UNO Moo (Rules and Instructions)

Are you ready to “MOOOOO”? If you’re a fan of UNO card games, you should try UNO Moo, one of the latest kid-friendly additions to the ever-growing UNO games family. These UNO Moo rules explain the gameplay step-by-step.

UNO is a popular family-friendly card game for both kids and adults (see classic UNO rules). People worldwide love it for its simplicity, fast pace, and numerous funny twists. Besides that, the game is also famous for its countless exciting variations.

UNO Moo is a bit untypical since it does not involve the classic UNO cards. Instead, the game centers around small animal figures, a barn, and a few other playful elements, making it great especially for preschoolers (check more fun group games for preschoolers).

This UNO Moo rules guide will cover the following: 

  • What is UNO Moo?
  • What you’ll need to play UNO Moo
  • UNO Moo rules
  • How to play UNO Moo (video tutorial)
  • FAQs
  • Other similar games to UNO Moo (our guides)

Eager to learn how to play UNO Moo? Continue reading for all the instructions you need.

What is UNO Moo?

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The classic UNO game is about getting rid of your cards as fast as possible through matching and pairing under outlined rules. UNO Moo might not involve any cards, but its principle is not much different.

Number of Players: 2 – 4 players

Ages: 3+

Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Play: 10 – 30 minutes

Category: Figures matching game for preschoolers

Similar to: UNO classic, UNO JuniorSequence for Kids

Main Objective: Be the first to bring all of your figures to the barn.

Why We Love It: UNO is now even more accessible thanks to this excitingly simplified variation with figures. More fun for the entire family.

What You’ll Need to Play UNO Moo

If you want to play UNO Moo, you need the original UNO Moo set. It contains:

  • 4 Cow figures – red, blue, yellow, green
  • 4 Sheep figures – red, blue, yellow, green
  • 4 Pig figures – red, blue, yellow, green
  • 4 Chicken figures – red, blue, yellow, green
  • Skunks (Special) – red, yellow, blue, green
  • 4 Farmer figures (Wild) – white
  • 1 Play-and-Store Barn with handle
  • Set of instructions
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UNO Moo Rules and Gameplay

Since this game is intended for the youngest players, the gameplay is pretty simple, and there are not many strategies or tricks to learn. 

The most challenging part of UNO Moo is probably getting used to all the game materials and understanding their functions and mutual interactions. 

You can keep a summary at hand to avoid confusion during the first couple of games.

Figures and their functions

Cows/Sheep/Pigs/Chicken: Normal animal figures in red, blue, yellow, and green colors

Skunks: Special figures. If you play them, the next player draws two figures and loses a turn.

Farmers: These are Wild figures. You can match them with any other figure regardless of the color or type. Then you call out the color in play for the next player. If a farmer is drawn first in the game, the first player can choose the color himself.

Starting the Game

Before you start playing, prepare your UNO Moo Barn, which also serves as a handy storage box that can be carried around thanks to the handle. 

  • Place the barn in the center of the table, place all the figures inside and mix them with your hand. 
  • Present each player with a haystack. These should stand in front of the players.
  • Players draw five figures each from the barn (they should look away when they do so) and stand them side by side behind their haystacks.
  • Now open the barn door and place one additional figure from the barn onto it.
  • The roof of the barn should be closed. 

Now that you’re ready, you can start playing. 

How to Play UNO Moo

  • The youngest player starts first (the play proceeds clockwise after that).
  • When on a turn, your task is to place one of your figures on the barn’s open door where currently the first drawn figure stands by pushing the figure inside the barn.
  • A figure must match the one that already stands on the door, either in color or type (e.g., a green figure follows another green figure or cow follows cow). This applies to both normal animals and skunks.
  • Follow the rules for each type of figure as they are explained above.
  • If a player doesn’t have any matching or wild figures, he carefully opens the barn roof and draws one figure. If it matches the figure currently on the door, he can use it immediately without waiting for his next turn.

When do you Moo?

You must call “UNO Moo!” when you have only a single figure under your haystack. Remember to do so before your next-to-the-last figure touches the barn door. 

If you fail to do so (yet only if another player notices it before the next player takes his turn), you must draw two figures from the barn as a penalty.

UNO Moo Scoring 

Unlike other UNO games, this simplified version does not include any scoring. Instead, the first player who places his last figure on the barn door wins the game. 

How to Play UNO Moo – Video Tutorial 

UNO Moo Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play farmer on another farmer in UNO Moo?

Yes. When someone plays farmer (a wild figure), the next player can play either the called-out color or another farmer.

When was UNO Moo released?

UNO Moo is one of the newest additions to the UNO games family. It was introduced in November 2020.

How many pieces is UNO Moo?

UNO Moo contains 24 figures – sixteen standard animal figures and eight special figures. Besides that, the set also includes haystacks for four players and a large barn.

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