Monopoly Cheaters Edition Rules

Steal money from the bank? Trade properties with another player while they aren’t looking? These are some examples of the cheating involved in Monopoly Cheater’s Edition.

Try your hand at bluffing family and friends and easily distract your opponents in this sneaky edition of Monopoly. But don’t get caught, or you’ll have to pay the price! 

This Monopoly Cheaters Edition rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is Monopoly Cheaters Edition?
  • A brief history of Monopoly Cheaters Edition
  • What you’ll need to play Monopoly Cheaters Edition
  • Monopoly Cheaters Edition Rules
  • How to play Monopoly Cheaters Edition (Video Tutorial)
  • FAQs

Read on to learn how to play Monopoly Cheaters Edition: 

What is Monopoly Cheaters Edition?

Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game Info image

Monopoly Cheaters Edition is a version of the Monopoly game where players cheat to get ahead while simultaneously catching their opponents cheating. 

Number of Players: 2-6 players

Ages: Recommended for 8+

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Play: 45 minutes

Category: Board game, family game

Similar to: Pay Day, The Game of Life, Monopoly

Main Objective: Players compete to purchase the most properties before they are all claimed. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins!

Why We Love It: I can’t think of another board game that provides instructions for cheating! This is a fun alternative to traditional Monopoly, and it gives players a chance to test their thieving skills and sleight of hand on their opponents. 

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A Brief History of Monopoly Cheaters Edition

In 1935, Parker Brothers purchased the original Monopoly board game concept. Years later, in 2018, Hasbro Gaming released the Monopoly Cheater’s Edition because rumor has that Monopoly players are notorious for cheating. 

There are many Monopoly editions available on the market today, but a board game that encourages cheating is a creative concept! 

What You’ll Need to Play Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Everything you need to play is included in this boxed set.

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The complete game box contains: 

  • Game board
  • 2 dice
  • Plastic handcuff
  • Cheat cards
  • Community Chest cards
  • Chance cards
  • Tokens
  • Money
  • Title Deed cards
  • Hotels

Area of Play

Open the board and place the money, Cheat Cards, and hotels in the bank tray. 

Place the dice and handcuffs beside the board. 

Place the Community and Chance card decks on their spaces on the board. 

Begin the game by giving each player $1500 using the following bills: 

  • (2) $500
  • (4) $100 
  • (1) $50
  • (1) $20
  • (3) $10

Everyone must keep their money spread out in front of them, visible to all players. 

Also, place a free hotel on Connecticut Ave. as a bonus for whoever buys the property. 

Place 5 Cheat Cards on the designated spaces in the middle of the game board. 

Title Deed cards must be placed beside each property around the board’s edge. 

Players select a token to use as their game piece and place it on the starting space “Go.”

Monopoly Cheaters Edition Rules

After every player rolls the dice, the player with the highest total goes first. Play continues in a clockwise fashion around the board. 

Players retrieve the money tray at the start of their turn and consider the face-up Cheat Cards on the board to think of a way to use them.

Roll both dice to begin your turn. Move your token accordingly in a clockwise rotation around the game board. 


You can take another turn if you roll doubles once or twice, but if a player rolls doubles three times in a row, they must go to jail without completing their third turn. 

If you land on the Go To Jail space, you immediately go to jail and do not pass GO or collect $200. You must then put the handcuff on and attach the card next to the board where you are seated. 

Even though your turn is over, you can still purchase hotels, collect rent, and trade during your jail time. You can also cheat and catch cheaters; however, you cannot play Chance or Community Chest cards unless they get you out of jail. 

If someone is already in jail when you arrive, you take the handcuff from them, and they move to the Just Visiting section of the board. Only one player can be in jail at a time. 

To get out of jail, you can pay $50 at the beginning of your turn. At this point, you can roll the dice and move on. 

You can also get out of jail by rolling doubles. If you do, move your token that many spaces on the board, then your turn ends. If you have a Get Out of Jail Community Chest card, you can also use that to get out of jail. 

If you cannot roll doubles by your third turn, you must pay $50 and move your token according to your last roll. 

