What’s Yours Like (Rules and Gameplay Instructions)

What’s Yours Like is a hilarious guessing game that will test your verbal skills and imagination. Never played it before? Don’t worry, What’s Yours Like rules are straightforward. This guide explains the gameplay in detail. 

Whether you’re looking for an original office party game, a cool drinking game, or a creative family challenge, What’s Yours Like is the right choice.

This simple game requires you to come up with creative ways to describe different words without revealing them.

This What’s Yours Like rules guide will cover the following: 

  • What is What’s Yours Like?
  • What you’ll need to play What’s Yours Like
  • What’s Yours Like Rules
  • How to play What’s Yours Like (video tutorial)
  • FAQs
  • Other similar games to What’s Yours Like (our guides)

Read on to learn how to play What’s Yours Like.

What is What’s Yours Like

What’s Yours Like Card Game Info Image

What’s Yours Like is a fairly new game, yet you’ll probably find it familiar. The gameplay resembles many other guessing games asking players to decipher clues and figure out a particular word or phrase.

However, What’s Yours Like can be exceptionally witty and amusing – especially if you play it with a bunch of adult friends who can fully appreciate the occasional ambiguities.

Number of Players: 4+ players 

Ages: 12+

Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Play: 30 – 45 minutes 

Category: Word guessing card game

Similar to: HedbanzTabooFamily Feud

Main Objective: Figure out the correct Guess Word while using as few clues as possible.

Why We Love It: This game can be both silly and ambiguously witty, depending on the players.

What You’ll Need to Play What’s Yours Like

To play this game, you’re going to need the official What’s Yours Like game kit that includes everything you’re going to need. The package includes:

  • 188 Word cards with 376 guess words
  • 95 Challenge cards
  • 5 Blank cards
  • 2 Clue boards
  • 2 Markers
  • Card concealer folder
  • Instructions
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Besides the box’s content, you will also need a pencil, a piece of paper, and a damp cloth to clean the clue boards. 

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What’s Yours Like Rules 

What’s Yours Like has just a few rules to learn and obey. But first, unbox the game and set up its contents. 

Starting the Game

Unlike most other games, What’s Yours Like lets you decide on many aspects of the settings at your discretion. 

  • First, decide if you want to play with both sides of the Word Cards: the Orange side is suitable when you play with kids, whereas the red side contains some words kids won’t be able to personalize (e.g., “mother in law”).
  • Blank Cards serve for creating your own words. Otherwise, you can set them aside.
  • Have a card box, clue boards, and markers at hand.
  • Pick one scorekeeper among the players.
  • Decide on the number of rounds. Since the rounds can be lengthy, it is recommended to stick to three rounds.
  • One of the players (usually the person who came up with the idea to play this game) will take the “Hot Seat” – he will be the first one to guess.

How to Play What’s Yours Like

This is how the game proceeds:

  • The person to the left of the guessing player picks one card from the box, looks at the guess word, conceals the card in the folder, and allows all players to see it – except for the guessing person.
  • The guessing player opens the game by asking the person to his left: “What’s Yours Like?”
  • The player answers by describing their GUESS WORD in a creative yet truthful way. Don’t be too literal or too vague. (e.g., if the guess word is a car, he can say: “Mine is always broken” or “Mine is pretty dirty.”)
What's yours like Gameplay Image

If the player doesn’t know the answer right away, he asks others (in clockwise order) the same question. 

  • Each player can provide one clue (answer) during one turn. 
  • Each turn, players must come up with different clues.
  • The guessing player writes the clues down on the clue board. 
  • After each clue, he has one attempt to guess the answer.

The game continues this way until the player eventually guesses the word. 


If a player picks some of the challenge cards instead of a guess card, he can challenge one of the others. The winner can deduct two points from his score.

This is how the challenge proceeds:

  • Both players are guessing the word simultaneously
  • The remaining players give clues to both of them, while each has his clue board. 
  • The first one to guess the word wins.
  • Challenges also serve to resolve ties.

After the challenge, standard gameplay resumes. The player who was initially on the turn now repeats his draw. If he picks challenge two times in a row, this is ignored, and he picks another card.

What's yours like Cards Image

What’s Yours Like Scoring

To calculate the score, the player in the Hot Seat counts all the clues on his clues board. The resulting number is the player’s score for the round.

Next, the player to the left is on the turn with guessing. The round ends when all the players take their turns guessing.

When the agreed number of rounds is over, count the scores. The player with the lowest score wins.

How to Play What’s Yours Like – Video Tutorial 

What’s Yours Like Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the What’s Yours Like game come from?

This game is produced by PlayMonster, an American producer of toys and games.

How many players can play What’s Yours Like?

Ideally, the game should be played by 4 – 6 players. There is no upper limit, but remember that the more players you have, the longer your game will usually take.

Can you play What’s Yours Like with small children?

Theoretically, this game is suitable for all ages, but small kids probably won’t be able to provide accurate and truthful descriptions of some guess words. 

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