy it: If you like the sound of buying Memory Chess for your children, QIKI has a set that comes with everything you’ll need.


Game Objective: Successfully guess the person displayed on your opponent’s card. Do this by asking leading questions.

Why it’s Fun: So many crazy characters are in this game, kids will enjoy turning detective to try and get the right person in this game.

Buy it: Another game from Hasbro, there are different versions available but the standard Guess Who? will do you nicely.

Hasbro Gaming Guess Who? Classic Game Multi
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Game Objective: Navigate the gameboard to become the first player to reach the top left hand corner.

Why it’s Fun: A favorite among younger children, the game is easy to understand and you can play with any number of players.

Buy it: Chutes and Ladders come in many different versions, but a standard set of Chutes and Ladders fits the bill nicely.

Related: Chutes and Ladders rules

Pressman Snakes & Ladders Game, 2-4 Players, Ages 4 & Up
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Game Objective: Be the player with the most money at the end of the game, or last person with money left. Become a property tycoon by owning the most real estate.

Why it’s Fun: Regular monopoly may be a bit too complex, but luckily there is a version for kids. The junior version will teach the basics so that the step up isn’t too bad but is also great fun.

Buy it: Like many kids board games, there are different versions starring some of your kids favorite characters. The standard Monopoly Junior is the recommended set though.

Monopoly Junior Board Game
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Game Objective: Designed for children and you can change the difficulty around depending on age. A puzzle game that is based on traffic jams, players need to maneuver the car around other cars to freedom.

Why it’s Fun: A great game that can really help with motor skills and hand dexterity. Plus the game is adjustable based on how difficult your kid would like it to be. 

Buy it: Brakites does a Rush Hour set that comes with everything that you’ll need to play.


Game Objective: Avoid being the player that knocks over the stack. Carefully take game pieces from the stack without knocking over the structure.

Why it’s Fun: The ultimate tense game where holding your nerve is key. Jenga has been popular for years, and with nail biting gameplay it’s easy to see why.

Buy it: The original is usually the best, and Jenga is no exception with this set with travel case.

Jenga Game Wooden Blocks Stacking Tumbling Tower Kids Game Ages 6 and Up
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Wordplay Games for Kids


Game Objective: Get rid of all your letters by forming words with the letters provided. The ‘Bananas’ aspect is unique to this game and is also important. Our guide on Bananagrams rules will explain this further.

Why it’s Fun: A game designed to send everybody bananas. It’s a fun twist on the more commonly known Scrabble, and word-based games always prove to be fun.

Buy it: Bananagrams comes with a handy travel case and you can buy straight from the developers of the game.

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Game Objective: Similar to Bananagrams, although each word has a score depending on the quality of the word played.

Why it’s Fun: Mixes fun gameplay with a way to refine your kids word skills, Scrabble is an iconic game for a reason.

Buy it: The Scrabble Junior addition is a good starting point to buy for kids, although the board is reversible for harder gameplay.

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Game Objective: Use jumbled up letters to make words that obtain the highest combined score. The winner has the highest combined score at the end of play. There is more to it then that, but luckily we have a guide on Yathzee that should help fill in anything that we’ve missed.

Why it’s Fun: Yahtzee is like a more unpredictable version of Scrabble, although it is still a lot of fun and should also help with English skills.

Buy it: There are quite a few different versions available, but again this Yahtzee set from Hasbro is what you’ll need to begin the game. 

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Game Objective: Best played with as many players as possible. Come up with a topic such as ‘Animals’. Go round the group and players must come up with an answer in that category which correlates with the letter that they are on. If a player hesitates or fails to answer, they’re out of the game. Last person standing is the winner.

Why it’s Fun: A game that rewards those with a quick mind. Keep the categories simple and the kids playing will surprise themselves at how many answers that they are able to get.


Game Objective: Have 2 teams of players in a line. Whisper a phrase in their ear, which gets passed along the line. It is important that it is only whispered in another player’s ear once. Have the player at the end of the line shout out the phrase that they have heard. Winning team is the one who gets closest to the phrase.

Why it’s Fun: Listening is key in Chinese Whispers, and as we all know kids aren’t the best listeners! So it is entertaining to see what word or phrase shouted out at the end.

