How to Play the Egg Drop Game

If you’ve ever had work colleagues, there is a good chance that you would have partaken in an activity designed to promote teamwork. If so, there is also a strong case that you would have played the Egg Drop Game too.

An easy game to set-up and ticks all the boxes for a group activity. It highlights the importance of togetherness and also promotes problem-solving skills.

Tasked with a simple goal of protecting an egg, teams will use a designated set of materials to achieve their task.

To find out more about this game including the materials that’s needed and instructions on setup, read on.

What is the Egg Drop Game?

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The Egg Drop Game requires players to display certain important aspects of working within a team.

The game is best played for fun though!

Number of Players Required: 6+, enough for at least 3 teams worth.

Who Can Play It: All ages, although it’s an idea to let an adult do the egg dropping if playing with the kids.

Difficulty: Easy to learn, hard to master.

Main Objective: Build a contraption that enables an egg to survive a large fall.

Why we love it: It’s a game that makes use of a player’s creativity and ingenuity. It also makes good use of different items in ways that you may never have imagined before. Just make sure you have some cleaning products for when you’re done!

What do I need to play the Egg Drop Game?

A good starting point would be buying a carton of eggs, 12 would be plenty depending on how many teams you are planning on having.

Make sure there are some spares for either accidents or so teams can have multiple attempts.

Next, you’ll need an assortment of different crafting materials for teams to craft their cradles for their eggs.

This part doesn’t have a specific guideline, but popular materials include:

Finally, make sure that you pick a place to play where there is a space for a stepladder so that teams can try out their contraptions. About 6’’ should be high enough.

How to Set Up Your Game

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You won’t need too much setup for the Egg Drop Game. Once you’ve decided how many teams there are, make sure that each team has an equal amount of materials.

Also, make sure that you’re happy with the height that you are dropping the eggs from. 

Egg Drop Game Rules and Gameplay

Make sure that everyone is happy with their teams and that they understand the task that they have been set.

Also, ensure that you have prompted everyone on the importance of teamwork in the survival of their eggs.

Starting the game

First of all, you will need to decide on a time limit that teams will have to abide by in crafting their eggs safety contraptions.

Decide on a time by taking into account the team’s sizes and ages along with the number of teams.

15 minutes should be plenty of time, but adjust this time if you wanted to change the difficulty for teams.

How to play Egg Drop Game

  • Start by instructing the teams of the time limit and have them all sitting by the designated materials. Once everyone is ready, shout ‘GO’.
  • Teams will need to work together to use the materials to create a safe contraption that will let their egg survive a 6’’ drop.
  • After 15 minutes, stop teams from what they are doing even if they’re not finished.
  • Nominate a team to go first, climb the step ladder, and release the egg!
  • Keep going until every team has had their go. The winning team is the one who’s egg either survives or has suffered the least damage.

Keeping Score in the Egg Drop Game

If you have multiple eggs, then it may be an idea to drop more than once per team in order for results to be consistent.

If this is something that you have chosen to do, award a point each team who managed to have their egg survive the fall.

The winning team in this case is the team with the most points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any ways in which the difficulty of the Egg Drop Game can be really enhanced?

If you’re lucky enough to be near a wooded area, you can add a round before the building phase where teams have to source their own materials.

Adding this in can really add a competitive edge with teams trying to gather the best resources.

Can you adapt the Egg Drop Game for the classroom?

There is an argument that the Egg Drop Game can certainly teach kids about physics. Alongside the typical team-building qualities that the game is famous for.

Kids will certainly have fun trying to build their contraptions and see the results of their work at the very least anyhow.

Alternative Games to Egg Drop

The Egg Drop game is definitely a classic, especially for those who have ever taken part in a team-building activity.

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For those who enjoy outdoor team games, check out the rules to Kan-Jam. A team game with a frisbee, it is certainly recommended for those with a competitive edge.

Have a look at our guide on the Egg Drop Game, a classic team-building game perfect for kids and adults alike. Read for tips and materials needed to play.

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