UNO Bingo (Rules and How to Play)

Look no further if you’re seeking a simple party game for all age groups. UNO Bingo is a compact and refreshed version of the classic game of Bingo that can be played anywhere and anytime. Check out these UNO Bingo rules for all the details.

Bingo is perfect when you’re expecting your friends for a laidback get-together (check more game night ideas). It is based on the traditional game of Bingo but enhanced with a few funny elements known from popular UNO games (see classic UNO rules). 

It is exciting, fast-paced, and sure to bring laughter to your party. Moreover, it is also incredibly easy to learn. 

This UNO Bingo rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is UNO Bingo?
  • What you’ll need to play UNO Bingo
  • UNO Bingo rules
  • How to play UNO Bingo (video tutorial)
  • FAQs
  • Other similar games to UNO Bingo (our guides)

Read on and learn how to play UNO Bingo from my simple instructions.

What is UNO Bingo?

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Bingo is commonly played in the game halls with players seated around tables and a live announcer calling out the drawn balls’ numbers. But if you want to enjoy the game in the privacy of your home, try UNO Bingo, a compact at-home version of the popular game.

Number of Players: 2 – 4 players

Ages: 6+

Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Play: 10 – 15 minutes

Category: Game of chance

Similar to: UNO classic, Bingo, Bingo card game

Main Objective: Get three tiles in a row and call “Bingo UNO!” faster than your opponents. 

Why We Love It: With UNO Bingo, random chance is exceptionally high, so everyone has an equal chance of winning – or losing

What You’ll Need to Play UNO Bingo

You cannot play UNO Bingo without a proper UNO Bingo game set. Although it was officially discontinued by Mattel some years ago, if you’re not lucky enough to own it already, there are still some shops and private resellers who sell it. 

The contents of the set:

  • 4 Cards
  • 18 Tiles
  • 2 Playing Dice
  • 1 Command Die
  • Storage Pouch
  • Instructions

UNO Bingo Rules and Gameplay

If you know how to play classic Bingo, UNO Bingo will feel familiar. Nevertheless, some original elements and twists make this game unique.

What are the dices good for?

With Bingo UNO, you’re going to use three different types of dice:

Command Die: A black die with three white sides, “Skip,” “Reverse,” and “Wild Take 1” symbols. This die spices up the gameplay with special actions.

Number Playing Die: A white die with numbers from 1 to 6 on each side. 

Color Playing Die: A white die with blue, green, red, and yellow sides plus two Wild sides.

Starting the Game

First, each player picks one Bingo card. If only two players play, they can make the game longer and more intricate by picking two cards each

Now place all the Bingo tiles in the center of the table. You’re ready to start playing now.

How to Play UNO Bingo

The player who suggested playing UNO Bingo is rewarded by being the first on a turn. This is how the game proceeds: 

  • Begin your turn by rolling all three dice together.
  • Check the two Playing Dice first – they reveal which space on your Bingo card you can cover with one of the tiles (e.g., if you roll “6” and “Red,” place a tile on the Red 6 space on your card – or on both your cards if you play with two).
  • If you roll Wild side on your color playing die, you can pick the color of your choice
  • Now, look at the Command Die. It directs you to one of the following actions:

Skip: The next player’s turn (on your left) is skipped. In a two-player game, this means you’re taking two turns.

Reverse: Reverse the direction of play (so the player on your right goes first now). In a two-player game, you’re just taking another turn again.

Wild Take 1: This allows you to pick any tile on your opponent’s card and put it away (back to the center of the table). Skip this action if your opponent(s) lack any tiles yet. 

Blank: No action. The player to your left takes their turn now.

  • As you take your turns, watch out for the formations of tiles on your Bingo card(s). When you have at least two tiles in a row (down, across, or diagonal), call “UNO!”.
  • If you forget to call “UNO!” and your opponents catch you (before another player takes their turn), the player who noticed it could take away one of your tiles and return it to the center. 
  • The game continues until one of the players has three tiles in a row.

UNO Bingo Scoring 

The first player to get three tiles in a row (in any of the allowed directions) must call “UNO Bingo!”. If you do this, you win the game. 

However, if you forget to call “UNO Bingo,” although you have three tiles in a row, whoever catches you can remove one of your tiles, and the game continues

Demo of People Playing UNO Bingo – Video

UNO Bingo Frequently Asked Questions

When was UNO Bingo released?

Mattel introduced the UNO Bingo game in 1997. There are no newer editions of the game so far, which makes the game quite hard to find in the shops. 

Can two players play UNO Bingo?

Yes, the official rules include variations for a two-player game. Two players can also choose to play with two Bingo cards each. 

Is UNO Bingo a card game?

UNO Bingo is a board game that includes tiles, dice, and numeric Bingo cards. Nevertheless, you can also play a card version of Bingo with the classic set of UNO cards. 

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