Card Games for Kids


Game Objective: Be the player who is able to get rid of all their cards before the other players. Do this by matching cards and asking the player to your left if they have any cards that you need.

Why it’s Fun: A simple classic, one of the more iconic games that you can play with a standard deck of cards. A really good starting point for teaching your kid’s card games too.

Buy it: All that you’ll need for any good card game is a good deck of cards. This set from Regal fits the bill nicely.


Game Objective: Deal players 5 cards each. Another matching game, players need to match the card that’s drawn with either the same number or the same suit. Eights are ‘wild’ and you can play any card on top. The first player to get rid of their cards wins. 

Why it’s Fun: Another classic card game that is simple to set-up and easier to play. It’s a great starting point to being able to play other card games also.


Game Objective: Avoid being the player who ends up with the queen at the end. Remove all but one Queen before shuffling and dealing. Players need to match their cards numerically and pick one card from the hand of the player to the left. The last player with the queen loses.

Why it’s Fun: Old Maid, sometimes known as ‘Lonely Queen’, is another fun game that has an element of luck to it. The game can be tense, especially when you have the Queen and need another player to pick it.


Game Objective: Own the whole deck of cards by being the first player to slap their hand down on top of the deck. Players lay down cards from their deck, and once 2 numbers the same pop up slap your hand down shouting ‘SNAP’. Player with their hand on the bottom wins the cards drawn so far.

Why it’s Fun: SNAP is the most simple game that you can play with a deck of cards. But it’s also one of the most enjoyable, with no real understanding needed before playing.


Game Objective: A form of Rummy but one that isn’t quite as complex as other versions of the game. The goal is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards, but have a look at our Pitty Pat guide for set-up and more information.

Why it’s Fun: Once your kids get into the rabbit hole of ‘Rummy’ games, they’ll always have a game to keep them entertained. Pitty Pat is the perfect starting point for these games.


Game Objective: Similar to H-O-R-S-E in games like basketball or darts, P-I-G works in a similar way. Remove 4 cards of the same number from a deck and deal the cards out. Pass one of your cards to the player on the right. Once someone has 4 of the same number, they touch their nose and all players follow suit. Last player to touch their nose gets a letter of PIG.

Why it’s Fun: The game is easy to play and understand, but the real fun comes with keeping an eye on other players touching their nose.

Spinoff Indoor Group Games for Kids


Game Objective: Using a softball or a rolled up sock, take turns aiming for a specific target. Works best if there is a larger space that you can use. Score a point for everytime a player makes a ‘basket’.

Why it’s Fun: Makes good use of random household equipment. Although do make sure that you remove anything that players can damage from the room before playing!


Game Objective: Similar to regular bowling, roll a ball at the pins and count up how many players have knocked over in two throws. Keep it simple though and don’t worry about including the complicated scoring for strikes and spares, however.

Why it’s Fun: Bowling is one of America’s favorite past times, so what better way to get your kids started early? It can really help with early dexterity skills if you start playing from a young age too.

Buy it: Although you can use assorted household items in a pinch, consider this Darice indoor bowling set as it has everything that you will need.

DARICE Kids Set: BPA Free, Includes 10 Pins, 2 Bowling Balls, 1 Plastic Carrying Caddy, Assorted
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Game Objective: Set up an indoor obstacle course in your house or indoor area using whatever you can find as the obstacles. Set your kids the challenge to get from one side to the other in the quickest time possible.

Why it’s Fun: This indoor game is as fun as you choose to make it. It’s up to you how the kids play this game, so it has no limits.


Game Objective: Best played with 4 players, set up a net or a divider in a large area. Next, give all players a wooden spatula or other cooking utensil as their racquet. The goal is to keep the balloon up on your side of the divide. Gain a point if the opponent lets the balloon drop on their side.

Why it’s Fun: All the fun of playing tennis outside with none of the required skill needed. Using a balloon makes the game much more simple to play.


Game Objective: The same rules apply as they do in Balloon Tennis, except players use their hands instead. Also, more players can join in too.

Why it’s Fun: Balloon volleyball encourages there to be more players, so as long as you have a big enough indoor space it should double the fun.

More Fun Group Games

We hope that you agree that there are plenty of small group games that your kids can play indoors.. Hopefully you have managed to get some ideas to avoid your kids boredom if they do end up being stuck inside.

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