UNO Flip (Rules and Instructions)

The UNO Flip rules follow much of the standard UNO rules that are in the majority of the different UNO games; the key difference in this version, however, is the Flip card.

Can you see another player just about to take victory? Flip the cards around so that other players’ plans get completely ruined, and you might be able to steal the victory.

Players need a little bit of luck but also need a fair bit of tactical thinking so that they can flip the game in their favor but also be wary that other players will be planning to do the same.

This UNO Flip rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is UNO Flip
  • What You’ll Need to Play
  • UNO Flip Rules
  • UNO Flip Card Meaning
  • Scoring
  • How to Play UNO Flip (Video Tutorial)
  • FAQ

Ready to begin? Learn how to play UNO Flip below. 

What is UNO Flip?

UNO Flip Game Info image

UNO Flip contains the unique Flip Card, and this card quite literally does what it says – Flips the game around on a whim.

The UNO Flip deck is double-sided with a Light and Dark side on each card, which, when flipped, completely changes each player’s hands. 

Number of Players Required: 2 – 10 players.

Who Can Play It: Recommended ages 7+. 

Difficulty: Easy. 

Length of Play: 10 – 20 minutes per round. 

Similar to: Classic UNO; Phase 10; Skip-Bo

Main Objective: Become the first player to achieve 500 points across multiple rounds. 

Why We Love It: UNO Flip quite literally flips the game of UNO on its head, throws the rules out the window, and makes it so anyone can be on the verge of victory at any point. 

Playing UNO Flip – What You’ll Need.

You’ll need a unique set of UNO Flip cards to be able to play this one. 

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If you have any other UNO sets like UNO Attack or UNO Flash, then the deck of cards won’t be of use.

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UNO Flip is a card set that includes the following:

  • 18 Light Blue cards (1 to 9)
  • 18 Light Green cards (1 to 9)
  • 18 Light Red cards (1 to 9)
  • 18 Light Yellow cards (1 to 9)
  • 8 Light Draw One cards
  • 8 Light Reverse cards
  • 8 Light Skip cards
  • 8 Light Flip
  • 4 Light Wild cards
  • 4 Light Wild Draw Two cards
  • 18 Dark Pink cards (1 to 9)
  • 18 Dark Teal cards (1 to 9)
  • 18 Dark Orange cards (1 to 9)
  • 18 Dark Purple cards (1 to 9)
  • 8 Dark Draw Five cards
  • 8 Dark Reverse cards
  • 8 Dark Skip Everyone cards
  • 8 Dark Flip
  • 4 Dark Wild cards
  • 4 Dark Wild Draw Color cards

UNO Flip comes with both Light and Dark cards, which are unique to the game, but each card has a Light and Dark side, which is key to gameplay. 

How To Set Up UNO Flip

Start by making sure the Light side of the cards is face down, and the Dark side is face up – the Dark cards have a black background, whereas the Light cards have a white background. 

Players draw one card each and reveal the number on the Light side; whoever draws the card with the highest number is the person who needs to shuffle the deck. 

The dealer shuffles the deck and hands out 7 cards to each player; players will need to keep them Light side down to begin with. 

The remaining cards will need placing in the middle of all players as the draw pile; make sure these are Light side down as well.

Turn over the top card from the draw pile and place it Light side up next to the draw pile to form the discard pile that you’ll be using throughout the game to get rid of your cards. 

UNO Flip Rules

The Flip Card is arguably the most important card in the game, as this card forces everyone to switch their cards from the Light to Dark side and vice versa.

Starting the Game

Whoever sits to the dealer’s left starts the game by laying one of their cards on the discard pile. 

The starting player needs to match either the number or the card’s color that’s on the top of the discard pile.

Once the player has taken their turn, play continues left around the circle, with players taking turns 1 at a time.

How to Play UNO Flip

UNO Flip largely follows the Classic UNO rules, with the key difference being the special flip rule that is within the game.

Players go round in the circle placing cards that match the number or color of the top card on the discard pile in an attempt to get rid of all their cards first. 

If a player cannot go, they can draw a card from the draw pile, and if the card they pull can be played, then they are free to do so.

Throughout the game, players will also pick up various Action Cards that can change the course of the game:

For the Light side of these Actions Cards, they include:

  • Draw 1 Card – Has a +1 picture on the front; the player whose turn is next picks up a card and misses a go. 
  • Reverse Card – 2 alternating arrows, this switches the play from going clockwise to anti-clockwise. 
  • Skip Card – Symbolised with a Stop sign, the next plater due their turn has to miss their go. 
  • Wild Card – An oval with all 4 different game colors in segments. The player who plays this can pick which color the next player has to follow. 
  • Wild Card +2 – The same as Wild Card, except the next player has to draw 2 cards from the draw pile as well. 
  • Flip Card – Playing this card flips the cards so that everyone has to play with the reverse side of their cards. The draw pile also gets flipped over too. 

The Dark Side of the cards also has Action Cards, although these differ slightly. 

  • Draw 5 Card – The next player needs to pick up 5 cards and skip a turn. Has a +5 written on the card. 
  • Reverse Card – Same picture and effect as the Light Side Reverse Card. 
  • Skip Everyone Card – An arrowed circle is on this card, everyone skips a turn, and the game resumes with the player who plays this card.
  • Wild Card – Same picture and effect as the Light Side Wild Card. 
  • Wild Draw Color Card – Similar to the Wild Card, except the next player has to continue drawing cards until they draw a card that matches the color you suggest. 
  • Flip Card – Same picture and effect as the Light Side Flip Card. 

Except for the Wild Cards, each card has a different colored back and can only get played when the top card on the discard pile matches. 

Like all other UNO games, players who reach their last card need to shout at UNO; failing to do so get penalized with a 1 card draw penalty.

Once a player manages to get rid of all their cards, the round ends. 

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Scoring In UNO Flip

After the completion of each round, the players who didn’t manage to get rid of their cards take stock of the cards left in their hands, and a score gets calculated depending on what’s left. 

Each card is worth the following points:

  • Number cards – Face Value
  • Draw One card – 10 Points
  • Draw Five card – 20 Points
  • Reverse card – 20 Points
  • Skip card – 20 Points
  • Skip Everyone card – 30 Points
  • Flip card – 20 Points
  • Wild card – 40 Points
  • Wild Draw Two card – 50 Points
  • Wild Draw Color card – 60 Points

Each player counts up how many points that their hand is worth, and that score gets given to the player who won the round.

If the winning player surpasses 500 points or more, they win the game.

If they didn’t get to 500 points, the game restarts with a new dealer and continues until a player reachers 500+ points

UNO Flip Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Classic UNO with a UNO Flip deck?

It is possible to play Classic Uno with a UNO Flip deck if you play with the Light Side only and remove the Flip Cards.

Can you Stack the +5 Card in Uno Flip?

+5 and subsequently the +1 Action Cards can be stacked, which means a player can play their own +5 or +1 Action Card on top of an existing one to pass over to the next player.

This can continue until a player isn’t able to play their own and must add up all the multipliers and pick up the equivalent number of cards. 

Is UNO Flip better than UNO?

Both games have their advantages, and which game you choose to play largely depends on personal preference.

UNO Flip is generally considered to be one of the harder versions of UNO, so if you’re playing with more experienced players, the game would be the ideal version. 

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