Purchasing Property 

If you land on an unowned property and want to purchase it, pay the amount listed on the Title Deed card and collect the card as proof of purchase. 

If you don’t want to purchase the property or you can’t afford to, the other players can bid to buy the property at auction. 

The bidding must start at $10 and increase in increments no less than $10. If a player wins, they claim the property and pay the bank. 

If no one wants the property, it remains unclaimed, bank-owned, and vacant. 


A Monopoly is when a player owns all the properties in a specific section or color. When this occurs, rent collection is raised to the amount shown on the Title Deed card as “Rent with color set.” 

You can add hotels once you have a Monopoly; adding hotels will also increase the rent collection amount explicitly listed on the Title Deed cards. 

In this edition, there are no houses. Players can purchase hotels when they own a colored set of properties. 


You may only have one hotel per property, and you cannot sell hotels. If a bank-owned property already has a hotel on it, you only have to pay the property listing price, and the hotel is included for free. 

Players interested in the last available hotel must bid on it. You can buy, rent or sell properties with the other players. 

You can trade properties for cash, Get Out of Jail Free cards, or other properties with another player at any time. The players involved in the deal can determine the price. 


If you cannot raise enough money to pay your debts, you are out of the game. If you run out of money, you need to sell properties to the bank or another player for the face value of the property. This is called bankruptcy. 

If you owe another player, give them all the money and cards you have, and if you owe the bank, your properties will be auctioned. 

Rent Collection

If a player lands on one of your properties, you must ask them for “rent, please.” The tenant must pay the amount listed on the Title Deed card to you based on the conditions. 

If you forget to ask for rent, and it goes unnoticed until the next player rolls their dice and begins their turn, your opponent does not have to pay. 

Additional Rules 

Every time a player lands on or passes Go, they draw $200 from the bank. 

If you land on a Chance or Community Chest space, draw the card on top of the deck and follow the instructions listed on the card. 

Some cards require immediate action, while others can be saved for use later on. You can only keep one Chance and one Community Chest card at a time. If you draw another one, you will have to discard or play one of the cards. 


You cannot purchase Railroads. Landing on a Railroad space simply means you jump your token to the next Railroad space on the board, and your turn ends. 

Free Parking

If you land on Free Parking, you must draw a Chance or Community Chest card. 


You can only cheat by using one of the face-up Cheat cards displayed on the board during the game. Each card shows a title and an action. 

You can cheat on your turn or during another player’s turn. Players can use distractions, sleight of hand, or bluffing to accomplish cheats. 

Secretly follow the directions on one of the cheat cards. If no one notices you before the next player rolls the dice, you go away with the cheat!

Tell everyone which cheat you completed, then flip over the Cheat card and claim the reward described on the back. Return that card to the deck and replace it with a new Cheat. 

If you think another player is cheating, call out, “Cheater!” immediately before the next player has a chance to roll. 

If a player is caught in a cheat, they must accept the penalty listed on the back of the Cheat card. However, if someone is wrongly accused of cheating and proves their innocence, the accusing player must pay them $100. 


 Here are several examples of the Cheats available on the Cheat Cards: 

  • Extra Allowance – Collect $300 when passing Go. 
  • Pick Pocket – Steal money from another player.
  • Identity Theft – Move another player’s token instead of yours. 
  • Bank Heist – Steal money from the bank.

How to Keep Score in Monopoly Cheaters Edition

When all properties have been purchased, the game ends. Players must continue around the board until they reach Go. You must stop and collect $200 regardless of the number of spaces remaining from your roll. 

Next, each player takes turns collecting rent money from the bank for all properties and hotel costs. 

The player with the most cash wins the game!

How to Play Monopoly Cheaters Edition – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is different about Monopoly Cheaters Edition?

Monopoly Cheater’s Edition is similar to the original Monopoly game, with a couple of exceptions. Rewards and penalties are redeemed upon an accomplished or attempted cheat. There are specifically designed Cheat cards with examples of cheating available for players. 

Can you play regular Monopoly with the Cheaters Edition? 

To play a standard game of Monopoly using the Cheater’s Edition, you can ignore the Cheating cards. However, I think most players will find the act of cheating entertaining!

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