UNO Tippo (Rules and How to Play)

If you’re among the million fans of the UNO games, you should try UNO Tippo, one of the UNO family’s newest and most exciting additions. Are you wondering how to play it? These UNO Tippo rules explain the gameplay in detail.

If you like original, creative, yet straightforward family-friendly games, UNO Tippo could easily become your new favorite. 

Built upon the foundations set out by the classic UNO rules, the game requires players to get rid of their cards as fast as possible. However, the brand new element – scale – makes it tricky, adding a card balancing challenge to the game.

Similar to Topple (see Topple rules for comparison), UNO Tippo will test your dexterity as you will add cards on the wobbling trays of a scale. 

Let’s see what else makes UNO Tippo unique compared to the other UNO games.

This UNO Tippo rules guide will cover the following: 

  • What is UNO Tippo?
  • What you’ll need to play UNO Tippo
  • UNO Tippo rules
  • How to play UNO Tippo (video tutorial)
  • FAQs
  • Other similar games to UNO Tippo (our guides)

If you’re willing to learn how to play UNO Tippo, keep reading.

What is UNO Tippo?

UNO Tippo Game Info image

UNO is one of the world’s most popular family games. It takes many elements and principles of traditional card games and comprises them into a simple, dynamic, and exciting format accessible to all ages. 

Once you’re familiar (or maybe even already slightly bored) with the original concept, UNO Tippo brings a welcomed twist to the game.

Number of Players: 2 – 10 players

Ages: 7+

Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Play: 15 – 45 minutes

Category: Card matching game with action elements

Similar to: ToppleUNO classic, Animal Upon Animal

Main Objective: Discard your cards on a giant scale and be careful not to tip the trays over. Get rid of all your cards and get 500 points before your opponents.

Why We Love It: It is a classic UNO game with an additional challenge for fine motor skills and dexterity – great fun for the whole family.

What You’ll Need to Play UNO Tippo

You cannot play UNO Tippo without the original UNO Tippo game set.

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The set contains:

  • 1 UNO Tippo™ Scale (consists of 8 pieces)
  • 1 UNO Balance Disk
  • 112 Playing Cards

Note: You do not need to buy the original UNO to play UNO Tippo. This game is a stand-alone and contains everything you need to play it.

UNO Tippo Rules and Gameplay

If you’ve ever played UNO before, you already know approximately two-thirds of the UNO Tippo rules since the basics remain the same for both versions of this game. 

Nevertheless, if you’re entirely new to UNO or need to refresh your memory, check out our classic UNO rules before reading the instructions below since I will focus only on the differences between the games in this article.

Starting the Game

  • First, you need to assemble the plastic scale (you will find graphic instructions on how to do it in the package along with the game)
  • Place the scale in the center of the table. Put the white “UNO disc” in the middle of its top (on a small platform right between the arms)
  • When you deal the cards (7 to each player, just like in the original UNO game), you must discard two cards from the remaining pile and put one in each scale tray. At this stage, you can ignore the normal functions of the action cards.

How to Play UNO Tippo

  • The first player determines the color of the wild cards flipped over in the game.
  • On your turn, you must discard one of your cards, complying with the standard UNO matching rules, on either scale tray. Be careful to place it straight on the tray, not on its sides, etc.

As you discard cards, the scale usually starts losing balance, bending over to either of the sides and eventually causing the disc to slide off and tip over one of the trays with cards. What to do when it happens?

  • If you accidentally tip the tray over while discarding a card, you must draw two cards from the draw pile as a penalty. 
  • The same applies if the tray takes a while to tip over, BUT if someone else was fast enough to draw a card in the meantime, he must draw two cards instead (as the last player who made any move).

Once the cards from the pile were spilled, reset them and place two top cards from each discard pile back in the respective trays. 

Place the remaining cards on the side in one pile. If you run out of draw cards, shuffle the pile and use it as a new draw deck.

Tilt Card

All UNO games typically contain some Wild Cards with unique functions and powers. In UNO Tippo, you can find a special Tilt Card(the design shows a dark silhouette of a scale with colorful background).

This card is played on any other card. Once you play it, the next player flips over one card from the draw deck and places it on the Tilt Card (into the same scale tray).

If the scale remains stable, the next player repeats the process (places another card from the draw pile on the same scale).

One by one, the players keep adding cards until the tray eventually turns over. The player who added the last card draws two cards.

Reset the scale (like I have described earlier), and the next player in order can take his turn. If the last discarded card before was an action card, the player must also perform the required action. 

What if your last card is a Tilt Card?

If the last card in your hand is a Tilt Card, you can play it standardly, going out of the game, and the remaining players must follow the Tilt Card rules described earlier. 

If the player tipped the scales over with his last Tilt Card, he draws two cards as a penalty, and the game continues.

Stop Cards

Stop Cards can be recognized by the octagon frames around the numbers in the corners (slightly resembling STOP traffic signs).

These cards can be played just like any other number cards, but once they are at the top of a discard pile, you can only play Wild Cards or other Stop Cards over them.

If you have Stop Cards on both discard piles simultaneously, you can ignore these restrictions and play your cards normally. This, however, reactivates the remaining Stop Card (the one you did not cover with your discarded card during the last turn).

Note: Besides these two new types of action cards, UNO Tippo also contains classic action cards you might be used to from other UNO games like Reverse, Draw Two Cards, Skip Cards, Wild Cards, etc. If you’re unsure how these work, check classic UNO rules.

UNO Tippo Scoring 

The round ends when one of the players has no more cards in hands. His opponents will count their remaining cards based on these values:

  • Number cards are worth their face value
  • Stop cards are also worth their face value
  • Tilt cards are worth 50 points each

Write down the scores and continue playing until one of the players has 500 points and thus becomes a winner

How to Play UNO Tippo – Video Tutorial 

UNO Tippo Frequently Asked Questions

How many cards do you get in UNO Tippo?

Like in the classic UNO game, each player received seven cards at the beginning of every new round in UNO Tippo.

Can you play UNO Tippo with small kids?

UNO Tippo is a straightforward game perfectly suitable for both kids and adults. Nevertheless, since it requires some fine motor skills, it is recommended for kids who are at least seven years old.

Can you play UNO Tippo with classic UNO cards?

UNO Tippo contains unique Tilt and Stop cards which are not included in the classic UNO card set. The game also requires a plastic scale that can only be found in the original UNO Tippo package.

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