Drawing Without Dignity (Rules and Instructions)

How about turning sketches into a competition that will keep you blushing? These Drawing Without Dignity rules introduce you to a crazy adult drawing game.

If you’re throwing a party and expect a wide range of guests, a goofy game is undoubtedly the best way to melt the ice. 

But in my experience, the same party game will hardly keep you entertained time after time: the repeating jokes lack the punchiness and moment of surprise.

That’s why I am constantly searching for new additions to my collection – and that’s just how I found Drawing Without Dignity, an absurd drawing party game I’d like to teach you today.

The game somewhat reminds me of Pictionary (see our Pictionary rules or a list of Games Like Pictionary for more details on this category of games).

Nevertheless, while Pictionary is family-friendly, Drawing Without Dignity is an adult-only game full of profanity and dirty jokes.

This Drawing Without Dignity rules guide will cover the following: 

  • What is Drawing Without Dignity
  • What you’ll need to play Drawing Without Dignity
  • Drawing Without Dignity rules
  • How to play Drawing Without Dignity (video tutorial)
  • FAQs
  • Other similar games to Drawing Without Dignity (our guides)

Read on and learn how to play Drawing Without Dignity step by step.

What is Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity Card Game Info Image

Can you draw? No? That’s actually even better! Although this party game centers around sketching, no real art skills are required. In fact, the lamer your drawings, the more fun it is.

Number of Players: 4 – 12 (or even more)

Ages: 17+

Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Play: 30 – 60 minutes

Category: Adult party game

Similar to: Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme

Main Objective: Collect the most points by guessing the word or phrase from your teammates’ funny sketches.

Why We Love It: This game is not for the faint-hearted, but if you don’t mind a bit of profanity, Drawing Without Dignity will undoubtedly make you laugh. 

What You’ll Need to Play Drawing Without Dignity

You must buy the original Drawing Without Dignity game set to play this game.

The set contains:

  • 150 premium playing cards
  • 670 outrageous drawing ideas
  • Die 
  • Timer 
  • Drawing pad 
  • A set of pencils
  • A set of instructions
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My tip: To make the game more unpredictable and thus entertaining, upgrade it with the Drawing Without Dignity Expansion Packs No.1/No. 2. Note that these are not standalone – you still need the original game set to play the game.

Drawing Without Dignity Rules and Instructions

A good party game has to be simple, dynamic, surprising, and a bit mischievous. In these regards, Drawing Without Dignity indeed excels. 

Let’s get through the game’s instructions step by step.

Starting the Game

First, divide all the players into teams. You can have a maximum of four teams in the game, and each team must have at least two players.

Each team now gets 3 Cockblock! Cards, a Categories reference card, paper, and pencils.

The remaining cards will form a down-facing draw pile. Set it somewhere within reach.

How to Play Drawing Without Dignity

Roll the die to see which team goes first (the one with the highest number on the die).


  • The first team picks their first “artist.”
  • Roll the die to reveal the category of tasks.
  • The artist draws the top card from the pile but doesn’t show it to anyone! (including their teammates)
  • Find the phrase or word that corresponds with the number on the die.
  • Start the timer.
  • Now the first team’s artist has 60 seconds to sketch their assignment.
  • While drawing, no speaking, using letters/numbers, and making gestures is allowed.
  • As the artist draws, their teammates guess what the sketch is supposed to stand for.

If the team guesses the meaning of the sketch correctly before the time runs out, they can keep the card as a point for the final scoring. They pick another artist and repeat the whole procedure with a new assignment.

If the team fails to guess the sketch correctly, the next team (clockwise) takes a turn. 

Besides these basic rules, there are also a few extra actions that can spice up the game.

The Steal

Did the artist’s teammates fail to guess the drawing correctly? When the time runs out, all the teams have one chance to guess the sketch correctly.

If any of them wins, they grab the card instead of the original competitors. The game proceeds in the initial order, though.

The Cockblock!

You can also steal your opponent’s points by jumping into their turn and trying to guess their drawing within their time limit. 

To do this, throw one of your Cockblock! cards on the table. Your team has as many guesses as needed to guess the sketch. If you succeed, you score a point. 

Your used Cockblock! card is then discarded.

The Orgy

When you roll 6, you initiate the “Orgy” mode in which all the teams compete in drawing the same sketch at the same time. (note that the cards have only five categories of assignments; number 6 on the die serves only this purpose)

In Orgy mode, each team guesses the correct answer based on the drawing of their respective artists. The fastest team to guess the sketch correctly scores the point.

Besides that, the winners also get one Cockblock! card from the discard pile (if available).

Drawing Without Dignity Scoring 

This game can be played as long as you desire. Unless you agree with your opponents otherwise, the first team to collect 10 points wins the game.

Drawing Without Dignity – Video Tutorial 

Drawing Without Dignity Frequently Asked Questions

Can two or three players play Drawing Without Dignity?

No. To play this game correctly based on the official instructions, you need at least two teams consisting of two players each.

How can you make Drawing Without Dignity appropriate for younger players?

While some adult party games can be adapted by sorting out a few inappropriate cards, Drawing Without Dignity has adult topics on each of its 150 cards. Hence, it is not suitable for kids at all.

How to play Drawing Without Dignity when your drawing pad runs out of paper?

You can go to the game’s official website and print out a free drawing pad template on your own paper – or simply use any plain paper instead.

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